New Weight Watchers Points Plan for 2011!!

If you are an active Weight Watcher, you’ve probably heard the hubbub about their new Points program that’s being launched for 2011 — it’s called the PointsPlus Plan! Now, I don’t really know a whole lot about it myself yet, as Weight Watchers is being really hush hush about it, but based on the UK’s version of it, which is called the Weight Watchers ProPoints Plan, here’s what we know so far:
* Instead of calculating a food’s Points on calories, fat and fiber, there will be more of an emphasis on the quality of the food. Brown rice will have fewer Points than white rice. A 100-calorie pack of cookies will have more Points than 100 calories of chicken breast, and so on.
* To encourage better food choices, fruit and most vegetables will have zero Points. Starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, corn and peas will not be in the free Points list.
* The minimum amount of Points assigned to people will be 29 Points, but they’ll also be given a weekly allowance of 49 Points as “Real Living” Points to be used on fun foods.

So that’s the scoop thus far. As I learn more about the program, I’ll make sure to keep you all posted. Some of you have asked how I’ll handle the calculation of my “Point Total” based on the new Weight Watchers Plan. What I will end up doing is including a Point Total for the new plan, but I’ll still include my regular Point Total as well, so those of you who remain on the old Weight Watchers Points plan, can still use the recipes. As for all my old recipes, I HOPE to go back and add the new Point Totals to each of those recipes in time, but first I will need to learn how Points will be calculated with the new PointsPlus Plan, and see how time consuming it will be to revamp all those old recipes.

For now, until I’m fully onto the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Program, I’ll still be posting recipes with my regular “Point Total”.

More info to come as I get wind of it!! Keep reading, and get ready and excited for a new year!!!!



  1. Shoegirl40 says:

    Would love to know the formula for determining the points value of a food

  2. Is anyone still checking here? Just started WW and liked this site.

  3. I too have been unemployed and have packed on the pounds! Think I will give WW another try but probably will weigh myself at home after getting the materials to save money. Not sure yet.

    It seems as though you can have more protein on this new plan? That would be a good change IMO.

    Also glad I found this site.

  4. CoCo ShuShu says:

    I just want to say that I have been searching all over the internet for a site like yours, thank you. I used to do WW years ago, and want to get back on the plan as since my daughter has been pregnant with my second grandchild and I have been out of work, I think I've been growing along right with her! I was on a great track after I had a knee replaced last summer, due to accident so thankfully the other knee is fine, and being laid-off and struggling, well, i'm sure you can figure the rest. I spent my time back in school to become a phlebotomist, and still have yet to find a job – and fighting an unemployment claim has really been hard – still, I have always seen the light in all things, and my family has always been my blessing. Now to get this body and mind back in shape because with me, it is in food where I find my split second of satisfaction, then days of sadness carrying the weight. Lastly, thank you again for helping out this old gal with the tools I need – when employed, I will joing a meeting, I just can't afford that right now. All the best to everyone!

  5. Michelle HIghtower says:

    I calculated that I should get 20 or 21 points with the old system, but the cookbook I bought is on the new points system. I do not know how much I am supposed to eat. I also do not understand what weekly allowance means. Could you please help me?

  6. I'm just wondering if the points values for the recipes are based on the ProPoints program.

    Also does anyone know how many ProPoints ground beef is??

  7. I am a life time member from 15 years ago. I need to start back. Can you give me some info about the new program? Thanks.

    • Basically, here's the jist of how the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Program works:

      Weight Watchers Points Plus: How It Works

      The new Points Plus program is based on Weight Watchers' proprietary formula that calculates the positive and negative attributes of food that considers the following:

      * how much harder your body works to process protein and fiber compared to carbs and fat
      * filling foods
      * healthy foods
      * sugar, saturated fat, total fat, sodium, and fiber content of foods

      Choosing foods that are rich in the most satisfying nutrients but not loaded with calories is the primary goal to give dieters the weight loss edge.

      Focus on eating more Power Foods as an easy way to fill up on the healthiest low-calorie options.

      To get started, dieters fill out a form with age, gender, height, and current weight to get their assigned Points Plus daily allotment along with a weekly allowance.

      You'll get at least 1200 calories daily. The distribution of those calories between carbs, protein, and fat are within the Institute of Medicine’s acceptable ranges.

      Calculating Points Plus

      The new program contains an entirely different counting system with changed values that is simple to follow, Kovach says.

      For example, if the old point system provided 22 daily points and 35 weekly allowance, the new Points Plus would assign 30 daily points point and 49 points plus weekly allowance.

      Options for participation are the same – in person, online, or a combination.


