I Just Learned the New Weight Watchers Points Plus Program!!

Ok, so here’s the deal, folks, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this past Saturday and learned all about the new Points Plus Program. And of I bought a ton of materials to help me out – one of which includes the new Weight Watchers Dining Out Companion which is VITAL if you want to know the new Points Plus values for all your fave restaurants. The other must buy item was the new Points Calculator, which Weight Watchers now REQUIRES you to have if you want to figure out the new Points Plus values for everything you eat. Sad that it’s not the free, sliding Points Finder like before, which was so easy…..oh, and did I mention it was FREE?!? So, given that this digital Points calculator is a must, I ponied up the funds and bought it. I only paid $5.95 instead of the regular price of $11.95 — this was a special they were having through December, so folks, I highly recommend taking advantage of this item while it’s at such a good price, as there’s no way around it — you will NEED it if you want to follow the new Weight Watchers Points Plus plan. Which brings me to another topic of discussion — my recipes. In my previous post, I mentioned that I would be posting both the old Points value and the new Points Plus value for each new recipe. However, after much consideration and many emails from my readers, and please don’t hate me for this, but I’ve decided to post only the new Points Plus values for all new recipes. I realize that this may be a bummer for all of you who still wish to follow the Points plan, but in not too long, the old Points plan will be entirely irrelevant. With all of the old Points info online diminishing quickly, it’s just going to be too complicated and time consuming to include both Points values in my recipes. Additionally, the new Points Plus program really is great and makes a lot of sense. It also encourages healthier eating, which I really love. Since I’ve embraced the new program, I really hope that all of you will too. As for all my old recipes, for now, I will keep them as the old Points value, but may try to change that in the not too soon future. Together, we’ll get through the change and fully switch over to the new Points Plus plan! Stay tuned for my very first Points + recipe later today!!



  1. found the weight watchers points calculator by using my apps on my phone it was free also found the point tracker/meal tracker for free too by using my apps on my phone.

  2. Jennykresnak says:

    Hi, I need help with calculating my daily allowance, Weight is 160 – Height 5’6″ – Female age 69. This new plan Points Plus has me confused, Thank you so much!!

  3. i am 28 years old 5 feet zero inches and weight 230 pounds could somewhen tell me what my points plus allowance please i am going to do it at home. please and thanks

  4. I havent been to a meeting yet but I have a new points plus calculator how do I find out how many points for some food I ate today?

  5. how many points does a 200 pound man get?

  6. Mynameisrick says:

    Where can you buy the new Points Plus Calculator online?

    • Anonymous says:

      You can find free online weight watchers points plus calculators on many websites. But if you want to buy a physical one,you’ll have to get it at your nearest Weight Watchers location. Also, check ebay and Craigslist. :)

  7. I need someone to help me calculate what points allowance I have on points plus. I remember the one for the old program but now I am all confused. 
    Height 65″, 156 lbs age 46 female

  8. Crazy_beautiful335 says:

    im female, 25, 195, 5,9 how many points would i be taking in??

  9. For all wanting their personal point value go to this site  scroll down & enter your age, gender,height & weight & it will give the points 


    Sorry as previous post I forgot the link

  10. can you please calculate my daily points, also?
    age 57
    height 5ft 3 in
    weight 253


  11. Jacquelynripley says:

    my dad weights 268 and is 6″4 and 57 and he is disabled and cant exercise and cant afford to pay for weight watchers can u let me know what his points would be?

  12. Hhofmann1 says:

    can someone calculate points for a 31 yr old man, 6″2, 178 lbs and is relatively active

  13. Can you help calculate points for my husband on the new pointsplus 2012?  I didn’t buy the new calculator because I knew my point per day was 26.  He is 54 yrs old, 5’10, weight 203…thanks so much! 

  14. Dee Kircher says:

    can you help me calculate my daily points as well?
    Age 34
    Height 5 ft. 2 in.
    Weight 157 lbs.

    • For all who want their target points go to this site.. scroll  & there is an area to put in your age, gender, height & weight & it gives the Points Plus amount for you

    • What is your activity level?

  15. Dlfontanese says:

    My husband is 6′ weighs 220 and is 59 years old, and is semi active.  Can someone tell me his points?  I joined and I can’t afford to pay for two of us.

  16. I got the calculator and books and started the process today. After I figure my initial daily points total and start the process…..at what point or how often do I need to re-configure my personal stats to determine a new daily points total?…..also where can i find a chart or site that shows the amount of physical activities that will give you “x” amount of points back for completing that activity.

  17. Linnie Wilcox says:

    I belong to WW on line; however, husband also wants to try WW now (he has been on Atkins and lost 30 pounds). Our budget it tight, can someone tell me how many daily points my hubby would get.
    He’s 62 yrs old, 6’0″ sedentary and currently weighs 290 lbs.

    Thank you so much!

  18. Hey all,

    I found a website that will calculate your points per day. Good Luck. Make the changes to work the program.


  19. Can someone please help me calculate for my husband Justin and I:

    I’m 25, 149 lbs, 5’5
    He’s 26, 198 lbs, 5’10

    Please and Thank you :)

  20. hello,
    Can someone please calculate my points allowed on pointsplus? I am out of the country on exchange and the program is not available where I am. Male, 27, 253 lbs, 5’11, [email protected]

    Thank You

  21. Can someone calculate the daily points for a 23 year old male, 270 lbs., sits at desk most of the day, 5'11". Also does everyone get the extra 49 points/week?

  22. Can you calculate my allowed points on points plus PLEASE? :)

    57years old



    Thank you so very much!

  23. I'm new here. Was going to sign up and go to meetings but I didn't realize they charge a weekly rate. My husband and I are retired and make very little. My husband decided to find another job and was told to loose weight first. We both will try weight watchers. The comments here are great. I know my points (29) but don't know my husbands. Can someone tell me? He age is 57, hight is 5.8 and weight is 210. Not much extra activity right now. Thanking you in advance. Teab

  24. Hi,
    My husband and I are both doing ww points plus. We neither have the money or the time to attend meetings or become members. I copied the books from a member I know and everything is going great! Loosing weight in a steady but slow (which is good) pace. We eat well, are not abnormally hungry (only in normal "it's time for lunch" type of hunger). We exercise as regularly as possible. He is in charge of the exercise program, I am in charge of the eating program, we share the job. Helps a lot! My husband is very close to his goal and I am trying to find out what to do in the maintenance "phase" so that I am ready to coach him when he gets there. As I did for the calculators and so on, I am hoping to find the information about maintenance on the internet. I hope someone can guide me. I do not have an iphone or the like, so Apps aren't an option.
    Thanks for any advice,

  25. can someone tell me if there is a bookl available that has all the points already calculated like the old syatem

  26. Lydia Paris says:

    Could someone please calculate my points for me!! Please!! I am a struggling student and can't afford to attend a meeting so I can just figure out my points. I will email you my information. [email protected]

    Thank you so much!!

  27. I was just wondering for those ppl that are doing the program on their own are you using the old food point values and the new daily point values? Im trying to do the program on my own since I have a lot of old material but not sure how I shld work it?

