Readers — I Need You to Weigh In!!!!

Don’t worry…I mean I want you to weigh in with your thoughts, not your actual weight :). In an effort to improve my blog and make it more helpful to all of us, I want to hear what YOU think. First of all…which system you are following: the old Weight Watchers Points Plan or the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus Program? And secondly, what are your thoughts about the new Points Plus Plan? What type of Weight Watchers Recipes do you like the most and are you always on the lookout for? Please comment below…your input and observations are so incredibly helpful to me and to fellow Weight Watchers, so please share!


  1. Id like to thank you soo much for this website. i can not aford to do weight watchers and always wanted to try.
    i have type two diabeties and am looking for low carb recipies with points….
    again thaml you so much for this website

  2. I follow the new Points +. I can’t tell you how important your site is in helping me stay on plan. . many, many thanks!!

  3. I have just stumbled onto your site recently, and just want to say THANK YOU!!! Your recipes are awesome, & I love everything about your site, it is a Godsend! And just FYI, I still use the Flex Points system :-)

    • :) Thanks!! I use the Points Plus, but I miss the Flex Points system. It was so easy because I knew Points for everything offhand. Now I have to whip out my calculator all the time.

  4. My whole family just started the Points Plus program last week. I have been going through your “Older” recipes this entire afternoon. I have been delighted with your site, the recipes and the fact that you give both the points plus value per serving, indicate the size or weight if a serving and provide the nutritional info as well! Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. hi, I just found your blog thanks to Pinterest. I have been working my way back through your recipes and I am in love!! I have been doing the new WW since the last week of May and I am down between 25-30lbs. I have recently added exercising on my treadmill about 4 times a week (3+miles each time) I have to tell you it's not about losing weight anymore. It's about feeling better in my own skin. I can't believe how good I feel. The girls at work tell me that I am glowing now and that there is a spark in my eye . Exercising and eating better isn't a chore anymore -I look forward to it. (there are days still though that it really sucks!!) thankfully they are far and few between now. Thank you for your site…. I love the healthy yummy recipes. they make this new life of mine a little easier.

  6. I recently joined ww after having a baby. I am using the new points plus plan and love it because fruits and veggies are 0 points:) I love this site. So many delicious recipes it is wonderful:) I am a nursing mom so I am looking for recipes high in protien. I am also looking for recipes that both my husband and I will like. He is a meat and potato guy and I want to eat healthy so sometimes finding recipes is hard. This site really helps me. I am also looking for one dish or crock pot recipes that are simple to make with my busy life. Thanks so much for all the hard work you do keeping up this site:)

  7. I recently found your blog and wonderful collection of WW recipes. I have used the old point system in the past and have just rejoined WW and am learning the new PointsPlus method. I am a Vegetarian (don't eat anything with a face but do eat dairy) and I use a lot of pulses and legumes in my cooking which are high carb foods and now cost me more points. 8-( The free fruits and veg work very well for me as my diet does include a lot of these. It is too early to tell which system gives me the best results in the weight loss department.

    I would love to see some vegetarian entree recipes using lentils and some vegetarian crock-pot recipes for those days when I don't have a lot of time to cook. I would be grateful for any creative vegetarian recipes as a person can only eat so many veggie burgers and veggie lasagnas in a lifetime!. Thank you for your hard work and posting such great photos to keep us all inspired and working toward a better state of well being.

  8. Kristine says:

    I have to tell you that I used to use your site ALL the time until the new point change. I am no longer a member of Weight Watchers and I go by the old point system still so I am not able to use your points. Youre recipes are great but don't accomplish what I need anymore 100%. Keep up the great work though for those people who can follow with you.

    • Thanks so much for your input! A lot of readers feel the same way about the new system, which is why I make sure to include the nutritional stats for all of the new recipes I post with the Points plus values. That way, those who are still using the old Points System can still calculate the Points!

  9. I love your blog and appreciate that you share your recipes and recipe discoveries with others. I also have a blog and at times I borrow photos too, but like you I do credit where the photo is taken from. One of my family's favorite recipes is the Shrimp Scampi recipe, which I may make this evening. I have been a WW for 30+ years and have seen the program change numerous times. It took me a few weeks to get use to the points plus program, but I must say I really do like it. I no longer feel like a dieter.

