Chocolate-Raspberry Cups Halloween Candy Recipe – 1 Point Value

Weight Watchers Chocolate Raspberry Cups

With the passing of yet another Halloween sugar induced candy coma, I couldn’t let this holiday get too far past without writing about an amazing Weight Watchers Halloween candy recipe! I swear, I will eat almost ANYTHING that is chocolate-raspberry flavored, so when I found this Weight Watchers candy recipe for chocolate-raspberry cups, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. With just 1 Weight Watchers Point per serving, I couldn’t wait to give these babies a try! They looked so cute and are a perfect treat to take to a holiday party or get together. I am planning on making them for Christmas and using some decorations on top to make them festive. The best thing is, these chocolate-raspberry cups are so rich and decadent, that it’s easy to feel satisfied after eating just 1 or 2. So this year, stay away from your kids’ bag of Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and make your own gourmet, diet-friendly candy! You’ll be really glad you gave this Weight Watchers Halloween candy recipe a try!

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Buffalo Chicken Strips Recipe – 4 Points +

Weight Watchers Buffalo Chicken Strips

If there is a food that I could eat every day and not get tired of, buffalo chicken strips would be a top contender. But since following the Weight Watchers diet plan, I was hard pressed to find an amazing buffalo chicken strip recipe that not only tasted great, but would be low in Weight Watchers Points and good for me too. So I made up my own special, low calorie recipe! It tastes amazing, is incredibly low in fat and calories, and packs in an excellent serving of fiber! These buffalo chicken strips are also great to make for a party or picnic, and are a great, healthy snack to chow down on during your favorite football game (Go Steelers!)

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Fiber One Pancake Recipe – 5 Point Value


Mmmmmmm….PANCAKES!!!! I have always adored these sweet, warm, cakey little love patties. But they aren’t at all diet friendly, so I rarely indulge myself in their yumminess. So when I read that Fiber One had released a new Pancake mix, I was overjoyed!! I already adore their super high fiber cereal, and use it for so many recipes (which I SWEAR, I have been meaning to blog about), so I knew I had to give this high fiber, low calorie pancake recipe a try. I got up early this morning, so excited to make my special Weight Watchers pancakes with the help of Fiber One Pancake Mix. And Oh Em Gee…..they were SOOOOOO good!! A little on the thin side, but nonetheless, they tasted amazing, and I am so incredibly with this fabulous find. I had three nice sized pancakes with butter and maple syrup for just 5 Weight Watchers Points. And I am stuffed. Fiber One, I so love you. Thanks for this amazing pancake recipe.

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The BEST low calorie yogurt — just 2 Point Value

Yogurt Review

Yogurt is SUCH a great dieting snack…it’s loaded with calcium, protein and lots of healthy bacteria. And though I prefer my yogurt frozen and slathered with hot fudge and Snickers pieces, that’s really not the best diet option. So to keep it healthy, I stick to the traditional version. But there are somany yogurts out there….which one do I choose? As I’m sure you’ve all seen in the grocery store, there are a gazillion different options….so many tempting flavors, so many low calorie options! And now there are all these different yogurts that aid in digestion or that come in smoothie form so you can drink it. With all these different choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But which is the BEST one? Well, after LOTS of yogurt sampling, I’ve finally found that yogurt that makes my tastebuds and my waistline happy!! Which one is it, you ask….?

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Peanut Butter Pie Recipe with Chocolate Chips – 7 Point Total

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Mmmm…..chocolate and peanut butter…I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this decadent combination. But if you’re dieting, the only chocolate and peanut butter deserts you are having are in your dreams. Surely, there had to be a way to make this dream a reality without destroying my diet efforts. And where there’s a will, there’s a way! I found this amazing dessert recipe through Weight Watchers and I have to honestly say, this pie recipe is SO good that I CANNOT believe it’s Weight Watchers recipe!! It’s so rich and creamy, even just a few bites will satisfy you. This pie is a fabulous dessert to take to a potluck or dinner party, because it’s so delicious, that I guarantee you that no one will know it’s a low calorie recipe.

