As an avid Weight Watcher, I’m constantly on the lookout for new foods that are low in calories and Points Value, but high in quality and taste. And I’ve come across some really great finds!! So, I’ve devoted Fridays as the the day to share a new food product review with all my readers, so that you can all benefit from these Fabulous Food Finds that will help make dieting easier.

These are foods that may be eaten alone or incorporated into one of my Weight Watchers Recipes. Regardless, these diet-friendly food item reviews will be an awesome resource for anyone looking for tasty new foods to try out that will help them stay on track with their diet plan, but still get to enjoy eating!!

Today is Friday — so make sure to check back later today for the first Fabulous Food Find!!!


  1. I have a suggestion for a Fabulous Food Friday. Two in fact.

    Review Lifetime's "Cook Yourself Thin." It's a must see TV for me. Yes, I, a man, am secretly watching a Lifetime program. We experienced WW cooks can improve on even these recipes, but most are good, the preach portion control, activity, taste great & more filling. I feel like I'm at a meeting sometimes.

    Review KFC's Grilled Chicken. Best thing to happen to fast food since the removal of transfats (and McDonalds french fries … still the best guilty pleasure around … c'mon, you know you love them). Read the NI from KFC's site and discover that fast food chicken can be made safe again. How about breast 4 points and leg or wing 2 points. Green beans 0 points, Corn on the cob 1 points. Diet Pepsi 0 points. A balance, filling, and satisfying 7 point meal. On the go! For under $6. Still high in sodium, so not everyday, maybe not every week even, but a points friendly once-in-a-while treat.

    • Wow, Tim…this is a boatload of fabulous info!! Thanks so much for all of your awesome suggestions!! I haven't tried KFC's Grilled Chicken yet, but I'm eager to give it a shot. So the Point Value for the breast is just 4?! If so, I'm about to kick it on down to KFC, ASAP!! The best thing about Weight Watchers is that the program acknowledges that sometimes, not every day but sometimes, you need to eat some fast food!! It is YUMMY and way too tempting to avoid completely, but if we can all find healthier options at our fave fast food joints, then that's a huge help in achieving our weight loss success and sticking to our Weight Watchers plan! Thanks for your info on the cookbook as well…I'll def look into that!

      Now…if they could just make those McDonald's french fries WW friendly!! Cause heck yeah, I LOOOOVE 'em!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!