My Weight Watchers Grocery List

I’ve decided to share my ultimate weight watchers shopping list with all of you in the hopes that you’ll find it helpful when you are at the store and can’t remember which diet friendly items to get. This list is comprised of my primary staple food items that I frequently cook with or use as ingredients in various weight watchers recipes. It also has great low calorie snacks and condiments that I have found to be key in helping keep me on track with maintaining my daily points value intake. Though this is not an official Weight Watchers grocery list, I’m sure their members, as well as any other dieter will enjoy having this helpful list on hand when at the market.

Weight Watchers Grocery List

Baking Goods:
• reduced-calorie pancake (like Fiber One Pancake Mix)
• low calorie brownie mix (like No Pudge Brownie Mix)
• sugar and/or sugar substitutes

Bread Items:
• light whole-wheat or whole-grain breads (like Weight Watchers Bread or Sara Lee Delightful)
• reduced-calorie hamburger and hot dog buns (Nature’s Own makes some great versions of these!)
• high fiber tortillas (like La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious)
• high fiber pitas (like Western Bagel Alternative Pita Bread)

Canned and Jarred Goods:
• fat-free broth
• reduced-fat tomato-based soups
• canned tuna or salmon packed in water
• low Points soup (like Progresso Weight Watchers Soups)
• tomato paste
• diced tomatoes
• pureed pumpkin for baking
• marinara sauce
• beans & lentils

• high-fiber ones (like Fiber One, Cheerios, and Kashi)
• instant oatmeal

Condiments and Dressings:
• salsa
• reduced-sodium soy sauce
• reduced-calorie pancake syrup
• olive-oil or butter flavored cooking spray
• low calorie peanut butter (like Better n’ Peanut Butter)
• reduced sugar jam (like Smucker’s Reduced Sugar Fruit Spread)
• mustard
• ketchup
• low fat or fat free mayonnaise
• Better n’ Peanut Butter
• tobasco or hot sauce (like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce)
• vinegar
• pickles
• light butter spray
• light butter spread
• light salad dressings
• reduced fat sour cream
• jar of minced garlic or fresh head of garlic
• fresh lemons and limes
• fat free whipped topping

Diet Beverages:
• diet soda
• flavored waters and soda water (like Propel, G2, Perrier)
• sugar-free drink mixes
• light juice (like V8 Fusion Light)
• skim milk
• Almond Breeze (Unsweetened Vanilla)

Eggs & Cheese:
• reduced fat shredded cheese (like mozzarella and cheddar)
• reduced-fat or fat-free hard cheese
• Laughing Cow Light Cheese
• reduced fat cream cheese (the fat free kind is too gross!)
• reduced fat or fat free cottage cheese
• reduced fat or fat free parmesan cheese topping
• liquid egg substitute or liquid egg whites

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Vegetables

Frozen Goods:
• light and fat-free ice creams and desserts
• portion controlled frozen treats (ice cream bars, Weight Watchers Desserts, etc)
• frozen entrees
• frozen fruit (for baking and smoothies)
• frozen vegetables (whole, cut-up and sliced for soups, stir-fries and other entrees)
• reduced calorie, whole grain waffles or pancakes
• Gorton’s Grilled seafood entrees

Meat Alternatives:
• veggie burgers
• veggie sausages
• veggie chicken patties or nuggets
• soy hot dogs or corn dogs

Meat, Fish and Poultry:
• extra lean ground beef
• skinless fish
• boneless, skinless chicken breasts
• lean ground turkey breast
• extra lean or lean beef
• turkey bacon
• fat free hot dogs
• lean luncheon meats (like turkey or chicken breast or lean ham)
• Gorton’s Grilled seafood (frozen)

Milk & Yogurt:
• fat free or 1% milk
• fat free buttermilk
• low calorie yogurts

Pasta, Rice and Other Dry Grains:
• high fiber or whole-wheat pasta (like Ronzon’s Smart Taste Pasta)
• brown rice
• Tofu Shirataki 1 Point Noodles or Miracle Noodle 0 Calorie Noodles
• quinoa
• beans and lentils

Spices & Seasonings:
• dried herbs and spices
• fresh herbs (like parsley, cilantro, basil, etc…)
• prepackaged seasoning packets
• Kosher salt
• Black pepper

• low calorie or baked potato chips
• light microwave popcorn
• reduced fat cookies (like Trader Joe’s Righteous Rounds!)
• baked tortilla chips
• 100 Calorie Packs of your choice of snack
• any low calorie, portion controlled snack
• sugar free gum
• light or fat-free, sugar-free pudding and gelatin mixes



  1. I noticed you have not posted since March. Your grocery list really helped me. I am on points plus, but just the same it made me feel good that i had a guide. Hope you are doing well. Z

  2. I notice this is mostly for those WW ppl doing the older WW plan. I was successful using the old plan; but have since started using the new PointsPlus plan. What a difference?! It's hard for me to think of points the new way. Do you have a 'staples list' for the new plan?

    • Not yet….but really, my standard grocery list wouldn't change too much.

    • michelle says:

      thank you for this site. i am going to try the list provided. i don’t think i will try the snack, which is what and why i’ve gotten myself into trouble, but the basics i will utilize. thank you again.

  3. I know everyone just starting out has all expeirenced the always hungary not satisfied feeling that comes with dieting, which altimately leads to failure. Please tell me is there anything out there that is an easy grab, that may also plump inside to make you feel full and help stay full.

  4. Trader Joe's is discontinuing Righteous Rounds! Help!!! I love these cookies, thanks to you. If enough people write them and ask them to bring them back, they will. I've already written but we need a critical mass. Would you be willing to ask Righteous Rounds fans to leave a feedback comment on the Trader Joe's website, and maybe make it a link to make it easy?

    Marta Sears
    Portland, Oregon

  5. noek johnson says:

    At least half of your grocery list doesn't seem to be "real" food. Mixes, packages and substitutes. Perhaps these are low fat foods with low point counts, but whole and healthy foods should be considered as well.

    • Thanks for this comment! I'm happy to address this concern. Let me explain. many of these grocery items definitely include a lot of processed foods. Because let's face it: America eats processed food. These foods tempt us all day, every day. It's unrealistic to think that the average person, who's faced with fast food and processed food on a regular basis, can flip a switch and start following a completely rigid diet of 100% healthy foods. It just is. While it may work for some people, it's not reasonable for the masses. So I try to offer a happy medium — a bridge between the average junk-food diet and the idealistic way of eating perfectly "healthy" at all times. It's not about following an all-processed-food diet. It's a REALISTIC approach to better-for-you eating that people can actually live with and feel good about. Many of the processed foods I write about and use in recipes give people a way to fulfill their cravings for fattening items like fried foods, pizza, sweets, etc., without taking in a crazy amount of calories and fat. In other words, it helps people maintain a healthy weight without feeling deprived.

  6. Tofu Shirataki 1 Point Noodles – interesting. According to my Weight Watchers online and Hungry Girl, House Foods Tofu Shirataki are O points foods, even for the whole 8 oz. bag. When I put the stats (4 oz. is 20 cal., 0.5 g fat, and 2 g fiber) into my Points calculator, however, it DID come out as 1 point.

  7. What a fantastic post. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Great list!!

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