Today is Fabulous Food Finds Friday, and I’ve got a great one to share – I have found the world’s healthiest macaroni and cheese!! This amazingly good for you, yet still incredibly yummy, boxed, low calorie Light Macaroni and Cheese made by Fiber Gourmet.

So, you’d make it exactly the same way you’d make your traditional boxed macaroni and cheese. Its tastes JUST the same, but this version is a LOT better for you! Keep reading…!

Low Calorie High Fiber Macaroni and Cheese

Not only is it lower in Weight Watchers Points, but it has a WHOPPING 18 grams of fiber!!! That is a tremendous amount — it’s 72% of your Daily Recommended Value. It has 35% less calories than regular mac and cheese (which has about 270 calories), it’s made with no artificial colors or flavors, and it’s Kosher.

Not only is the Fiber Gourmet Light Mac and Cheese a great meal for any Weight Watcher who loves macaroni and cheese recipes as much as I do, but this is a nutritious and healthy meal to serve to your kids. It tastes fantastic, and they will have no idea how much nutrition they are getting from it.

And this is a great meal to prepare if you are following the Weight Watchers Momentum Plan, because the insane amount of fiber, REALLY makes you feel full, so you are less likely to let the Hungry Monster tempt you into eating something bad.

With just 3 Weight Watchers Points per serving, this is a super quick and easy meal to make and is a great food to help you stay on track of your weight loss goals.


  1. What store were you able to find this at? I have looked all over and can't seem to find it anywhere. I know you can order it online, but I hate to pay for shipping. Thanks so much!

    • These are usually found at specialty food stores and diet stores, which can be a pain to find! Your best bet is just to order them online.

    • Oh, I got mine at the Heavenly Diet Store in Sherman Oaks, CA!