  28. Would someone mind calculating my hubbys stuff for me? I joined online and cant get it to go back so I can do his stuff and I think it ridiculous to pay double. Mine are the 29 pts obviously but I figure he will likely get a few more! Right now I make him eat what I eat! LOL!
    His wt is 253, ht 5.11 and he is 51. He would LOVE to be down to something like 180ish. Thanks for any and all help! I just hate the thought of paying the $29 fee to register him plus the monthly fee when I have all the info on my website EXCEPT THAT INFO! Thnaks a bunch!

  29. Erin kelly says:

    Hi I have done weight watchers many times in the past and I heard there was a new system. I need to get back on track but busy with three kids to go to meetings. I have an iPad and iPhone so I think I can do it on line but just wondering what it is all about before I get started. How many points would I get a female 37, 5 ft 5 in and 141lbs? I want to be healthy and thin would help. Any info would be great thanks

  30. Anyone willing to do my points?
    Age: 42
    Height: 5’7″

  31. found this points plus calculator

  32. I am trying to find free on-line versions of weight watcher's points plus food guide and points plus activity guide. Does anyone know any linkd for these? Thanks!

  33. Can someone please calculate my POINTS PLUS, recommended points for the day.
    184 pounds
    not extreme active, but not sedentary, somewhere in the middle

  34. Hey, I just want to say that I think this site is awesome! I've been searching the web and this one is the only one that truly helps people! I wonder if anyone would be willing to calculate my points? I'm 5'5", 189 lbs and 48 yrs old. Please help!

  35. beverlee says:

    Googling "weight watchers points plus unhappy complicated" today, this website appeared on the first page of links. How do folks handle this new program? In January I joined WW and tried to track on my iPhone. Finally, in April I called WW and ended the iPhone application and monthly charge. "Why?" the WW rep inquired. "Because it's too darned complicated and takes forever," I replied. At that point she explained that it was possible to by-pass the nutrition data BS for every ingredient & meal item entry by going directly to the bottom of the app where it was possible to input basic points – like under the old program. Madder than a hornet at not having been given this option at the get-go, I fired the WW app as planned. Just this a.m., the WW Point Plus calculator that I had also bought in January, appeared on my desk. I activated it, and again faced the mounting challenge of this wildly complicated program. To do it right would initially take a minimum of two hours a day, calculating every ingredient, portion, etc. How do you do it? Over 60 years the fact that I am not unique or "the only one" has finally pierced this dull brain. Where are the shortcuts? I lost and maintained for 5 years on the old, simple, points program. HELP!

  36. yolanda garmon says:

    I just started my weight is 222 and height 5,4 36 years old how many points do i get and had to mcdoubles today what are they points please help.

  37. Xochitl your point value for the day would be 32 according to the Points Plus Calculator.

  38. I have the new PP calculator and for those seeking to find their point value for the day, you need to post your:
    AGE, Height..feet and inches, male/female and if you want to lose or maintain. I purchased my calculator off eBay and my books too with the new PP values for the foods.

  39. i am a 6 foot male can you pleeeeaaaaassseeee tell me my points allowance

  40. Why do you need the calculator? Does it do anything that the android weight watchers calculation apps don't do? i'd rather not have another item to stuff into my purse:)

    • I'm not familiar with the android weight watchers calculator, as I have an iphone, but a Weight Watchers calculator is needed to calculate the Points Plus for food items based on protein, carbs, fat and fiber. It also allows you to calculate your own daily Points Plus allowance.

  41. Xochitl says:

    Please help me figure out my daily points! Female, 37, 198, 5'10. But also, i remember from the old ww system, when i lost a certain amount of weight, my points would go down. Is that still the case? If so, what is the approx weight loss when this happens? Thanks!

  42. Pamela J says:

    Good Morning

    I cannot afford to do WW right now ( not sure when) so I read the info about 29 points being the lowest anyone gets. I still have to look around and find a points plus food list online to do this, too. One thing I don't think I understand are powerfoods. Are these like "free foods" that you just eat to feel satisfied, or are they counted toward your daily points so these foods are the ones you want to focus on? Any answers would really help. Thank you



    190 (ish) lbs

    38 1/2

  43. sonja farrah says:

    online we don't have meeting place

  44. sonja farrah says:

    seems like everybody has 29 plus 49 extra points i have been on this for 4 weeks and have gained it really is a bummer. i worked so had to lose 35 pounds and wanted to try ww for the last 10 and now i have to start again

  45. sonja farrah says:

    had lost down to 131 and wanted to lose 10 more lbs. joined ww online and have gained 6 pounds what is wrong with this picture i eat fuit and vegs. all meals now i have to lose 10 pounds instead of 5.

    • Ugh…that's so frustrating! It seems like the majority of members are not happy with the results of the new PointsPlus. Are you doing Weight Watchers Online exclusively, or are you going to meetings?

  46. David VanBuskirk says:

    I went to that calculator website and it says I get 49 points, but when I figure it up using the daily points target total, I get 35 points. I'm confused.

    • The daily Points Target page that's currently on my blog is for the old WW Points System. With the new Points Plus system, your daily Points Plus allowance can only be calculated with a WW Calculator, like the one that you used on that website link I posted.

  47. Keep'n PC says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I see that alot of the daily points are really high… and 29 seems to be the lowest. I found on the LIVESTRONG.com site this step by step way of calculating and it seems that based on my age specifically, since I only need to lose ten pounds, I have daily points of 18. Could there be something wrong here?

    FROM Livestrong.com

    Step 1

    Establish your baseline. The number of Weight Watchers points you are allowed depends on your sex. If you are female, give yourself 2 points. If you are a female and you are nursing, give yourself 12 points. If you are male, give yourself 8 Weight Watcher points. Males get more points because they are usually taller and heavier and can burn more calories. Women who are nursing get more points because they have to pump out breast milk and need more energy from the food they eat.

    Step 2

    Factor in your age. If you are between the ages of 17 and 26, add 4 points to your baseline points. If you are between 27 and 37, add 3 points. If you are between 38 and 47, add two points. If you are between 48 and 57, add 1 point, and if you are over 58, don't give yourself any points. Weight Watchers gives you fewer points as you age, because your metabolism is slower, and you need less food than younger people. Add the points you get for your age to your baseline total.

    Step 3

    Adjust for height and weight. Take the first two numbers of your weight and add them together. If you are under 5 feet, add nothing. If you are between 5 feet, 1 inch and 5 feet, 9 inches, add 1 point, and if you are over 5 feet, 10 inches, add 2 points. For example, if you are a female that weighs 157 lbs., your weight points would be 15, and if you are a female that is 5 feet, 6 inches, you would get 1 point for your height.

    Step 4

    Adjust your Weight Watchers points for how active you are and how much exercise you get. If you spend most of the day inactive, do not give yourself any points. If you are a little more active, say you walk a distance to your car or stand most of the day, give yourself 2 points. If you walk long distances during the day, give yourself 4 points. If you exercise a lot, give yourself 6 points. For example, if you are a female who is very active, give yourself 6 points. Then add the 6 to your baseline, age, height, and weight number, and you get 27 points. This is your daily point allowance for the Weight Watchers program.

  48. Barbara says:

    I forgot….you can figure out your daily points allowance also for both men and women, and it automatically has the 49 extra "Flex" points listed in the statistics.

