Another Fabulous Food Finds Friday has arrived, and here’s what’s new on grocer’s shelves for us weight watchers: Kraft Singles Meltdowns Cheese!

These are individually wrapped American cheese slices that come in 3 yummy flavors (Pizza, Nacho and Taco) and have been formulated to melt more easily. They can be melted on bagels, tortilla chips, tortillas and pitas, in order to create instant pizza, nachos and quesadillas.

Though processed cheese isn’t as yummy as fresh, real cheese, this is still a great portion controlled way to make some skinnier versions of your favorite foods. It’s much easier than trying to measure out shredded cheese, and it does melt pretty well in the microwave. So it’s great to have on hand to quickly prepare one of weight watchers snack recipes.

Want some ideas for tasty and low calorie snacks using new Kraft Singles Meltdowns? Read on!

New Kraft Singles Meltdowns Cheese Recipes Ideas

  • Throw a slice over some fresh steamed broccoli to make those 0 point veggies a lot less boring (1 Point snack)
  • Make a 2 Point pizza using a Western Bagel Alternative Pita, 2 tbsp of jarred pizza sauce and a slice of Pizza Meltdown Cheese; top with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, or green peppers (2 Point snack)
  • Take 6 baked tortilla chips and top with a slice of Nacho Flavored Meltdowns, salsa and jalapenos to attack your nacho craving (3 Point snack)
  • Slap down a low calorie tortilla, like La Tortilla Factory’s Smart and Delicious and cover 1 half with 2 slices of Taco or Nacho Flavored Meltdowns, fold in half and heat it up for a quick and fabulous 3 Point quesadilla (3 Point snack)

Truly a great tool to have on hand whenever you are having an “I NEED CHEESE!!!” ‘meltdown’. ;)


  1. Daniel Thomas

    Are you out of your mind? Snacking on hydrogenated oil laced with chemicals & artificial flavors is in no way a good or healthy snack for anyone – especially not someone trying to lose weight. Want a snack? Pick up an apple. You are either insane or are paid by Kraft. Either way this post is disgusting.

  2. cheryl Squire

    I have seen these at the store but I figured it had too many points. I am excited to give them a try now!!

  3. Lacey @ Lake Life

    I saw these in the Hungry Girl newsletter the other day :-) Except then I got to wondering what kind of crazy chemicals they must put in the cheese to make it melt so easily…