Weight Watchers Launches the new Momentum Plan!

Weight Watchers Momentum Plan

As the New Year comes upon, this is a great time to make a commitment to healthy eating choices. And if you are currently a Weight Watcher or are thinking about joining, now is the time do it! They have just started their new Weight Watchers Momentum Plan. Before the Momentum Plan, Weight Watcher members had two plans to choose from: Flex and Core. Now, everyone will be on the same plan: Momentum. Which is really the best of both Weight Watchers plans combined together to create Momentum. The whole philosophy behind this new plan is, “Don’t eat less, eat smarter.”

The New Weight Watchers Momentum Plan

The new plan still incorporates a lot of the favorites:

* The Weight Watchers Points System
* The weekly Points Allowance
* The Good Health Guidelines
* The Filling Foods List

The new aspect of this plan is the Filling Foods List. The concept is that if you choose foods that are higher in fiber and water content, they will keep you fuller for longer than if you eat other foods. There are studies that have found that people will eat the same volume of food every day. The actual space that the food takes in your stomach might have more to do with how full you feel than the calories, fat, or protein. And of course, you can still use Weight Watchers Online as an incredibly helpful tool to help keep you on track and provide valuable information and fantastic low Points recipes. The best part of the Momentum Plan is that it’s new and different and there is a whole new set of materials to get every week right when we need them the most: right after the holiday season. There couldn’t be a better time to get yourself motivated and give this new Weight Watchers Eating Plan a try!



  1. Dorothy Vusich says:

    a fabulous site my daughter just introduced me too. Thank you, your a life saver. Dorothy

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    I have shared this information and your site with so many friends. They plan on using many of your receipes and ideas as we have. Thank you so much for all your help and encouragment.

  3. I'm interested in plan specifics. Btw I love your site.

  4. This is awesome. I am currently a weightwatchers member, and having more then one site to visit is gonna help me play up the variety.

  5. Brenda Stith says:

    the program is great

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  7. hi oh i am so happy to find a site that offers tasty, low point recipes!!! i'm looking forwrd to trying all of them!! thanks so much!

  8. This is an incredible site. Thanks.Thanks. Thanks so much for the wonderful recipes.

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