I Just Learned the New Weight Watchers Points Plus Program!!

Ok, so here’s the deal, folks, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this past Saturday and learned all about the new Points Plus Program. And of I bought a ton of materials to help me out – one of which includes the new Weight Watchers Dining Out Companion which is VITAL if you want to know the new Points Plus values for all your fave restaurants. The other must buy item was the new Points Calculator, which Weight Watchers now REQUIRES you to have if you want to figure out the new Points Plus values for everything you eat. Sad that it’s not the free, sliding Points Finder like before, which was so easy…..oh, and did I mention it was FREE?!? So, given that this digital Points calculator is a must, I ponied up the funds and bought it. I only paid $5.95 instead of the regular price of $11.95 — this was a special they were having through December, so folks, I highly recommend taking advantage of this item while it’s at such a good price, as there’s no way around it — you will NEED it if you want to follow the new Weight Watchers Points Plus plan. Which brings me to another topic of discussion — my recipes. In my previous post, I mentioned that I would be posting both the old Points value and the new Points Plus value for each new recipe. However, after much consideration and many emails from my readers, and please don’t hate me for this, but I’ve decided to post only the new Points Plus values for all new recipes. I realize that this may be a bummer for all of you who still wish to follow the Points plan, but in not too long, the old Points plan will be entirely irrelevant. With all of the old Points info online diminishing quickly, it’s just going to be too complicated and time consuming to include both Points values in my recipes. Additionally, the new Points Plus program really is great and makes a lot of sense. It also encourages healthier eating, which I really love. Since I’ve embraced the new program, I really hope that all of you will too. As for all my old recipes, for now, I will keep them as the old Points value, but may try to change that in the not too soon future. Together, we’ll get through the change and fully switch over to the new Points Plus plan! Stay tuned for my very first Points + recipe later today!!


  1. found the weight watchers points calculator by using my apps on my phone it was free also found the point tracker/meal tracker for free too by using my apps on my phone.

  2. Jennykresnak says:

    Hi, I need help with calculating my daily allowance, Weight is 160 – Height 5’6″ – Female age 69. This new plan Points Plus has me confused, Thank you so much!!

  3. i am 28 years old 5 feet zero inches and weight 230 pounds could somewhen tell me what my points plus allowance please i am going to do it at home. please and thanks

  4. I havent been to a meeting yet but I have a new points plus calculator how do I find out how many points for some food I ate today?

  5. how many points does a 200 pound man get?

  6. Mynameisrick says:

    Where can you buy the new Points Plus Calculator online?

    • Anonymous says:

      You can find free online weight watchers points plus calculators on many websites. But if you want to buy a physical one,you’ll have to get it at your nearest Weight Watchers location. Also, check ebay and Craigslist. :)

  7. I need someone to help me calculate what points allowance I have on points plus. I remember the one for the old program but now I am all confused. 
    Height 65″, 156 lbs age 46 female

  8. Crazy_beautiful335 says:

    im female, 25, 195, 5,9 how many points would i be taking in??

  9. For all wanting their personal point value go to this site  scroll down & enter your age, gender,height & weight & it will give the points 


    Sorry as previous post I forgot the link

  10. can you please calculate my daily points, also?
    age 57
    height 5ft 3 in
    weight 253


  11. Jacquelynripley says:

    my dad weights 268 and is 6″4 and 57 and he is disabled and cant exercise and cant afford to pay for weight watchers can u let me know what his points would be?

  12. Hhofmann1 says:

    can someone calculate points for a 31 yr old man, 6″2, 178 lbs and is relatively active

  13. Can you help calculate points for my husband on the new pointsplus 2012?  I didn’t buy the new calculator because I knew my point per day was 26.  He is 54 yrs old, 5’10, weight 203…thanks so much! 

  14. Dee Kircher says:

    can you help me calculate my daily points as well?
    Age 34
    Height 5 ft. 2 in.
    Weight 157 lbs.