  49. Barbara says:

    Hi everyone,

    I just downloaded an app on my Samsung Fascinate phone (Android operating system), which is called Points Plus Diary, and it will do pretty much EVERYTHING for you!!

    * You can calculate your points

    * track activity points

    * enter your food points either by calculating then adding, or figuring them out before hand and adding the total points

    * barcode scanner (automatically figures out the points and you can then just add it to your daily pts

    * diary statistics per week and per day

    This app is so wonderful, and I do feel very positive about it. I was contemplating joining the online program, but realized I can do this on my own if I just stick to it and with this app it will make it SO easy. There is also an app called "Restaurants" which lists a gaggle of popular restaurants, and will tell the exact number of Points Plus points for each menu item.

    So for example, a Whopper with cheese and mayo is 18 points (on Points Plus) and 16 points on the old Point system (this app – Restaurants – gives both old and new points.

    Hope this helps someone/everyone.


  50. I downloaded the new ebook for the new point system hope you can get it


  51. I came up with 32 points. Does not sound correct. I am a 39 year old, African Amercian female, 233 pounds, walk around at work all day as a nurse intermittently, 5'5".

  52. Margery says:

    I forgot to mention… The Android WWdairy lets u count either the old way or the new way!!!!

  53. Margery says:

    If u have an Android phone check out this completely free calc/journal/points plus calc.

    I sent the guy $10 for creating such a GREAT calc/journal.

    You can find this FREE app in the Android market using keyword searches of "canosleep" or "WWdiary"

    Sorry if this is duplicate info, as this comments section git waaaaay too long to read them all. :)

  54. Patriece says:

    Can you show me how to figure the points on foods not listed? I drink a plant protein shake with almond milk and can't figure the point values!!! Thanks!!

  55. Hi,

    justy stumbled on to this website while trying to find a calculating tool for the old plan. The new plan didn't work for me. I was on the old plan and lost 10 lbs. last year .After being away last fall I joined again this past march. I didn't lose a single lbs and actually gained on this program. After consulting with my leader over and over my food intake each week and being told that since I wasn't obese it would take longer to lose the weight I dropped the program. ( I am 5'2" and weigh 142 lbs. which my dr. said I need to lose ). I still have my old materials and plan to go back on it. 29 points a day and 49 extra a week is way too much food and calories for me. I would be interested in hearing what others have to say.

  56. Well I did that but it gave me 29 which everyone tells me can't be right SO I thought I would ASK……!!!!!


  57. People need to read some of the previous postings before requesting someone to calculate their points.
    http://gnomes22.tripod.com/dailypptarget.html works perfectly.

  58. Could you please figure out my daily pt allowAnce for me? I'm a 50 yr old female 199 lbs and 5ft 2 thanks

  59. Can someone just help me. I am only 23 years old and weight 220. I joined weight watchers and been on and off on it. The farthest I went down was to 190 and then brought it all back up again because I stopped. My problem is I keep stopping once I hit around 190 and my goal weight is 150 :( Please helppppppppppp.

  60. Can someone please calculate the points for me ….female 230 lbs, 5'6' no activity and 43 yrs old…….Thank you so much Gina

  61. Can you please calculate my points for me. Female, age 24, Weight 151 and Height 5'7'' Thank you Much Appreciated!

  62. Can someone please calculate the points for my husband? He is 245 lbs, is 6 ft. 1 inch, low activity level, and 31 years old. Thanks! It is greatly appreciated!!!

  63. Can someone please calculate pont for me? FEMALE AGE 39 WEIGHT 150 MYHEIGHT 5.7

    & my extra points

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Oops, meant to say same numbers for Marie too. Your points change each year on your birthday, the fewest you will ever have while loosing is 29 (plus bonus and any activity points you earn). Also, don't forget when converting old recipes, you will have to calculate each item because most veggies and all fruit are 0 points. Old recipes will give you stats for all ingredients, if you use the stats for a casserole, you will be charged points for veggies which are now free.


  65. Tracy, if you are at goal you will have 35 points with 49 weekly bonus. If not at goal you have 29 +49 bonus. When you reach goal you get 6 points to maintain your weight and stop loosing.

  66. Would you be willing to calculate what my points would be? I am 56, 5'3" and 137 lbs.

    I am a lifetime member. I guess I will eventually give in to the new Points Plus.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  67. Can someone please calculate pont for me? 50 yrs old 5'1" 171.6 pounds Thanks in advance!!!

  68. liaana says:

    hi my name is liana and i was wondering if you would please calculate what my points would be since youve been a great help to all of us? i am 32 weight 198 and am 5'1.

  69. Kevin would you mind to calculate my points? I'm 45 yr. 5' 191.5 lbs.

  70. Could someone let me know what my points would be? I can't afford to join currently. I would really appreciate it. I'm 5' 45 yrs. 191.5. Thank You

  71. Blanc Estevis says:

    Could someone please calculate my points for me?

    Height: 5? 1?

    Weight: 215

    Age: 47


    And my husbands’s:

    Height: 5? 5?

    Weight: 237

    Age: 46


    Email: [email protected]

    Thank you so much!! :-)


  72. Tailese J says:

    Can someone help me caculate my points – Kevin, you were so nice to caculate the others. Can you do one more>




    Thanks so much

  73. lildiza says:

    hello all pleaase can we help each other in loosing weight.i have to lose 60 pounds pls help i am breastfeedind

  74. HI! THIS SITE ROCKS!! Can someone calculate my target PPlus PLEASE? age 34, weight 172, 5’3? Thanks!

  75. stephanie says:

    hello. I too am an old points person and joined right before they changed to the new system I got it down patt and stop going to the meetings because I didnt need to and couldnt afford to. I am doing well I lost 0 lbs. But I am at a stand still now not loosing weight for a few weeks. I would love to rejoin and get the new points value but can't afford it can anybosy tell me how many points I get. I weight 265 I am 41 years old and sit all day at my job walk about 30 min a day. oh I am 5'6

    Please help



  76. I am on weight watchers already, and my husband is thinking of joining. I can't for the life of me figure out how to figure out his points…can anyone help?

    male, 30 years old, 5'10'', 175 lbs

    email me [email protected]

    thank you!!!

  77. oh my gosh thank you, SO sweet!!

  78. shae…. yours is 29

  79. JG…. YOURS IS 29

  80. Heather yours is 34

  81. Amanda…. yours is 29… your moms is 29 as well

  82. Can someone calculate my target PPlus? age 36, weight 223, 5'6" Thanks!

  83. Would someone be able to help me figure out my points? I don't want to join because my weight is "normal" but I eat unhealthy and don't eat actual meals so I feel if I do WW it will help me get into a normal and healthy eating routine, instead of pizza and bagels!!! My mom just joined and I think if I follow with her, it will help.

    I am 28 years old, 5'4" and 120lbs.

    Thanx so much!!!

  84. virginia says:

    Hi I'm new in WW point plus, I just signed up online yesterday, so I have a lot of

    doubts because I signed for online plan… can you please give me or tell me where i can find a list of food points, I'm having problem because I don't have the iphone, I have the evo 4g, and because that I can't open anything in my phone when I'm working .

    By the way your site is fabulous.


