If you’ve got a craving for some Barbecue Potato Chips, but don’t want to salvage all your Weight Watchers Points, these “Popped” Potato Chips from Trader Joe’s will definitely satisfy your craving.

I LOOOOOOVE BBQ Potato Chips, but it’s hard to find low calorie versions that taste really good, so when I saw these in the store, I was really excited to give them a try. They were fabulous!

Each 19 chip serving is just a 2 Points. But here’s the best part…if you eat the WHOLE bag (and yes, I sometimes do – I’m human), you are just consuming 8 total points! Though not recommended, it’s not bad for eating a whole bag of chips.

Wanna learn more about them? Keep reading!

Trader Joe’s “Popped” Potato Chips

Though not an official Weight Watchers Snack, these incredible chips are an ideal alternative to your conventional potato chip and an ideal treat for anyone trying to cut calories but still enjoy great taste. They have less than half the fat of a regular potato chip but keep the great taste. And they are amazingly light, airy and very flavorful!

I’ve also found the the bags have very few broken chips. They aren’t baked OR fried…they are cooked with pressure. I don’t know how they do it, but man, they are GOOD! They also come in regular salted flavor, but the BBQ ones are much better.

Entire bag has 3 servings
Serving size is 19 chips
Serving size = 2 Points


  1. Blanca Aguilera

    the “pop chips” brand is exactly like these chips and this brand is available everywhere. my nearest trader joe’s is 3 hrs away, so at least i have this brand :) I seen individual serving bags at Target the other day, but i just bought a big bag and portioned it out myself. What i love about these chips is that it say # of chips you can have in the serving instead of oz like all the other chips. I want to be able to count it myself without having to take out my food scale :) did i mention they are delicious?!! Omg, once you try them you’ll want to eat the whole bag, and even if you did it’s not that bad! hehe.

  2. mrs. Moton

    I just tried these for the very first time omg, I love trader joes food, so delicious for a late night snack

  3. Where can I buy this? can't find it at target. Are there any stores which sells this product? thanks

    • I've only found this product at Trader Joe's. Sorry you haven't had any luck. Do you have a Trader Joe's near you?

  4. I can't live without potato chips. My daughter lives close to a Trader Joe's and picked these up for me. They are delicious, I won't be without them in my cabinet now. Sooooooo good.

  5. Yum! I love these. They also sell a similar thing (Popchips) at Target (with more flavors), but they are cheaper at Trader Joe's. I am a HUGE fan of the BBQ ones, but my husband prefers the regular (or sea salt). He's taken to crumbling a couple of them over our salads, for a nice, guilt-less crouton-y crunch. Delish!

  6. These look great! I found a treat similar to these. Soy crisps by glennys. I have only tried the sea salt version. They are pretty tasty and filling, which is key. 20 for 2 points! I get my hummus out and dip away!

  7. I was so excited to see these chips this past weekend @ my costco. 4.19 (i think somewhere in the price range) for a giant bag! The sample lady told me they go stale fast due to no preservatives but you can freeze them. I am a huge chip fan so i divided them up into ziploc bags of 19 chips and froze them!

  8. LOVE THESE, soooooooooo good . Thanks for sharing. These are the chips I will by from now on and won't miss the others @ all:)

  9. I bought a bag of these last week and they are DELICIOUS! I love it when I find things that are tasty & low cal :)