Man, I love Trader Joe’s….what did I ever do before this store existed? Just recently, I was spotted their Trader Joe’s Queso Cheese Dip on the shelf, and was REALLY craving some. I almost walked away, assuming that it’d be super fattening and way too many Points, but I decided to pick it up and just have a look.

Well I’m sure glad I did!!! I was BLOWN AWAY by what I saw on the nutritional label…each 2 tbsp serving has 0 Points!!! That’s right, people…ZERO POINTS PLUS!!!

And it tastes really good! So if you’ve got a craving for some cheesy nachos made with Queso Dip, Trader Joe’s, once again, is the place to go. I just bought about 10 jars of this stuff! Perfect for a quick and easy low calorie game day dip too…no one will have any idea that it’s low calorie.

P.S. Check out the nutritional stats…

Trader Joe’s Low Calorie Queso Cheese Dip

With a bold cheesy flavor and a spicy kick, it’s hard to believe this queso dip has 0 Points. But joy to the world…it does.

And by the way, did I mention that you can eat the WHOLE JAR for 5 Points!??!? Oh Em Gee. I’m in love.

The nutritional information on this dip is beyond amazing….take a look….

Entire package has 11 servings
Serving size is 2 tbsp
Each serving = 0 Points

PER SERVING: 15 calories; 0.5 g fat; 3 g carbohydrates; 0 g protein; 0 g fiber

So run…don’t walk to your nearest Trader Joe’s and pick some up, ASAP!


  1. Sunprnciss

    So, here’s the thing about 0+ point foods… you have to be careful that you only have ONE serving because if you add up the values on more than one serving, then you accumulate points. I’ve made this mistake with other foods and let’s be honest – I don’t think I could be happy with just 2 Tbsp of Queso – I’m a total cheese head! But good to know that there is still a low point queso available out there! Thanks for sharing! 

  2. We don’t have a Trader Joe’s in my area. Can you order this online?

    • LaaLoosh

      BillieJo, I don’t think there’s anywhere you can order Trader Joe’s products online :(. But maybe you have a friend or family member near a Trader Joe’s who can pick some up and mail it to you? Good luck!

  3. Love queso, so thank you!!! But can you suggest exactly what we can dip into it that’s not soooooo bad for us? Other than tiny tiny tiny bits of the tortilla chips, or is there something else out there you can suggest to get our queso fix. LOVE you site, by the way, and thank you for it and all the great recipes!

    • LaaLoosh

      Helena, try some veggies like bell peppers, cucumbers or sugar snap peas!

    • I hear they are good – but, I’ve yet to make them! (I just printed off a recipe) But, maybe Kale Chips would be good to dip!? I got a recipe off Laaloosh! Maybe they will be good to dip? Sorta like a potato chip. Baked Kale Chip – serving is 1 cup and they are 1pt+ …just a thought! ;)

      • Buy some of those high fiber whole wheat La Tortilla factory tortillas, bake them in the oven to make your own chips.

  4. I just went to Trader Joes for the first time to get this 0 point cheese dip. I haven’t opened it yet, but I am loving trader joes!!!!

  5. OMG! I did pass it up on my last trip to TJ’s. I saw it and almost picked it up, but decided to pass…thinking it wouldn’t be points friendly. I’m so going back, HAHA!

  6. So bummed. Went to Trader Joe’s specifically to buy the Queso dip. Got it home; unloaded my grocery bag (of course while there had to buy lots of other great things…like frozen grilled asparagus and those skinny green beans). The Queso dip was on the table as was the Trader Joe bag. My cat, Dexter, jumped up on the table, pushed the grocery bag out of his way and in the process pushed the Queso off the table too! Needless to say, I then had a broken jar of Queso on my kitchen floor :(

    I did put my finger in to at least get a taste (hoping to not ingest glass bits). Seemed delicious.

    Now have to try and get back to the store; unfortunately, not real convenient. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR darn cat.

  7. what is in it?? it creeps me out a little not gonna lie.

    • LaaLoosh

      It’s actually pretty natural ingredients…nothing freaky….take a look:

      • Eh, it’s not the healthiest ingredient-wise but it’s probably 100% better than a lot of other queso dips you can buy. The fact that most of them don’t need to be refrigerated and/or come in cans creep me out! :D

  8. Does Trader Joe’s have a website so I can have some too? I’ll have to check that out! NEED QUESO!

  9. I agree completely OH MEE GEEE!!! That’s sooooo exciting, thanks for letting the world know about this stuff, esp. since its game time!