    My email is [email protected], if somebody have any idea for me

  85. Could someone please calculate my points for me?

    Height: 5' 7"

    Weight: 140

    Age: 24


    And my mom's:

    Height: 5' 3"

    Weight: 145

    Age: 54


    Email: [email protected]

    Thank you so much!! :-)

  86. Can someone calculate points for me?

    height: 5'2"

    age: 36

    weight: 190

  87. I have the little blue calucator…and will caulucate your points for you…. visit http://www.sparkpeople.com and look for the weight watcher plus team…

  88. Fafaj..your daily pointsplus value is 29 points

  89. Pat- your age is needed to do the calucations..

  90. Pat Smith says:

    can anyone figure out how many points I can have a day? I am 162lbs. 5'3 tall. female. thanks

  91. please explain to me when your looking at the pocket

    guide it kinda tell you what to pick to eat it gives you choices then near the end it say bulk up what does that mean lost and confused and have gained all and more of my weight

  92. I would like to know how many points I get on the new points+ program as a breastfeeding mother. I would so apprecitate someone telling me how many points I get. 5'5' 178 age 43. I can't afford the meetings or the online (3 kids and diapers you know). I have the books coming from my cousin

  93. jsquared says:

    this website has been so helpful! I cannot afford to go to the meeting so I'm doing everything at home!

  94. Cathey, I just did mine and I'm 36, 5'4" and a little lower in weight and come in at 42, so I think yours sounds right.

  95. i just went to the website that you recommended to figure my points plus value and it says its 45 does that sound right? it sounds high to me, i am a 40 yr old female, 5 ft 9 in, at 295 lbs, sit all day at a desk at work, just started walking my dog last night for 30 minutes can someone please let me know if that calculator that she recommends is correct. I would really appreciate it! I cannot afford to pay for ww online or the meetings.

  96. tryintolose says:

    @ desha

    There are a few websites with restaurant lists and im not sure if i can post them here. if you want to email me at [email protected] ill be more then happy to send them to you. also where did you get a complete foods list? Thats what im looking for.

    @ amuraglio

    The amount of points depends on what they want to lose. If you also want to email me I can give you the link to the calculator.

  97. amuraglio says:

    What a wonderful community! My teenage boys are doing the old weight watchers because I can't afford the new. Could anyone tell me how many points they should get? 16 – 5'3" 180 lbs – sedentary; 13 – 5'0" 138 and active five days per week (1 hour of exercise, five days per week)


  99. Mama2Royalty says:

    Ok…Clearly the minimum point allowance is 29…BUT as with the old WW plans there has been a cut off. Does one not exist on the Points Plus Program?? If so, could someone please tell me what the MAXIMUM daily points value is? Thanks so much!

  100. Hi, I just want to say this site is great, I'm so happy I found it. I tried Weight Watchers about 7 years ago and lost 54 pounds all of which I have gained back. I want to start again, but am unable to afford it right now, so I just want to say thank you for all the information and tools that you have posted on here!

  101. just wanted to say – don't beat yourselves up, folks, if the new ww prog is not comfortable for you – for some of us, "free" points fruit is a recipe for failure … I can easily resist a plate full of green beans and red peppers but fresh pineapple, banana, kiwi and raspberries … uh uh … no way … I could eat buckets full of the stuff … so after 4 months of struggle, I'm back to the old program and trying to make sure that my whole points value each day is REAL FOOD, not nutrient-free snack foods … if i succumb to temptation those snack points must come out of the weekly allowance. ww works for me because of the accountability of having to weigh in each week and because I don't want to waste my money – the focus on healthy eating and exercise and the encouragement WORKS … they are pushing the new program, that's fine, they've invested millions of dollars into marketing … but they are not saying that the old program is bad … do what works for you! This site is great and really helpful. Thankyou for your work!

  102. Ok so i want to attend a ww meeting but if i sign up for the monthly pass do i still have to buy the booklet letting u know the points for foods and the calculater? PLEASE GET BACK TO ME THANKS

    • No, you aren't required to buy the extra books, though they are quite helpful. I'd suggest starting out with the one you'll get for free when you sign up, and take it from there. You can always buy those extra books at anytime.

  103. Anyone else on WW to lose a little weight you gained back after gastric bypass? Also, if we use a few, half or all of our weekly pts, do we need to replace them with activity points in order to lose weight? If I replace what I used and then earn more activity but don't spend them will I lose more? A friend who knows the old way by heart recommends that I don't touch the weekly points at all. I only used them on the wknd. Please give me some insight if you have it. And BTW, this site is awesome!!!

  104. I forgot to say that I've been consuming 29 per day plus the 49 extra per week.

  105. Does anyone know how many points I should add for maintenance after I lose the amount I want? I've been doing points plus on my own for about a month and things are going really well. I don't think it will be that long before I reach my goal.

  106. you can do a 7 day free trail on weightwatchers.com i recommend it, it will help you get started and understand the new system. as far as no points for fruits and vegetables as with anything you have to learn portion control. its not so you will eat 10 apples or however many oranges its so youll make healthier choices rather than grab a 100 calories no nutrition snack pack. i have found it encouraging now when i think i need something to eat, maybe dont have any points left, i can get some veggies or a fruit and not feel discouraged with myself, its been great.

  107. Went to my first WW meeting with the new points plus program. The 0 points for fruits, vegetables makes no sense to me.

    If I consume 2500 calories of Apples a day and only expend 1800 calories I will gain weight. Of course we saw the converse true recently with the "Twinkie" Diet. The nutrition professor who consumed only 1800 calories of "twinkies" per day but expended more calories/day lost significant weight.

    We know either diet is not healthy but dieting/weight loss is scientific, calories expended vs. consumed.

    What is WW's reponse to this???? Followed some prior dialogue but not conclusive……

    • Most obese and overweight people are that way bc they (we) overdo it on carbs, added sugars, fat, oils, etc. Not bc we are eating 20 apples a day. I think it's pretty unlikely that folks will gain weight on this program due to overeating nutritious foods that are low cal/fat, especially when most American's (slim and large) don't eat enough of those foods. The program encourages eating fruits and veggies for that simple fact. Also, coming from someone who loves fruit, after eating a couple pieces of fruit or a couple servings of veggies, the fiber fills you up to the point where you'd almost have to force yourself to eat more than the daily reccomended amount. Unless a person is a masochist, I don't think the 0 points value for fruits and veggies is an issue at all.

      What doesn't make sense, is for 2 nutritious apples to equal the same amount of points as a bag of salty, white flour, non-nutrient rich pretzels, which is what was the case for the old program. I'm glad this new program corrects that error.

  108. I have the 2010 Edition Complete Food and Dining Out Companions. Do I need to purchase the 2011 Editions or are the numbers in (parenthesis) the points plus values?

  109. Can you plz figure out my points…age 40 height 5'6" and weight 228lbs!!


  110. Laaloosh, Andrea, & Kevin – That link ROCKS! Thanks so much! <3

  111. Thank you Kevin. Yes, 64 seems reasonable to me given your size. There is a man in my WW meetings who is not as tall as you and he gets 58 points.

  112. http://gnomes22.tripod.com/dailypptarget.html this is the site i went too.