  10. Here is a Novel Idea. What if you actually start making your own recipes and use your own images? Everything here is copied and pasted from other sites and blogs. Are you even getting permission to use other people copyrighted images? Does Google know? Have you ever heard of a DMCA report?

    • Sorry that you feel that way Jen. All of the recipes I post are my own. I work hard to take popular traditional recipes and turn them into lower calorie versions. I can't always use my own photos because many of the recipes are ones I made a while back when I first started WW, and at the time, I never photographed them because I never thought I'd be blogging them. So often, in order to be able to post recipes frequently, I need to use a photo from another source. When I have to use another photo from another site, I get permission and I credit the source.

  11. Ann Richards says:

    Sorry. I sent prev post to soon. I'm not trying to slam the new program. If it works for you great. If it does not, try counting your fruit, that might help. But if it is really not working well for you. Take a few days and do calorie calculations on your daily food intake as well. You may be shocked as to what you find. This is a great site. I'm glad I found it. And it's nice to see I can calculate old program points here . Thanks!

  12. Ann Richards says:

    I'm on the new PP program and was given 29 pp per day. I found, as many have, that that was way to many calories a day to lose weight. The new PP program is more of a maintenance program then a weight loss program for many. I'm an online WW user and have joined a Community Group that is made up of people not losing with the new PP program. There is almost 100 people (and growing rapidly) in this group that have now switched back to core/flex/momentum, which has worked well for most in the past.

  13. oh and btw i just love that your now putting on your recipes that fat and cal and fiber helps me sooo much :)

  14. i just loveeeee your website it has helped me stay on weight watchers! i love all of your recipes! i think my biggest thing is i would like you to actually take pics of the things you make lol it would help us sooo much better to understand what we are making, i only buy cookbokos with pics bc i want to see what i am going to make! i've only ever done the old weight watchers bc i cant afford the new one, but i have lost 13 pounds in a month so it has worked so great! i have 20 more to go and with the new one i never know if i shoulld take off 1 or 2 points w/ ur recipes. so i love the old ww but thats all i've ever used! love your recipes! keepthem coming!

  15. I've enjoyed receiving the blog emails with recipes. I've been doing the Points Plus plan since they unveiled it, but did the points program for 10 years before that. It's been a big adjustment, but I knew it was a good plan when I considered the changes. Nobody likes change. I am no different. And I am having a hard time with it. A big reason for that is that I don't really enjoy cooking and I was thrown for a loop when suddenly I had almost no recipes. None of the old WW recipes had nutritional information, so they all had to be recalculated before being use (don't have etools) – too much like work when you don't enjoy it cooking in the first place – not to mention time. Your recipes have helped and little by little I am building up my recipe collection again. Thanks.

  16. Cassandra Clarke says:

    I hate the new program from WW. I have been an off and on follower of WW for years. I remember the first time it was counting the number of servings for starch, fruit, vegt. etc. If one could remember what a serving was and follow it – this was the easiest WW ever. I have paid my dues 4 times and every time I have to learn a new system. I believe it is the way WW makes money selling cookbooks, scales, computer to find your pints, etc. I have lost 20 lbs. this time around and will quit paying dues. I will probably have to join again sooner or later because it is the only program that works for me. Thanks for your work, the recipes are great. S.

  17. I am not entirely sure why the PointsPlus Plan wouldn't work. Consider: I was losing weight/maintaining eating arnold sandwich thins (1) and WW branded yogurt (1) and 100 Calorie Snack Packs (2). Suddenly those faves are nor 3 PPV, 2 PPV and 4 PPV. So what changed about them? NOTHING! Hello!. And what changed about me? NOTHING! Hello! So if I continue to eat them wouldn't I logically continue to lose/maintain? But …. I might consider dropping the 100 calorie Snack Packs in favor of a nice Apple (0 PPV), which keeps me going longer than a pack of cookies (4 PPV). And I am eating better.