  9. there is a FREE app (i have an android phone) called WWDiary by canofsleep. The person who created it is not affiliated with weight watchers but it is easy to use and contains the new calculator as well as the 49 points for new points plus program. The option to use the old plan is still available as well. but its a way to get a free calculator for those of use who can not afford to go to weight watchers meetings this year! just a little info. hope it helps.

  10. Here in the Akron/Cleveland area of Ohio (and I would think everywhere), the first calculator you purchase is being sold for $5.95. You can only buy one at that price and they write the date you purchased it in your weight tracking book,so they know when you have purchased that first one. Additional calculators are $11.95. I have been on the new program for the past couple weeks, and I think it is a good plan. Certainly worth trying. Good luck to all!

  11. how do you figure the points of foods that is not listed in the book?

    Ex. Low fat fig newtons, Melba toast and activia? Course other foods that I would like to eat as well. I am a new comer just today, and totally confused.

    • In order to figure out the Points value or the new Points Plus value of any food not listed in the book, you will need to use your old Points Finder or the new Points Plus calculator along with the nutrition label of the food. Have your leader give you a quick demo at your next WW meeting. It takes some getting used to at first, but once you master it, you'll be a pro!

  12. Just to let you know anyone can walk in and buy the products from Weight Watchers. I learned that a long time ago and just today walked in and bought the new materials.

  13. Any one know how to find out your Daily Points? I've purchased all the materials online, but am not able to join mtgs due to work schedules….Me and my husband are looking to start up so if someone had the complete breakdown of how the Daily Allowance points works that would be great information, Cant seem to find anywheres online, etc.

  14. Shirley Avery says:

    Am just setting up my new calculator!

    If I enter my weight and height in imperial and most food values here are in metric , e.g. amount of fat is given in grams on package, will the calculator still be able to determine correct points values??

  15. I can't wait to try the new program! Is it possible for me to attend for a month, buy the stuff and then if I like the program continue at home alone without the need for the meetings? Its not that I don't want to pay for it or that I don't like the meetings but I have three kids and its just impossible for me to get to the meetings alone. Thank you!

    • You can cancel the program at anytime. And joining allows you to get all the materials that you need, in addition to finding out your daily Points Plus value. You certainly could try to continue the program on your own, though you're more likely to get better weight loss result by actually attending the meetings and weekly weigh-ins. Many locations have mommy and me meetings, so that's something that you might want to look into also. Good luck!

  16. laura holland says:


    All this new items and idea's sound great, But what about us who can not afford to attend the meetings how can we obtain one of the new calculators? I have been on ebay they are over $2o.oo. I myself have lost 40 pounds by using your sight and I happen to work with a life time WW member. Eating healthy is expensive I.m trying.

    • Yeah, the calculators can only be purchased at Weight Watchers meetings/locations. They are making all these changes, in part, to deter people from trying to do the program without paying for it. It really sucks, but tis the corporate world. If you can't afford to buy a calculator, you'll have to look online for Points Plus food values. I have a LOT of info on that and will do my best to try posting some helpful info as soon as I can. In the meantime, I'll also look and see if I can find an online calculator to use….Hang in there!

  17. Went to my meeting yesterday and received my new books. Had to buy a new food calculator as they couldn't get a slide to fgure out the points for the new Points Plus program.

    Alot of things went up in points like the thin bagel went from 1 point up to 3 points. We have to figure in carbs, protein,fiber and fat now. Being I made the investmebt for all the new books and calculator I will try it for a month.

    Good Luck to all of you who are trying the new way.

  18. WW online program is already up and running, carbs are now factored into points w/fiber, fat, and calories.

  19. I'm looking forward to the new plan (it's being rolled out here in Canada next week)…and more of your recipes! They're great!!!!!

  20. The new plan is based on counting fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. Because so many people were choosing to eat for instance a 2 point pack of 100 calorie cookies vs. a banana (2 points). So now all fruit is 0 points and cookies are higher. You also get more points now than you used to. A girl I work with was getting 27 points on the old system; she now gets 31. But there's no formula of how to figure out your points. They have this digital calculator thing that figures it for you. Side note: I just ran across this site; I love it. Great recipes!! Thank you!!

  21. Thanks for doing BOTH point calculations with new postings. I, for one, am sticking with the old plan. Unless I can really get a hold of the PointsPlus idea. Hmm…..

  22. I will find all the info out this Friday at my W.W. meeting. I'm hoping I like it and understand it otherwise I will stick with the old one.

    I will let you know soon.

  23. Thank you for letting your recipe fans know of your plans!! LOVE your website!

  24. I've been following the new ProPoints plan in Australia for a week now and have lost 1.5Kg (3.3 pounds). It's great. Fruit is nearly all zero points.

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