  113. I went to this website I found to calculate the points and I did my wifes first cause she is in weight watchers and her points they gave her was 42 and that is what the website said as well. I did mine with the above stated information and it says I am allowed 64 points a day. Does that seem right?

  114. Can someone tell me my daily point value. Male, 6ft tall 324 pounds… thanks Greatly appreciate it.

  115. Oh, and he is 29 years old. Sorry I left that out!

  116. I am a WW member, but I don't have the little blue calculator because I use the iPhone app. My husband wants to do the program, but we can't afford to pay for 2 people, and I won't be able to buy him a calculator until next week. Can someone please calculate his daily target for me? Thanks in advcance!



    252 lbs

    email: [email protected]

  117. Hey could someone please tell me how many points I am allowed on ww pp? Oh that would be so great!

    email: [email protected]


    5' 6 1/2"


    work out 6 times a week

    36 years old

    You are all awesome

  118. Debbie tanner says:

    Can someone please tell me how many points I am allowed on ww pp? Thank you

    Email: [email protected]




    Workout 4 times a week

    43 years old

  119. Would someone be willing to calculate my husband's daily points for him? I started weight watchers for the first time today and he wants to follow along with me. Thanks for the help in advance!

    age: 35

    height: 6 ft.

    weight: 256.6

    email is [email protected]

  120. Hi! I was wondering if someone could calculate my daily points for me…the equation killed me!

    I'm 5"7, 230 lbs, 24 yrs, moderate activity. just email it to me! Thanks!!

    [email protected]

  121. Yesterday was my second meeting. I lost 4.2 lbs since the first one, 6.6 since e-Tools. I think something my leader said last night may be the reason why the new program has worked for some and not others. She said "If you kind of do it, it kind of works. If you really do it, it really works." Here's what I mean – it's only my second week for meetings, and my third total, and already I've gotten used to the fact that everyday I've got to put each every single solitary thing into my tracker, and I've got to measure it before I eat it. I upload my recipes, which ups their points values even if they consist only of fruits and veggies – such as smoothies – which means they *do* count. They're not 'free', they're zero, and my leader said at my first meeting that 0+0+0+0 may equal 1 or 2 or even 3 at WW, depending on what it is and how much of it you're using. Also, I'm tracking my activity points, but I'm not using them. I track them, and I *never* use them. I don't have to get in a lot, as long as I get in something. I've tried a lot a different things before, but I'm really determined this time, and therefore I'm going at it full force – and I think that's making a big difference.

  122. @Roxanne( re- rolling over points)- Just wondering, do you know why?

  123. Hi, I am a stay at home mom of 3 looking to lose 40lbs. I just had a baby 1 month ago and started the ww nursing program two weeks ago. I am a lifetime member and really like the points plus approach. I have lost 5lbs so far in the last 2 weeks. I love this blog, so I am also addingsomw of my favorite ww recipes to my site as well. Check it out at shannonscookingcreations.com.

  124. Thank you Roxanne. Dang, I guess I won't be having some big pig out! :)

  125. While you are transitioning and posting new recipes for the new system, would you consider making one subheading under the categories just for Points Plus recipes to make them easier to find right now?

  126. Lisa, your leftover points do not "rollover" to the next week – its a use it or lose it kind of thing.

  127. What should I click on to get to this page? I always have to google to find it, but I don’t know what to click on on this site.

  128. No, I mean this exact page. Oh well I will just book mark it.

  129. What should I click on to get to this page? I always have to google to find it, but I don't know what to click on on this site.

  130. Thank you so much for the link to calculate point allocation, I have been looking for something like this for a while!

  131. By the way – love the site! It's so helpful and informative.

  132. I'm very confused about calculating activity points on this new program. Can someone help please?! Thank you so much!

  133. Hi Everyone,

    I have been the new Points Plus WW for a week now. I have about 15 points left over out of the 49 extra points we get each week. The question I have is, can I carry those left over points to the next week? I was thinking that they might come in handy one of these days. Does anyone know? Thank you for reading my post. Also, I love all the recipes on this site!

  134. Can someone give my the new points plus value for my hubby?? I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it.

    He is 32


    Weight is 250

    My email is [email protected]


  135. I'm so glad I found this site! I've been battling my weight forever and it's so frustrating. I'm hoping to try this new points plus but can't afford the meetings right now. I used the old points system for a while but felt that it allowed too much sugar and carbs for me. I'm hoping this new plan will help me gravitate towards healthier foods.

    I have an iphone and I'm wondering if anyone has used the iphone apps for this? There are some people who have designed points plus calculators for those who can't afford to joing WW to get one of theirs. I'm trying to decide which app is the best.

    Thanks for that link, Andrea! I now know my points that I'm allowed.

  136. Andrea Lockhart says:

    For everyone asking to know about calculate points— you can calculate your own points for the new WW Points Plus program by using this website…


  137. Can someone please calculate points plus for hubby and me >>> He is 65, weighs 265 lbs and is 5'10" tall. I am 60, weigh 225 lbs and am 5'6" tall…thanks so much

  138. on the new weight watchers for 2011,the lowest points you can eat are 29,you never go below that.

  139. Can someone please calculate my points please. My wife joined the new system but she can't figure out my points. I am 6'2'', 250 pounds, age 27 and would like to lose weight rather than maintain. Your help would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

  140. Can someone please calculate my points pleeeease? Single mom of 3, and a grandbaby on the way now too…age 40, 233 lbs, 5'6 email to [email protected] want to lose 60 lbs.

  141. Can someone please calculate my husband's points? I'm a WW member and my total daily points are 29, but he wants to follow the plan (doesn't want to join WW) … and I can't figure out how to calculate his daily points. He is 69, 6 feet tall, weighs 265, not very active.



  142. Janice I am also 5'5 and 185. I would like to weigh around 145. I am checking out of these links tonight and starting my WW plan on my own tomorrow and going to get busy exercising. Good luck to you!

  143. Great information !! Thank you!

  144. The old plan used to have a max of 44 pts. Does anyone know if there is a maximum point value on the new points plus? My hubby wants to join me but we really don't want to spend the extra money. We used the calculator to check his number and it was 61. But that seems awful high. Thanks in advance.

  145. also…if I calculated right, I think I get 29 points on the new Points Plus? and then do I also understand correctly that you get an additional 49 points for the week, if you want to use them?

    Let me know if I'm doing this right…email me if you want.


    • Hi Janice! Thanks for reading and good luck with your goal! 135 is my goal too, but given that I'm pregnant now, it's gonna be a while….ugh. Anyway, you can check out this page that was created by another WW: http://gnomes22.tripod.com/dailypptarget.html. It gives you a free Weight Watchers PointsPlus Daily Target Calculator!! And yes, in addition to your daily points plus allowance, you get an extra 49 "flex" PointsPlus to use. :)

  146. I just found your site. Such good info. I'm starting ww on my own, following the info I get from your site and the other posters's links. Thanks so much for this site! Wish me luck! Female/5'5"/185 goal weight 135

  147. Ate Indian food last night…where can I find Points Plus online? I'm not signed up for the WW eTools.

  148. Hi,

    Could someone help me calculate points for my daughter. I joined so I have mine but she wants to do it online with me:

    Age: 16

    Weight: 145

    Height: 64 inches


  149. I have been on WW for about 3 weeks now, and my husband has decided to join me. We cannot afford to pay for both of us to attend meeting, so I don't know how many points he is allowed per day. He is really the reason that I started this, because he really needs to loose some weight for his health. Anyone willing to caluculate his points for me? Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  150. Could someone help me out. Male, 29, 213lbs, 5'7" Thanks so much!!

