If you are following the Weight Watcher diet plan or any weight loss program and thought that the yumminess that is chicken parmigiana was a dish that you’d have to kiss goodbye, think again! This lightened up Italian recipe gives you all the taste, but a lot less of the fat and calories. Try this chicken recipe for dinner, and your whole family is sure to love it. And I bet no one in your family will guess that it’s good for them!

Chicken Parmigiana Recipe

2 large egg white(s), lightly beaten
1 Tbsp Italian seasoning
1 spray olive oil cooking spray
1 pound uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breast, thinly pounded (four 4-oz pieces)
1/2 tsp table salt, or to taste
1 tsp olive oil
1/2 cup dried breadcrumbs
1 1/2 cup canned tomato sauce
1/2 cup part-skim mozzarella cheese, shredded
1 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese

First, preheat the oven to 350ºF. Spray an 8-inch square pan with light cooking spray.
In a small, shallow bowl place the egg whites. In another shallow bowl, mix the breadcrumbs with salt and Italian seasoning and salt. Place the chicken in egg whites and coat each breast evenly. Then put the chicken in bread crumb mixture and evenly coat.
Spritz a large skillet with light cooking spray and add oil; heat over medium-high heat. When heated, put the chicken in the skillet and cook until lightly browned and no longer pink in center (approximately 4 minutes per side).
In a baking dish< pour ½ cup of tomato sauce; place chicken in dish and evenly distribute remaining sauce over the chicken. Cover with both kinds of cheese and bake until chicken is cooked thoroughly and the cheese begins to bubble a bit (approximately 25 minutes).
Garnish with some fresh basil or oregano leaves.


Servings: 4

Weight Watcher Points Value = 5 (WW POINTS)


    • The 5 points is probably the old point plan 2008….I’m going to use your 7 points when I track. Thx

  1. This is so delicious!! One of the best weight watcher recipes I have tried, and I will definitely make this time and time again!!

  2. I really enjoyed this recipe! I will definitely be making it again! Thank you!

  3. Martha Prater Reply

    I was in weight watchers last year and dropped out when I had to have surgery. I had lost 45lbs on this and felt great. I used this recipe more than any other just simply because it was delicious and my family loved it as well. I highly recommend this recipe.

  4. I just tried this recipe this week and boy was it yummy! My husband used to work at an Italian restaurant and my favorite dish was always the Chicken Parmesan. This tasted so much like the one I loved at his restaurant but I didn't feel guilty at all because I knew it was so low in points. I felt like I was cheating, but I wasn't! I will definitely make this one again and again!

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