Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole

How in the WORLD have I not seen/tried this before?! On a whim, I was browsing the dip/hummus section in Trader Joe’s and came across this Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole. Made with Greek yogurt, it boasted just 1 Point for a 2 tbsp serving. Now, I don’t know anyone who can eat just 2 tablespoons of guacamole, but I figured that at just 1 Point per serving, this could definitely offer some major damage control. So I bought a container, and ran home to give it a try. I immediately whipped out my Reduced Fat Tortilla Chips and dug in…it was DELICIOUS! I seriously couldn’t believe how good it was. This ready-made guacamole has less fat and fewer calories than traditional guacamole recipes. Yet it still has that rich and creamy taste that we all want our guacamole to have. Thick, low fat Greek yogurt is combined with chunky avocados, and then tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, a bit of jalapeño, garlic and fresh lime juice round out the flavor without adding unwanted calories and fat.

Serving size is 2 tbsp
Each serving = 1 Point

PER SERVING: 30 calories; 2g fat; 2g carbohydrates; 1g protein; 1g fiber


  1. I just made a turkey wrap with this. Lavash wheat bread from TJ, a spread made from this and the queso dip, and veggies. 6 points +. Soooooooo good.

  2. Jennifer

    My boyfriend and I just finished two containers within 24 hrs. This guac is that good lol!

  3. OMG I am so happy for you because this stuff is seriously one of my all time favorite things EVER from Trader Joe’s and now when I go I have to buy two, one for me and one for the bf because if he eats the last of it I cry…yep..I cried over guacamole

  4. Clydebabe

    Check this out – a 1/4 cup (2 x 2 tablespoons) serving is STILL 1 Point+! How awesome is that?

  5. Shari Millea

    There is not a Trader Joe’s in our area in Florida. Any chance of working up a recipe from LaaLoosh?

  6. I am so glad I stumbled on to your blog. I love your recipes! Thank you for sharing ‘finds’ like this. I can’t wait to try it. Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Spinach/Kale/Greek Yogurt dip is also good and only has 1 PP for 2 T. I use it as a veggie dip, in scrambled eggs, etc.

  7. Julie Lay

    this stuff rocks my freaking world. i am addicted to it!