  151. Hi everyone, My husband would like to go with the program but we can't afford to have both of us attend. Could someone please figure out his points? He is 40, 5'7.5", 190#, and doesn't currently exercise. Thank you in advance!!!

  152. Just started the new points plus this past Tuesday, and I love it! One thing to remember is even though fruit is a point plus value of 0 you are only to eat until your satisfied. I do not feel hungry, and am loving the WW online. Great website! Can not wait to try some of the recipes.

  153. Kim, I heard you add 10 points extra if you are breastfeeding. If you figured 29 points, then add 10 for a total of 39!

  154. Hello I'm confused on this new weight watchers plus points. I did the counting point system back in 2000 which worked great for me. With the extra 49 points, are we allowed to use them through out the week and just subtract from the 49 points as we use them? If so it just seems like A LOT! 29 points plus activity points plus an extra 49. I would appreciate any help with understanding this new program… Thanks you guys…

  155. Just wondering if I need to add extra points for breastfeeding? I calculated that I need to take in 29 points based on my age/height/current weight. Any help with this would be appreciated.

  156. m swicegood says:

    can someone figure my daily points plus – male 47 yrs old – 210lbs – 5ft 9in email [email protected]

  157. I tried the site to calculate the daily points allowance, how do I know if this is accurate? Can someone calculate my allotment for me, please?? I'm going Friday to buy the new materials!

    Age: 25

    Height: 65 inches

    Weight: 199

    Activity level: low

  158. Hi all, just restarted WW Points Plus. All of this info on here is great. Anyone have a pdf copy of the Points Plus dining out guide? I downloaded the complete A-Z guide above-THANKS!!

  159. i just seems like the old WW would work better. im to scared to start a new way haha thank you tho!

  160. can you stay with the old plan, if it is working for you?

  161. i need your help! i can not afford to go to the meetings, i have been doing the old points plan. 2 questions. if you do the old points plan will it still work? if you do not raise your points ect? also if i want to do the new plan could someone tell me how many points i get? im 5'2 and 155lbs. please help me.

    • If you decide to continue with the old Points plan, it will still work, but WW will not support that plan anymore, so you'll start finding less and less info available with the old Points info. But if you have your old Points Finder, you can still use that to calculate your Points for foods. Now, if you decide to do the new Points Plus program, I found an AWESOME site that a WW member made….it has a link to a free Points Plus Calculator that you can use to figure out your daily points allowance, and it also has the formula for how to figure out the Points Plus values of foods!! It's FABULOUS!! Check it out by clicking HERE!

    • Yes, the old Points plan will still work, but you'd have to do it entirely on your own, as Weight Watchers no longer supports that plan. However, if you decide to try the new Points Plus program, you can calculate your daily points plus allowance, see a HUGE list of foods with the new points plus values and get the formula for calculating points plus values on foods!! Check it out here: https://sites.google.com/site/wwcheatsheets/home/….
      PS: Check out all the links on the left hand side of the page. :)

  162. Could someone figure out my points allowance.

    Age: 48

    Weight: 191

    Height: 5'1"

    Thanks in advance. :-)

  163. hi I find your site very helpful. I was hoping someone could help me with finding a food list, a printable one for the new points plus.

  164. You guys are all so kind….it's so re-freshing to see all of you working together and helping each other!

    Love and Good Health to you ALL!

  165. I am very displeased with the new Points Plus program. The biggest frustration came last week when I saved/earned 100 points (mostly exercise pts) and the scale did not move. Considering this was only week 3 for me [back] on weight watchers it seems highly improbable that it is a plateau. Under the old plan, 25 pts would guarantee me a 1 pound loss.

    The fruit issue that nickie mentioned is also a little absurd. The points plus system says that fruits and veggies (nonstarchy) are free to try and get people to make healthier choices. However, if an individual already makes healthy choices but has more difficulty with portion control then it seems like they should find a different plan. Weight Watchers is no longer a place where everyone that needs to can lose weight just by following the plan, but rather a plan that is targeted at specific eating flaws.

  166. Kim McGill says:

    Your site is very helpful, I am very new at this and like everyone else cannot afford to sign up and was wondering if anyone could help me through this process. Just started researching WW and do not know my daily allowance or even how much points per foods. Is their any good sites that would give me this info.

    I am 38 years old, female, 240 pounds, 5'5, work with kids but do not actually work out but am on the go all day, could someone help me calcualte my points and help in any way so i can lose this weight. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Kim…check this out….I found a page where someone wrote a script that allows you to calculate your own daily points plus allowance!! Here's the page: http://gnomes22.tripod.com/dailypptarget.html I doublechecked it with my own Points Plus allowance, and it was correct! I'll repost this throughout my blog, but hopefully this will help out a lot of you!!

  167. Can someone please caclulate my husbands points please. 63 years old, 6'1" 280 lbs- works out average 3 days a week- thanks so much!! I joined myself but for the most part it was to help him.

  168. Hi I love this site!! I don't have the funds yet to join WW so could someone please figure my points?? I am female, 42, 5'5", 280#s and I work out 3 times per week (two days of Zumba and one of Yoga). Thanks!!

  169. Would you please figure my allowable points on the new plan.

    52 years old, 240 lbs, 5'4" thanks.

  170. Im 34 ,,,wt 196,,, 5'4

  171. im 34 yrs

    wt 196

  172. Hello everyone, I hear the ww is a great program but im also in the same boat… dont have the extra cash ..Im 34 yrs, weight 196 pounds will someone tell me my points ..

  173. dolphin123 says:

    Robin : 54 pts

  174. Can someone calculate mine?



    315 lbs

    low to moderate activity (getting back to working out)


  175. Can someone figure how many points I am allowed a day please? I am 5 ft tall, 56 years old and 187 lbs. I appreciate anyones help. I got the food calculator and other stuff where I was on WW before and since I have no job I wanted to use what I have if I knew my points allowed. Thank you for your help.

  176. Standforjustice says:

    Just signed up on line on January 8.

    Was it a mistake to not do the meetings? (not for the accountability) but to UNDERSTAND how this works….. We have the iPhone app to calculate our points etc.

    I just don't feel we really know what we are doing

    The calculation showed for me to have 29 pts. (I have 23lbs) to lose

    My husband has 48lbs to lose and gets 50pts???? Does this soubdcorrect

    Thanks for any advice

  177. I love this website! Found it for my daughter who just joined WW online. I'd llike my husband to do it with her. Can someone figure out his point value for me? He is 6'0 , 44 years old, 268 lbs and not too active.

    Thanks a million, Robin

  178. dolphin123 says:

    Russell: 56

    Teresa: 29

    • Hi
      My son is 5'10" weighing 250 pounds, would you know what the point+ values will be for him? Thanks!

