Chef Terri Speaks on Revolutionary New Noodles

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Chef Terri, the entrepreneur and chef behind NoOodle, discusses her revolutionary new product and its benefits. For those who have tried Shrataki noodles and been less than impressed, Chef Terri encourages you to try her product, having “Americanized” this incredibly healthy food.

What motivated you to begin NoOodle?

“I had a restaurant in the suburbs of Chicago and nothing was out of a can or had preservatives, everything was fresh. Over the years, we created a very health conscious clientele. One day, one of our vegan, gluten-free customers had me try some shirataki noodles and they just took on whatever flavor you add. So, we put them on the menu and allowed people to create their own. It was a big hit…I realized that this hadn’t come to mainstream America yet and had some negative attributes. Many people were turned off from the raw noodles for this reason. For every 1 person that was okay with it, there were a lot that would not buy the noodles.

So, I made a product where we were able to get rid of the smell and change the texture to be more Americanized-less chewy and softer.

So, we have started with two flavors and you can just add them to your favorite recipes. People are loving it!”

So, did you have to do a lot of processing to change the texture and smell?

“No, it goes through a secondary process where we take the noodles out, drain off the fishy water they sit in and then add a lightly flavored broth. Also, the retort process is a high-heat process so it’s not adding any preservatives. It just takes the noodles through high heat and the high heat softens the texture.

It’s still all natural, no preservatives. It just went through another cooking process”

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There are numerous health benefits to these noodles, right? What are these?

“They are really great for diabetics. Our product has also been helping women to lose a lot of weight. We have one customer, Leiba Schwartz, who is 73 years old and has had celiac, diabetes and GERD her entire life. She weighed 281 pounds before eating NoOodle and started eating 3 portions a day-about a pound and a half a day. Two years later, she is down to 130 pounds!

Some of their strong points are that they are soy free, fat free and gluten free and range from 20 to 50 calories per serving for the ready to eat. The raw noodles are actually 0 calories! They make you feel full and satiated.

For those participating in Weight Watchers, it should also be noted that the raw ingredient is 0 PointsPlus per serving and the ready-made noodles are only 1 PointsPlus per serving!”

What are your plans for expanding?

“This coming week, we are doing our first Costco road show. When they take on new items, you get 40 feet of space to do demos and test items. Hopefully, that will get it out there affordably to the masses. Costco will be selling it for $14.99 for a 6 pack, significantly less than other places. Hopefully, those tests will be successful locally and they will then roll it out to the region and then nationally.”

Anything else you would like to mention?

“Yes, with our meal starters, you can get twice as much food for the same amount of calories

If you use a whole box of meal starters, that’s 40 calories. So, this cuts the calories down for the whole meal. If you compare any of our ready to eat products to other products on the market, they are almost always half or less the calories, carbs and sugar intake compared to the others.”

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  1. Any Arizona Costco locations on your list?

  2. I am very interested in this but I think I am missing something. What exactly is this made from that it appears to have no nutritional value? Also, I am a diabetic so I am interested in anything that has a reduced carbohydrate count.

  3. Beth Hoyle says:

    Thank you! Have you tried these yet yourself? Not just the shirataki, but the Nooodle product? I’ll be watching this space for comments from those who have!!

  4. I’ve tried the shirataki noodles (because Hungry Girl said to) the smell is definitely off-putting. Cooking them again to remove it and change the texture a bit seem like a great idea! Hope it works out for her/everyone!

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