    • For all who want their target points go to this site.. scroll  & there is an area to put in your age, gender, height & weight & it gives the Points Plus amount for you

    • What is your activity level?

  15. Dlfontanese says:

    My husband is 6′ weighs 220 and is 59 years old, and is semi active.  Can someone tell me his points?  I joined and I can’t afford to pay for two of us.

  16. I got the calculator and books and started the process today. After I figure my initial daily points total and start the process…..at what point or how often do I need to re-configure my personal stats to determine a new daily points total?…..also where can i find a chart or site that shows the amount of physical activities that will give you “x” amount of points back for completing that activity.

  17. Linnie Wilcox says:

    I belong to WW on line; however, husband also wants to try WW now (he has been on Atkins and lost 30 pounds). Our budget it tight, can someone tell me how many daily points my hubby would get.
    He’s 62 yrs old, 6’0″ sedentary and currently weighs 290 lbs.

    Thank you so much!

  18. Hey all,

    I found a website that will calculate your points per day. Good Luck. Make the changes to work the program.


  19. Can someone please help me calculate for my husband Justin and I:

    I’m 25, 149 lbs, 5’5
    He’s 26, 198 lbs, 5’10

    Please and Thank you :)

  20. hello,
    Can someone please calculate my points allowed on pointsplus? I am out of the country on exchange and the program is not available where I am. Male, 27, 253 lbs, 5’11, jordanm202@gmail.com

    Thank You

  21. Can someone calculate the daily points for a 23 year old male, 270 lbs., sits at desk most of the day, 5'11". Also does everyone get the extra 49 points/week?

  22. Can you calculate my allowed points on points plus PLEASE? :)

    57years old



    Thank you so very much!

  23. I'm new here. Was going to sign up and go to meetings but I didn't realize they charge a weekly rate. My husband and I are retired and make very little. My husband decided to find another job and was told to loose weight first. We both will try weight watchers. The comments here are great. I know my points (29) but don't know my husbands. Can someone tell me? He age is 57, hight is 5.8 and weight is 210. Not much extra activity right now. Thanking you in advance. Teab

  24. Hi,
    My husband and I are both doing ww points plus. We neither have the money or the time to attend meetings or become members. I copied the books from a member I know and everything is going great! Loosing weight in a steady but slow (which is good) pace. We eat well, are not abnormally hungry (only in normal "it's time for lunch" type of hunger). We exercise as regularly as possible. He is in charge of the exercise program, I am in charge of the eating program, we share the job. Helps a lot! My husband is very close to his goal and I am trying to find out what to do in the maintenance "phase" so that I am ready to coach him when he gets there. As I did for the calculators and so on, I am hoping to find the information about maintenance on the internet. I hope someone can guide me. I do not have an iphone or the like, so Apps aren't an option.
    Thanks for any advice,

  25. can someone tell me if there is a bookl available that has all the points already calculated like the old syatem

  26. Lydia Paris says:

    Could someone please calculate my points for me!! Please!! I am a struggling student and can't afford to attend a meeting so I can just figure out my points. I will email you my information. lydiaparis1234@gmail.com

    Thank you so much!!

  27. I was just wondering for those ppl that are doing the program on their own are you using the old food point values and the new daily point values? Im trying to do the program on my own since I have a lot of old material but not sure how I shld work it?

  28. Would someone mind calculating my hubbys stuff for me? I joined online and cant get it to go back so I can do his stuff and I think it ridiculous to pay double. Mine are the 29 pts obviously but I figure he will likely get a few more! Right now I make him eat what I eat! LOL!
    His wt is 253, ht 5.11 and he is 51. He would LOVE to be down to something like 180ish. Thanks for any and all help! I just hate the thought of paying the $29 fee to register him plus the monthly fee when I have all the info on my website EXCEPT THAT INFO! Thnaks a bunch!

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