  179. Hi everyone. I am new to the program. I am 35. My first meeting was last Tuesday. I purchased the Calculator and started my counting. 37 points a day. plus the extra 45 for the week. I lost NOTHING my first week. I stayed the same. I even walked 4 days out of the week. I'm very disapointed. I followed the program as I should. And I had NO soda, just water and some OJ a few days with poins accounted. I just dont understand.

  180. Betty! can you do mine… :)

    36, 5 ft, 7 in, 204 lbs thanks!!!

    [email protected]

  181. If you have 80 lbs to lose or 20 lbs. to lose, you get 29 daily points. This does not make sense to me. Is weight watchers trying to sabotage our weight lose by making it take longer for us to lose it, so that we are paying membership fees longer? The new program gives fruit a 0 points+ value. Fruit has calories and natural sugars. Eating 2 cups of grapes, 2 clementines and a banana, the old points program would give them a points value of 9, the new points plus value is 0. I am not a dietician, but any extra calories, is extra calories and should be counted.

    The first week on the new program, I gained 4lbs. I have not lost any weight since. I had much better success on the old program. For that reason, I am continuing on the old program.

  182. Could somebody figure my daily points for me?

    46 years old.

    5 ft. 3 in.

    190 pounds.

    inactive lifestlye

    please email to [email protected]

    THanks, Teresa

  183. Just wanted to tell everyone how great it is that those who are able to buy the new points plus tools are helping out those that are not, be blessed.

  184. I guess I'm in the same boat. Could someone please figure my points range.! Thanks I am a male, 49 years old, 5'10, 290 lb.s. Thanks Again, [email protected]

  185. Can someone please figure my husbands points. I went to meeting and didnt realize it wouldnt be in the books how to get the points allowed. i have mine but not his. He is 5'9 and 222 lbs and pretty active walking around all day.

    Thanks Dawn

  186. Cant really afford to sign up to WW at the moment, can someone please figure out my daily points plus points range? Female, 5'4 197lbs, 42 yr old. Thanks you. [email protected]

  187. My leader said that 80% of the members get 29 daily points. I am 5'3 165, my friend 215, and we both get 29 daily points.

  188. Mike you are at 58 points per day

  189. Whit–yours is 29 points per day

    Jenny —yours is 29 points per day

    CJ—yours is 31

    Monica—you are 29

    Donna–you didn't put your age, so I just put in 30, you are at 29 points

    There is a minimum points of 29 per day, so if you are not sure what you should have you can start at 29.

    • Hi Betty,

      My son is 5'10" and weighs 250 lbs,hw many points will he need? Thanks!

  190. I have entered my info. on the new pointsplus calculator. How do I enter the 49 extra points I am allowed for a week?

  191. so i love the new points program but one thing i dont understand… when i went to my weight watchers class and i get 32 points daily,BUT i dont understand the extra weekly 49 points everyone gets…. i mean doesnt that defeat the purpose of the diet?maybe i just am not understanding how to use thos extra points but as for now i just ignore those extra 49 points. can anyone help explain those extra points?

  192. so i love the new points program but one thing i just dont understand… ok so i get 32 points a day i found out when i went to my weight watchers class, BUT

  193. Hey GREAT Site love all the interaction.. I know this is the question of the year but I would greatly appriciate if some one could tell me my daily piont allowence I am 33 Male 6 foot 280lbs. [email protected]


  194. Hello all, just found this site and am really excited. If there is anyone willing to give me my point allowance i would certainly apprciate it, i am 31, 150-155 lbs, 5'9" and would say i work out 3-5 times a week.


  195. I just found your site today. It's fabulous and thank you for posting all of these recipes. I am excited to try them! I don't attend meetings because I am too busy with school, work, a two year old and a 3 month old to fit it in. I have the books, logs and calculator from last year. For those of us who are still using the old plan there is no reason why we can't figure out the points on our own instead of asking her to do it for us. Just figure out the points value for the entire recipe and divide by the number of servings. Can't be that hard can it?

  196. Donna, don't worry about the new weight watcher system, look back and see if you lost on the old system then ask youself was i doing all that i was suppost to do, was i doing it everyday,.

    remember if you always do what you always did , you'll always get what you always got.

  197. i'm looking for the updated list of points that were figured wrong in the Complete Food Companion.


  198. does anyone have the updates on the list of foods that may have been figured wrong in the ww complete food companion ?

  199. does anyone have the updates on the list of foods that may have been figured wrong in the ww complete food companion ? and, to CJ your points per day is 31. you still have the free 49 points (per week ) .


  200. Can some one do the same for me I went to my first meeting tonight and I left with no points because I forgot to get that information it was too much going on! age 30 female 5'5 and 203lbs. Thanks

  201. Hi everyone! I would like to start WW but like others don't have the funds. Can someone please calculate for me?

    27, female, 5'8, 162

    Email: [email protected]

    Thanks so much!

  202. Trying desperatly to find out how to calculate the new points plus system. I have two kids at home and do not have the time right now to go to meetings. I belonged to weight watchers before and loved it. If anyone could help me find a site to calculate the points I would really appreciate it. Female 5"3" 193ibs thanks so much this site it awesome.

  203. If someone could calculate my points for me, I will pay it forward somehow!

    35, Female, 5'7, 138

    Thanks so much!

  204. Betty Jo,

    I'm vegetarian as well, though I do eat seafood on occasion. I've found it doesn't change my behaviors at all, other than it helps me curb the amount of carbohydrate I consume. Suffice it to say, I was way out of hand! WW recommends peanut butter, beans and leafy greens (like Kale) for protein; I picked up a flyer specifically for vegetarians at the last meeting. It's very veggie-friendly! I highly recommend the program!

  205. Kristin Day says:

    Hello all! I'm new to the site and am really enjoying it–thank you! I wanted to let you all know that there is a cheaper way to formulate the new PointsPlus points if you own an Apple ipod touch or iPhone: there is a great app you can download called iWatchr. It has the option of setting up a "custom" points calculator and the calculations for the new plan are on the following site: http://www.davoliapps.info/iphone/iwatchr/calcula… . It is cheap (a few dollars at the App store) and easy to use. The next update will have the new calculator built in, until it happens the custom one is easy to set up!

    Also, if anyone has a way to calculate the new daily points allowances, could you please figure mine? I have searched everywhere and have not been able to find a way to figure it! I am female, 35, 5'2' and weigh 155. You can email me at [email protected].

    Pretty please? and Thank you!

  206. I too am interested in knowing how many points plus I get. I want to join ww but don't have the extra money right now and would like to get started now. If someone would be so kind as to email me I would appreciate it. [email protected]. 30 yr old female 5 ft 1 in 225 lbs. Thank you!

  207. I just had a baby in Sept. and I am still breastfeeding. Do you still get extra points for that? Also if anyone is willing to calculate my points for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  208. If any one would help me figure up my points I would be [email protected]

  209. Can someone calculate for me? 24 years old, female, 5'4, 135

  210. My husband and I were going to join ww, but I'm not sure from what I've read if it's vegetarian friendly. I only rarely eat turkey, occasionally fish, but lacto-ovo veg most of the time. Does anyone have inof. on how the new points work for vegetarians? I tried South Beach last spring and felt ill for 2 weeks so high proteing just doesn't work for me.

