If you are a fan of frozen yogurt, you’re going to flip for the new Stonyfield Oikos Organic Nonfat Greek Frozen Yogurt. Not only is it super creamy, and much better tasting than most frozen yogurts I’ve tried, the nutritional stats are awesome!

Each 1/2 cup has just 3 Points. I also love that it has a lot more protein than most other frozen yogurts, and it’s organic. Not too tart tasting, it’s a perfect healthier alternative to ice cream and comes in 4 fabulous flavors!

Stonyfield Oikos Organic Nonfat Greek Frozen Yogurt

Greek yogurt has an incredibly rich and creamy texture, about twice the protein of regular yogurt, less lactose, and fewer carbs.

So it’s no wonder Greek is flying off the shelves.

Stonyfield Oikos Organic Nonfat Greek Frozen Yogurt comes in 4 amazingly good flavors: Blueberry, Honey (my personal favorite), Vanilla and Chocolate. Currently, you can only get it at Whole Foods, but hopefully, it will be in all major grocery stores soon!

Entire container has 4 servings
Serving size is 1/2 cup
Each serving = 3 Points

PER SERVING: 100 – 110 calories; 0g fat; 19 – 22g carbs; 6 g protein; 0 – 1g fiber

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