    Consider: it takes me 2000 steps to walk 1 mile; it takes me 200 steps to walk 1.6 kilometers. Different numbers but the exact same distance. Same thing with Points versus Points Plus; just as one mile is not thesame distance as one kilometer, one Point is not the same value as one PointsPlus Value. and just because your Arnold Sandwich thin has "gone up" is no reason to carb starbe yourself. PointsPlus is NOT a no carb diet. It just puts carbs in a better perspective. Have your bread, skip the cookies except on occasion.

    I was just over my goal and I lost 8 pounds on PointsPlus and that last 8 is always the hardest.

  18. I follow you via a feed reader and I'm obviously behind in my reading ; )

    I follow WW Points Plus. I started under the old plan in January of 2010 and have lost 52 pounds slowly but steadily. I'm now just 5 pounds from my goal weight. I have not seen any difference under the new plan as far as losing weight any faster or slower. It has stayed the same. But it has been a big boost to my morale to be able to eat fruits and veggies for free. I am definitely eating a more healthy diet and it has changed my food choices when I am out and about. It's so easy to pick up fruit for a snack, no matter where you are.

    I am a major snack-a-holic, so I would love to see more snack recipes with super low points. I would also like more high flavor, low point dressings. I chop up my favorite veggies and have salads, but I need a variety for the dressing so I don't get burned out.

  19. Karen Kalinowski says:

    I am currently following the new Weight Watchers' Points Plus program. I have had much success with it so far – 21 pounds in 10 weeks!

    Thank you very much for all your delicious recipes which I have recommended to my Weight Watchers` group.

    I am always looking for new Asian (especially Thai or Vietnamese), Mexican, North African and dishes that use fresh herbs to provide a lot of the flavour.

    Sometimes when I am dieting, I get this sense of deprivation so I am also looking for very low point desserts so that I can indulge in one or two a day without substantially affecting my daily points count or my health. Presently, I have been making fruit crumbles (ie chopped apples with frozen raspberries with a handful of dry oatmeal, brown sugar Splenda,cinnamon and a spray of butter-flavoured cooking spray) but I would really enjoy some low points chocoolate peanut butter or chocolate mint suggestions.

    Please keep up the good work and Ièll keep on recommending your site.

  20. Lorraine Devine says:

    I am doing the WWPP program, I am loosing weight but very slowly, I felt I lost more weight with the old points program. I love your website. I have made many of your dishes. They are awesome, and the best part for me is that they dont have too many ingredients(or difficult to find products). I would love to see more egg, fish and pork chop recipies. Keep up the good work. This site keeps me motivated. Thanks!!!

  21. Have found your site very helpful. Recipes are great. Not following any plan right now, just trying to improve diet. Did Medifast and used some of your recipes for the Lean and Green meal.

  22. Stephanie says:

    Also any idea how PointsPlus friendly Jessica Seinfeld's recipes are? I know she adds vegetables to foods like cake and meatballs.

  23. I've been following you for a while via Google Reader RSS feed and I really enjoy your posts. I want to bookmark every single thing.

    Before I go grocery shopping for the week, I often visit your site. I don't know if it would be a pain, but maybe searching by central ingredients would be a feature you could add.

    I love that you are realistic about what people are looking for (super bowl snacks you can bring to a party) in the timeframe we are thinking of them (timely holiday posts, posts about how what we eat changes based on the time of year.)

    I follow PointsPlus and I started when it debuted in late November and I'm still loving it. I stay fuller longer and I'm always satisfied. Thanks for everything!

  24. I want to say I love your site. I have been doing WW on my own for a couple of years. I lost 25 lbs on it after my son was born 3 years ago. I now have a 6 month old daughter and am back on it. I tried the new way and could not stand it. I am like Jane, and am very small but have clothes that are too small on me. I am 116 and need to still love lose 8 lbs to fit in most of my clothes. I do really well on it when I try hard. But I have fell off latly with my daughter eating more and I am running more. I tend to eat more. I lose and then gain it back. I love that I can come get good easy ideas. Thanks

