Ever since the first time I drank the water straight out of a coconut, I’ve been seriously hooked on coconut water. It’s so light, so mild, and so refreshing.

But rarely do I ever feel like busting open a whole coconut to get the water inside. It’s a lot of work, and I’m just too lazy. So I just find it easier, and just as tasty, to buy the prepackaged coconut water from health food store. Though, with so many different brands available now, which one is the best? My personal favorite is Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water. It is the closest I have found to drinking straight out of the coconut. It is nothing short of delicious.

And each 8 oz bottle is just 1 Point! It’s the perfect, refreshing drink that is delicious and yet still very low in calories.

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Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water

Here’s what Harmless Harvest says about their coconut water…

“NOTHING ADDED – NEVER HEATED. We source our unique coconuts from small organic agroforestry farms, then use a cutting-edge, heatless, high-pressure process for food safety and extended shelf life in your fridge. The result is the outstanding flavor and nutrition of raw and organic without the need for unnatural and harmful additives.”

This is truly an amazing and healthy drink that really replenishes you. So instead of that artificial sports drink, grab a Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water after a workout and fell zero guilt while doing something great for your body.

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Serving size is 8oz
Each serving = 1 Point

PER SERVING: 56 calories; 0g fat; 14g carbohydrates; 0g protein; 1g fiber

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  1. I love coconut water! It’s perfect for a warm day and after exercising… Oh and hangovers. hahaha

    Do you know if the water from the coconut itself is 1 points + also? I can’t stand the prepackaged ones. I live at the beach, so it’s very easy for me to get the real deal. :)

    Love your blog!!