Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean it’s time to stop indulging in chocolate and strawberries.

You can now get that craving satisfied in a new, Limited Edition cereal by Kelloggs, and it’s called Special K Chocolatey Strawberry Cereal. Each serving is just 3 Points, making it an ideal Weight Watchers Breakfast. It’s crunchy, low calorie, and loaded with pieces of chocolate and freeze dried strawberries…a little bit of heaven in a bowl.

Whoever said you can’t eat chocolate for breakfast when you are watching your weight will surely be singing a different tune after trying Kellogg’s Special K Limited Edition Chocolatey Strawberry Cereal.

Grab some before it’s gone!

Special K Limited Edition Chocolatey Strawberry Cereal

A great, low calorie way to nix your sweet tooth craving, Kellogg’s Special K Limited Edition Chocolatey Strawberry Cereal is crazy delicious.

Now you can enjoy a sweet and crunchy treat without being set back on your weight loss journey. Chocolate covered strawberries breakfast cereal…I need to say nothing more. I’m in love.

But remember, this is a LIMITED EDITION, so make sure to grab a box to try before they’re gone.

Serving size is 3/4 cup
Each serving = 3 Points

PER SERVING: 110 calories; 1g fat; 24g carbohydrates; 2g protein; 2g fiber


  1. Pam Fricker

    I LOVE this cereal!! I buy several boxes at a time so I don’t run out. I’m really bummed that it is a limited edition. I’m seriously going to go shopping and purchase every box I can find.

  2. Thought I would like this but it feels like I’m eating chocolate flavored bits of wax. I’m glad they sink to the bottom of the bowl and don’t mix in with the cereal while I’m eating, so that I don’t have to pick them out. Not liking this one.

  3. Kerri Zayas

    I had this this morning and I have to say I am not a huge fan of the strawberry one that Special K does because they add so many berries…This however was the perfect mix! Figures it’s limited edition!!! Thanks for putting it on your site or I would never have purchased it.

  4. Stephanie Black Beck

    I bought this cereal and enjoyed it!