  211. Shelley….my hubby and I are in the same boat as Donna =o/ Could you calc our daily points allowance? kristibrooke[at]gmail[dot]com….that would be a huge encouragement!

  212. I just stumbled across your website. Thank you for your honesty about the new WW program. I've been trying to figure out the points equation, like many others. I've seen a few and will test my theory out next week. I don't do the e-tools as I'm not on a PC long enough daily to track my food and I'd forget. I have the iwatchr iPhone app to track my points as it's right there. WW has the iPhone app now too, that will calculate all the food points, activity points and weekly extras… The downside is that you have to be registered to the e-tools and I can't honestly guarantee that I'll have $ on my credit card (bad! I know!) but $9 (Canadian) isn't too much to shell out for a new calculator in the end. You can buy them online too, and still participate in the new program as the old one is history.

    Sorry for the long post. Awesome site laa loosh. :)

  213. I cannot figure out how to just enter the points that I use, like I could before. Can anyone help me?

  214. would you at least consider posting the calories, fat and fiber per serving for those of us who are still following the old plan? i joined weight watchers years ago to lose some extra weight. since i've had a baby, i went back to the plan i know. i am not able to re-join weight watchers for the new points plus plan and can just figure the old points values for recipes myself if you post the above information. i'd appreciate it. i know weight watchers is posting both old and new points values on their pre-packaged meals.

    • I may try to do this…however, in some cases, it's not possible because I use the recipe builder, and that doesn't give any of the nutritional totals. I'll do the best I can to get you guys all the info you need!

  215. If anyone is willing to calculate my target points for me, please email me at [email protected] and I will send you my info. Thanks!

  216. I still dont get why WW is so damn expensive. I really believe its just the name.

    in this day and age when so many people are overweight to the point of having health issues and are lacking work due to unemployment and all else that ww is still OVER priced.

    Paying 14 bucks a week to just attend a meeting.

    TOPS is the same sort of meeting, yet is only 28 for a year, because its there to truly help motivate people to get healthy. ive been to both…and dont see much difference as far as the motivation behind the meeting itself. TOPS there is no specific diet, in fact over half the people there, are doing the WW points program with all the WW tools, and not the weekly overpriced payment. Good idea to whoever thought of that one!

    well good luck to all, no matter what your goal is or how you get there!

  217. Mary Ellen says:

    are you converting old points to new points? or maybe doing a find/replace to mark the old entrees "old points" so that if we are cruising your site we know which point system was used to calculate points for a recipe? I love your site, and while I am not converting to the new system, its really a financial thing. My husband & I have been doing WW since april and been doing REALLY Well — and we already cut out most processed foods, so we already eat like the 'new' system wants you to. we just can't afford to re-invest in all the new material. but knowing the old formula we can easily convert your new recipes. thanks!

    • Great question! All of my new recipes will have the new Points Plus Value…or as I will call it "Points +". All of my older recipes still have the old Points value, and are called "Point Total". Eventually, in the far, far future, I may convert all of my old recipes to the new Points Plus values, but for now, I'm leaving them alone so that weight watchers who are still staying on the old Points program will have access to some recipes.

  218. I think some will like the new Points Plus and some will like the old points system. Not too many recipes on the new points plus system yet but I have found a few sites that are converting.

  219. If you email me your info I will figure it for you on my calculator. I wont make you post here as no one should have to say their age or weight both of wich I would need.

    • Hi Shelley if you wouldn't mind figuering out my info also that would be wonderful as I too can not afford to attend WW meetings . please e-mail me
      Thank you

    • Shelley,
      Could you email me as I too would like to figure out my daily points allowance. I am a lifetime member on the old program but cannot get what my new allowance would be in the new program.

    • Shelley, I really need to get on the new weight watchers program but like some others I can't afford it right now. I have been a weight watcher program user for many years off and on and have tons of materials ,
      books, calculators, cook books etc. I feel like I have paid my due and don't feel guilty about trying to get my daily point target for my husband and myself through different means this tme. If you are willing to calculate our points please email me @ [email protected]. Thanks so much. Happy weight loss to you.

    • I would really appreciate it if you would calculate my hubbys points he is allowed for us

      he is 6ft 1 in and weights 250 lbs

  220. Donna ~

    I should have read your post better …you got an online calculator! That doesn't tell you how many daily points you get …it figures out food points …so sorry! Wish I could be more help.

    Do you know anyone that goes to WW that could do the calculation for you on their 'little blue calculato'r?

  221. Hi Donna ~

    If you got one of the new little blue calculators, you can figure out how many points you get using it (did the instructions come with ir?). Here's how …turn it on, push the little button with the wrench (top left button). It will ask you your age. Put in the number, and then push the button on the bottom right (with the arrow). It will then ask your if you are female or male. Select and press the arrow again. I will then ask your height …follow the same steps (feet and inches), then put in your weight. The calculator will then say 'Lose'? you push the arrow again, and it will tell you your daily points allowance. 29 is the lowest that anyone has. We get 49 points extra for the week. The calculator also figures food points for you and keeps track of the points that you use each day. It's a really nifty little tool. I hope this helps (and I hope that I haven't given away any 'secrets')!

    • Donna-
      If you have a smart phone, you can get an app called "weight watchers diary" there is a place on there that calculates how many points you get for your height/weight/age/sex, I went to the meeting, got weighed and was given my points goal, and the app gave me the same answer. Hope this helps!

      And sorry Chris, it would only let me reply on yours, not hers! If you don't have a smart phone, let me know on here and I will get it to you somehow! Thanks!

  222. HI,can no longer afford to go to weight watchers as a meeting is 4 hours away,so 8 hours is too long and too costly.I do not have a credit card so cannot subscribe online. I use all internet tools and have lost 78 pounds following the old system.I love Laa Loosh and have used a lot of recipes and tools.

    I would like to know WILL YOU BE POSTING 'HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR WEIGHT FOR THE NEW PROPOINTS' I really hope so ,then I can follow the new system as well. I did find a new calculator on a website to calculate the new points , but do not know how many I am allowed.

    • Ahhh…this is where it gets tricky. Weight Watchers no longer has a questionnaire that you fill out that helps you calculate your daily points range. Their computers now do it for you automatically. I'm looking around and doing my best to see if I can find out the formula. I'll keep you all posted.

  223. PS: I love the fact that you use 'real' food in your recipes …for instance, real sugar. I have no objection to using sweeteners, but I prefer real sugar. Thanks!

  224. Your website is great. Beautiful pictures. I'm doing the new PlusPoints program, and I'm loving it. I found myself eating too many carbs, and this 'forces' me to make better choices, or use up all my points …I get 29. Thanks for keeping your site updated …looking forward to seeing the recipes with the new points.

  225. Cari Gruelle says:

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for ALL you do for us! I support YOU 100% in just posting the NEW POINTS PLUS for us!

    Thanks again for all you do !

  226. d in houston says:

    I, too, LOVE the new plan. I'm a big fruit & veggie person as well, have been trying to modify WW for Michael Pollan's food rules, and feel as if this new, cleaner way of eating will pay big dividends over time. Love your site either way. Thanks very much for your continued work on behalf of your readers.

  227. Sheila Rose says:

    I love the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program too. It does make for healthier and wiser choices. Plus free fruits make me feel full longer.