  25. Marcellina says:

    Jane Says-I just read your comment and I agree with you. I'm also small framed and I weigh 120 but want to lose 4-5 pounds for the same reason. I realize it's more for vanity reasons but like you said a gril has to do what she has to do! I know most ppl may think I'm crazy for complaining about not being able to lose the 4-5 pounds, but it's so much harder then if I needed to lose 10+. I also felt 29 points were alot and especially the extra 49 weekly points. The new system doesn't make alot a sense to me, but really like the 0 pts on fruit and veggies. I kinda do both also. I was doing 18pt and wasn't losing so I thought prehaps that I wasn't eating enough which could cause you to also gain weight. So now am doing 24pts (figuring it's around 1,200 calorie diet if 1pt =50 calories) I'm not sure if that's safe to say and find myself worrying if I'm not getting enough calories or eating to much. I'm also calculating activity points and use those but trying to stay far away from any weekly extra points. I read above that you track both ways and wanted to pick your brain a little more since you seem to be in the same spot as me. I saw that you are also counting some fruits. so I'm just wondering what you have found out and I realize what works for you may or may not work for everyone. Thanks

  26. I have been on WW for years, am a lifetimer and actually have been struggling with the new program. I have been carefully tracking and because I am not losing, I decided to go back to my old program but I track BOTH ways – so at the end of my whopping 18 allowed points on the old program (which I used and lost very successfully), I found that I still have 10 points remaining for the new program. What it told me is the 29 point system is too many points for my small frame. (I am 5'2" and weigh 115) – My friend who weighs 60 pounds more than me was also allowed 29 points, so I am not sure the new program takes into account your size, bone structure and age. Anyway, I know the PP program wants you to make healthy choices….which I did on the old program, too. So, I am enjoying my 1 pt. ww yogurt, my 2 point bananas and other such choices and the scale is FINALLY budging again! Yea, I know 115 is little, but I have a bunch of clothes that are snug and I am very small boned. A girl has to do what she has to do!

  27. I am new to WW (4 weeks in) so I have never even done the old system but am liking the plus points system a lot! I think my biggest issue is what quick/easy things I can do for lunch. I find there are lots of dinner recipes out there but what the heck do I eat for lunch?! I have a 2 1/2 year old and one year old so lunch is a daily battle for us to figure out.

  28. I started the points plus program 3 weeks ago and have lost 12 pounds so far. I like it so far but the site receipes are just ok. Googled and found your site. Your site is great ! I have already made a few things and would love to see more veggie main meals and of course anything fast and easy all ways on the go you know ?

  29. Your blog is amazing.

    I'd love to see more of the slimmed down decadent comfort foods (i.e. scones, mac & cheese) esp. meatless recipes.

    And if you'd make a few slow cooker dishes every here and there I'd be your best friend for life :o)

  30. I am doing the points plus program, started WW about 6 weeks before the changeover…still not sure if I like the new points plus as well as the old system. But I just hit goal weight in my last weigh in…29 pounds gone. Thanks so much for your blog and sharing recipes that make it easy to lose and manage my weight!

  31. I just discovered your website after a friend's recommendation, and I love it. I've been on WW for about 5 years now, and just moved over to Points Plus. I love being able to eat all the fruit, and the system has helped me maintain. Your recipes are great and I love the search tool on the side. I love casseroles and dessert recipes!

    One thing I would love to see is your own personal pictures of the recipes you create. All the pictures on your site are from other sources and I'd love to see how the recipe should turn out according to your directions. Keep up the great work!

  32. I'm new to your blog and absolutely love it. Thanks! I am using the old points plan.

  33. I am new to your blog. I tried the new wwpp for 4 months and kept gaining and losing the same weight week after week. I went back to the old points program today, I had done so well and was so disappointed in the new program not working. Can't wait to go thru your recipes and find some great stuff. Thank you

  34. Thanks for your website! I love it. I like that you put the nutritional information on it. I tried the Points plus for 8 weeks. Very slow loss. I did the old points in the past and thought it was easier. I am back to Momentum as a test and will try to get in those fruits and veggies!

  35. fallingsnow says:

    Love your blog, but I'm not doing weight watchers at all…just looking for new low calorie ideas.

  36. I actually don't do weight watchers at all. I just enjoy cooking healthy dinners for my husband and I so there is never a weight issue. I love reading your blog and learning different ways to trade out fat/ sugar content. I think you're doing a fine job, keep it up!

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