Chicken Bruschetta Recipe – 3 Smart Points

Chicken Bruschetta

Now that temperatures are starting to heat up here in California (sorry, East Coast), I’ve been craving meals that are fresh and light, as opposed to rich and comforting. One that I tried recently was this delicious Italian Chicken Bruschetta. Bruschetta, if you’ve never had it, is kinda like Italian salsa. It’s a simple blend of fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic. It is incredibly easy to make, but the flavor is wonderfully bright and complex. I decided to use it on top of some simple grilled chicken breasts, and the result was divine! You can grill your chicken, roast it, or pan fry it — whichever you prefer. The fresh bruschetta on top is the perfect complement. This is also magnificent as a sandwich with some fresh Italian bread and some creamy goat cheese – one of my most favorite sandwiches ever! The flavors are so bold and mouthwateringly good. So grab some tomatoes and basil, and give this chicken bruschetta recipe a try….you’ll be so glad you did!

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