Another Fabulous Food Finds Friday is underway, and today, I have an awesome find for all bacon lovers!!

There’s now a new brand of turkey bacon that has just 1 Weight Watchers Point for 3 whole delicious, crispy slices! And who makes this fine, tasty bacon you ask? Well, no one other than Butterball!!

We all know them for their sensationally yummy turkey’s, so who better to make the best low calorie turkey bacon!?

Butterball Turkey Bacon

If you are a Weight Watcher and want to try out a delicious new brand of thin and crispy turkey bacon that has just 1 Weight Watcher Point for 3 yummy slices, then you must give Butterball’s Turkey Bacon a try immediately!

This lean bacon is so easy to prepare – simply place turkey bacon in a single layer in skillet. Heat 5 to 6 minutes over medium-low heat, turning several times to brown lightly. And voila!

This 1 Point bacon is perfect to eat alone or incorporate into any Weight Watchers breakfast recipe.

Try adding to an omelet or quiche, crumble over salad, or add a few slices to a wrap, sandwich or burger!


  1. turkeyyummy

    Love this bacon is my favorite.. I changed my nice recipe of egg and bacon ..breakfast .. and doing great with Butterball Turkey bacon :)

    Snack for a night with friends.. (My friends love this) they expect me coming to visit always with some of this great topping :

    2 white eggs boiled + 1 whole egg boiled = 2 points3 Butterball Turkey bacon slices = 1 point1/2 tbsp light mayo = 1 point TOTAL 4 pointsaprox. 24servings (6 spread knife good servings 1point )
    Leave beacon in oven .. when crunchy break in little pieces.. Mix ingredients together with a fork .. great top ..for : thin crackers, celery or cucumber.
    10 thin wheat crackers (Find them in Dollarama) = 2 points

    Celery or cucumber 0 points.
    Great for night with friends as snack :)

    • Carole Bowlby

      I bought butterball turkey bacon and its 1 point for each piece

  2. Rose Knight-Burke

    this is the best turkey bacon that I’ve eaten, most turkey bacon has not taste or taste like card board, thanks butter ball..

  3. Delicious. I have tasted many brands, but after 7 years of eating turkey bacon, this is the beat tasting. I even got to this website trying to make sure there is no pork in the seasoning or content.

  4. bobby goodwin

    I love Butterball turkey bacon and used to always buy it in Fort Smith, Arkansas at a small market

    When the market closed down, I could not find it anywhere. Even Wal*Mart does not carry it. Is there any outlets for it in the Fort SMith, Arkansas area? If s o, please let me know. Thanks.

    Bobby Goodwin

  5. I LOVE Butterball turkey bacon: I cook it on a Microvave bacon "ribbed" baking pan . 6 – 8 slices between two pieces of paper towel, for 6 minutes. Turns out perfectly crisp each time…..I have never even tried it in a regular skillet. Try it:you willlove it also! Hatty

  6. connie witt

    i've been using butterball turkey for years,this in first time it went bad, all moldy

    before exp date, had to throw the rest out

  7. I finally decided to try some turkey bacon and bought this assuming butterball, as one of the most popular turkey brands, would get it right… it looks bizarre almost like a plastic dog toy, cooking it was like cooking lunch meat(and smelled about the same), but the taste.. fantastic. turned out just like bacon without being overwhelmingly salty like bacon usually is. I LOVE IT, and will definitely continue buying it.