Yes, the Gods have finally answered my prayers, a ZERO calorie pasta has been created!

When I first heard about Miracle Noodle and their no-calorie Shirataki noodles, I was hesitant to believe it was possible to have pasta that has no calories, yet my interest was piqued. I knew I had to try it.

After reading through Miracle Noodle’s website, I learned a lot about these special Shirataki noodles.

Unlike typical pasta noodles which are made from grain-based flours, and thus loaded with lots of calories and carbohydrates, Shirataki noodles are made from yam flour.

So you wind up with gluten-free, calorie-free, low-carb pasta! Granted, the texture of these noodles is a bit different than regular pasta, but the taste is good, they are quite filling, and you can use these in such a wide variety of recipes.

And when you think of the calories you’re saving, it’s a fantastically fair trade.

In order to satisfy my curiosity, I decided to give these Miracle Noodles a try. So this weekend, I tried their orzo pasta with a recipe I made from scratch. It was DELICIOUS!!

Because you wind up saving so many calories with the pasta, you can afford to add in some full fat versions of other ingredients (like cheese!), thus enhancing the taste and texture without blowing up the calories and Weight Watchers Points value of the dish.

The orzo is extremely versatile and can be used in many, many recipes!! And I would also recommend the orzo pasta as a great substitute for rice. Miracle Noodle also offers a great variety of different zero calorie kinds of pasta like angel hair pasta, fettuccini noodles, rigatoni, lasagna noodles and A LOT more!!

All of the noodles absorb much of the flavor of the other foods that you are cooking it with, so feel free to add extra salt or seasonings to your dish. Based on what I’ve tasted of their noodles so far, I can’t wait to try the others and see what astounding recipes I can whip up!

I believe that these Miracle Noodles are going to be an AMAZING tool for anyone trying to lose weight.

You’ll be reading a lot more from me in the future on these little bags o’ wonder, as I am excited to experiment and de-calorize some of my favorite pasta recipes!

They are easy to work with, and the recipe possibilities with these babies are endless…I am already fantasizing about the tasty recipes I can create! They can be used in soups, casseroles, traditional pasta dishes, stir-fry’s…..and so much more!

As of right now, these noodles are only available online at:


  1. Margaret Acton

    I love these noodles. I usually add chicken and vegetables and 1/2 cube of Knoors Chicken bullion to them. They are satisfying, and I feel like I have had a totally filling meal. And they are high in Calcium. I tried making them with marina sauce and the result was not good. Using them as a soup is the way to go. I give them an A+!

  2. Lynnette

    I found out about them a few years ago as they are a zero point food on Weight Watchers for a half package. I still use them to this date. They usually run about $2.79 for an 8 ounce bag as opposed to $1.00 for a box of spaghetti.

  3. I also found these in Whole Foods, but it took me forever to actually find them because they are not in the pasta or international food isles. I ended up finding them in the produce dept in the coolers along side all the other tofu products. They also only had fettuccine or spaghetti, going to try them out this week!

  4. These noodles can also be found at Whole Foods in the vegetarian section. The texture takes some getting used to. I tried to eat them like spaghetti with my homemade marinara sauce on them. They were OK, but not anything like regular pasta. I bet these would be wonderful in soups though! If I'm in the mood for spaghetti, I usually go with the Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta.

  5. These noodles sound to good to be true! I live in south africa, so where do i buy it?

    • Currently, these noodles can only be purchased online. Just click HERE to order them!