Snack Girl’s Lisa Cain on Blog, Book and Tips

LisaCainProfileImageSmall (2)Lisa Cain is the author of the popular food blog, Snack Girl. She is a busy mother of two and loves to help people make better food choices. Her blog has great recipes for snacks or quick and easy meals, as well as weight loss tips. She recently published a book, Snack Girl to the Rescue, about making small, easy tweaks to your lifestyle so that you can realistically meet your goals and lose weight in a healthy way.

How did the idea for Snack Girl come about?

“It began because my husband and I wanted to start an internet company and food is something I’m passionate about. I wanted to help people choose healthy things and snacks is the area where most of us fall down the most. So, I thought of starting a website focusing on snacking healthily…Back then, there was no other website devoted to snacks….So, there was a hole there. I also have a deep passion for food and just eating healthier…And it was something I was going through personally.. I needed to lose weight.”

How did you go from a PHD in evolutionary biology to a food blogger?

“That’s a good question. You know how sometimes you start a career and think this is going to be good but then get to the end and realize it’s wrong. I earned my PHD and then knew I didn’t want to be a scientist. So, when I saw the dot com boom, I knew that was what I wanted to do and got into that and then my husband and I decided to start our own site.”

What kind of response did you get?

“It took a while. I just kept writing 3-4 times a week about healthy eating and snacking. Weight Watchers members found me while looking for low points snacks and since I use a lot of fruits and vegetables and so they started sharing me. So, that’s when Snack Girl really took off…”

What do you recommend to families balancing careers, children and budgets for eating healthily?

“My first suggestion is to use frozen vegetables or pre-prepared salads…Look for shortcuts that include fruits and vegetables. Chopped vegetables for instance are cheap and easy to add into things…Also, snacks are not necessarily just found in the snack aisle, like apples and peanut butter, which are also healthier to prepare.”

What are you favorite snack recipes or favorite snacks?

“It’s funny, I’m really boring…I create all these snacks but at the end of the day I just eat an apple and peanut butter…I love peanut butter….I also like mixing yogurt with things like fruit jam….yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is a great snack…I think a lot of people just need to be inspired to try something simple and good.”

There are many diets out there but what are your top recommendations for losing weight in a healthy way that will keep the weight off?

“Well, my top recommendations are that it should be small steps…You know what the biggest failings are…A lot of people think they need to change their entire diet to get thinner but a lot of times it takes just looking at individual habits or things you know are a problem. Changing your entire diet for 1 week is a recipe for disaster…It’s just too hard. People just gain it back. People want to do something radical but it takes a long time and it’s slow plotting out bad habits…It may take longer to lose the weight this way but it stays off. I think the “diet” is dead…It’s a billion dollar industry but it’s not working”

What’s next for Snack Girl?

“Right now I’m trying to sell my book from April and doing my own book tour…I’m trying to add libraries and public venues to teach people and if they want to buy my book, that’s fine too….And I’m continuing to talk to the media as much as possible…”


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  1. We just love Snack Girl! Thank you for this great interview! Loved learning more about her!

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