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Minty Mango-Pineapple Smoothie Recipe – 3 Point Value

Minty Mango-Pineapple Smoothie

This Weight Watchers Smoothie Recipe is one of my favorites! Icy cold and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this fruit slush is the perfect summer pick-me-up. Whoever knew a drink could taste this good!? It’s fresh and delicious, and is a perfect non-alcoholic drink recipe to use at your end of summer party! The mint taste adds such a nice touch, and gives this fabulous summer smoothie recipe a touch of class. Each super-filling serving has just 3 Weight Watchers Points, and is a yummy treat that the whole family can enjoy!
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Peach-Blueberry Stuffed French Toast Recipe – 4 Point Value

Weight Watchers Blueberry-Peach Stuffed French Toast

With summer coming to an end soon, it’s time to savor our last days of those delicious and healthy summer fruits. I found this awesome Weight Watchers Baked Stuffed French Toast Recipe and I wanted to share. I made it just this past Sunday and O M G…..Sooooooooooo delicious! Stuffed French Toast has never tasted so good! The thing I love most is that it’s so decadent…you feel like you’ve just ordered a fancy, gourmet breakfast from some over-priced restaurant. And of course, with just 4 Weight Watchers Points, it’s a guilt-free breakfast recipe that’ll knock your socks off.

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Pineapple Grilled Halibut Recipe – 4 Point Value


It’s a Labor day Weekend! Why not throw a fabulous end-of-summer party with minimal effort and minimal calories? Try this super delicious Labor Day Recipe that’s great for a holiday barbecue or anytime, for that matter! Homemade barbecue, creamy side salads and rich desserts don’t have to add on the pounds this Labor Day – you can serve your guests healthy recipes with very little effort at all. This tangy and sweet grilled halibut recipe is a perfect dish to serve this Labor Day Weekend. It’s healthy, delicious and clocks in at just 4 Weight Watchers Points per serving.

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Super Easy Roasted Bell Peppers Side Dish Recipe – 0 Point Value

Roasted Peppers Side Dish

This side dish recipe is an old standby of mine. Probably because it’s SO fast, SO easy and is SO incredibly delicious! Plus, it is loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and boasts 0 Weight Watchers Points per serving. Each time I make it, I’m really amazed at how incredibly flavorful the peppers are with barely any other ingredients added to them. If you want a quick, easy and super healthy, low calorie side dish recipe that is so beautifully colorful, it will surely jazz up the aesthetics of your meal, this is one recipe you MUST try! This also makes a wonderful vegetarian recipe or even vegan recipe for all your friends who don’t eat food with faces. :)

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Crock Pot Black Bean Chili Recipe – 4 Point Value


When I was young, I was never really a big fan of chili recipes. I always thought there were too many beans. And I hate most beans — lima beans, kidney beans, pinto beans — gross. However, the one type of bean I actually like is black beans. So, determined to find a good chili recipe that I liked, that was easy to make and that was also low calorie, healthy, and made for a good Weight Watchers recipe, I experimented until I developed a healthy chili recipe that was delicious, low calorie and not overcome with beans! This crock pot chili recipe not only tastes amazing, but it’s full of fiber, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C, while still being incredibly low in fat and calories. This is an amazing Weight Watchers chili recipe that your whole family will love. Give it a try!

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Garlic Toast Recipe – 1 Point Value

photo credit: justinhenry

Looking for a quick and easy garlic bread recipe that’ll knock your taste buds off and still keep you within your Weight Watchers Points range? Try my guilt free Weight Watchers Garlic Toast Recipe and enjoy that crunchy, buttery, garlic-y delight without consuming all the extra fat and calories. The nutritional stats on most garlic toast recipes can be pretty darn scary, but this 1 Weight Watchers Point Recipe satisfies your craving for garlic bread without ruining your diet.

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Chicken Wings in Teriyaki Sauce Crock Pot Recipe – 2 Point Value

photo credit: mhaithaca

I have always been a big fan of wings — buffalo wings, BBQ wings, teriyaki wings — I am an equal opportunity wing eater. Bit when I learned the nutritional value of most wings, I pretty much figured that I could never again enjoy that chicken wing yuminess without totally destroying my Weight Watchers Diet Plan. When I found this awesome crock pot recipe — a delicious Teriyaki Wings recipe for just 2 Weight Watchers Points, I was beyond excited. I HIGHLY recommend giving this tasty chicken wing recipe a try. Because it’s cooked in the slow cooker for so long, the meat REALLY soaks up the sauce and becomes so moist and tender and full of flavor. These teriyaki wings are better than most of the wings I’ve had a restaurants!! And yet, they are low in Weight Watchers Points, and are one of the best low calorie recipes for wings that I’ve ever found! Keep checking LaaLoosh for more tasty wing recipes like my low Point Buffalo Wings Recipe and my low Point Honey BBQ Wings Recipe!

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