Slow Cooker Alpine Chicken Casserole Recipe – 5 Point Value

Alpine Chicken Dish Photo

Alpine Chicken is Chicken slow cooked with ham or Canadian bacon, cheese, noodles, and seasonings. It’s a rich, hearty, southern dish that can typically be pretty fattening. But I came across this fantastic recipe that manages to still deliver all “YUM factor”, but with a lot less calories and fat! This dish is a must-do!

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Crockpot Albondigas Recipe the Mexican Meatballs Soup – 3 Point Value

Albondigas Mexican Soup Photo

Albóndigas, which means meatballs in Spanish, are found in Sopa de Albondigas, a popular food dish that originated in Mexico. In this recipe, the meatballs are made with rice in them and the broth is usually chicken based. The following vegetables are commonly used in this dish: onion, carrots, potatoes, squashes, chayote and seasonings such as cilantro, mint, salt and garlic.

When mixing the rice and meat together, I’d recommend adding raw eggs so that when the meatballs are dropped into the boiling pot they will stiffen a bit and won’t break apart on you! Though, if you add the eggs, just remember to count in those extra Weight Watchers Points!

If you want to bulk up this dish for the non-dieters, you can follow the tradition of the Mexican Northwest, by accompanying the dish with warm rolled tortillas topped with mayonnaise and salsa. Yum!

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