Ok, I know it’s been a LOOOONG time since I’ve posted last, but it’s been pretty crazy here at LaaLoosh headquarters. With all the Weight Watchers drama, amongst a gazillion other things, I’ve had absolutely no time to blog.

But, since today is Fabulous Food Find Friday, I had to find a moment or two to mention these rockin’ 0 Points popsicles from none other than Crystal Light! It’s starting to get pretty darn hot outside these days, and I’ve been super psyched to hit the freezer aisle at the supermarket to see what new low calorie frozen treats are in store.

And when I came across these 15 calorie popsicles, I was so excited to give them a try!

Crystal Light Popsicles

If you like Crystal Light drink mixes, you’ll go bonkers for their delicious new popsicles! These Crystal Light Frozen Pops are sugar free, and have just 15 calories each. They are the perfect cool down treat, with absolutely ZERO guilt.

A great diabetic dessert option as well!

They come in super yummy flavors like: Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Peach Iced Tea, Classic Orange, Cherry Pomegranate, and more! You can eat up to 3 of these frozen treats and STILL have it be zero Points Total! Woo Hoo!!!

This is a great snack for any Weight Watcher. Being on Weight Watchers myself, these are going to be my savior this summer. If you want a tasty, low calorie popsicle that doesn’t taste like water, these Crystal Light Frozen Pops are a must try!

So make room in your freezer and stock up!


  1. Cynthia O'Neill

    I just wanted to know if there is any way that someone at the crystal light company would consider the idea of making a coca cola flavor crystal light. It would also be a wonderful flavor for your tasty popsicles. If you could bring back your tangerine flavor and consider maybe passion fruit flavor. I love all the falvors that you have, but this other ones would also be great. Thank you.

  2. Paula Bradley

    I love this popsicles they are the greatest and the best tasting I have ever had thanks so much for them they make my day everytime I eat one.

  3. Marina Kamen aka MAR

    I LOVE those popsicles. Low cal too!!!!!

    Never Stop Movin'!


  4. These popsicles are my new addiction. I love that they're sugar-free and 0 points and are just so tasty. I noticed they were freezing too icy (like Sicily mentioned) so I now let them sit a few minutes after taking them out of the freezer and that softens them up a bit – just perfect!

  5. Though these come in some pretty tasty flavors, something about the way these things freeze form ice splinters throughout the popsicle, and they tore up my mouth while I was sucking on it. Did anybody else experience this?

  6. These look amazing, a perfect summertime treat! I didn't see them at my grocery store this afternoon, will have to do a bit of searching, well worth it for 0 POINTS!