As temperatures heat up, it’s time to cool down with some delicious and light summer cocktails! When I first found about these low calorie non-alcoholic mixes, I was pretty excited to give them a try, but a bit skeptical that they would taste good. So I picked up a bottle of each flavor of the Sinless Cocktail Mixers at my local grocery store and decided to give them a try. Apparently, they have been out for a while, but I never knew about them until recently. I tasted each of them straight up, then I made cocktails with them. They were fantastic! Made with Stevia instead of artificial sweeteners or sugar, each 3oz serving has just 5 calories, 0 fat, and 2 carbohydrates, making them 0 Points. However, don’t forget to count the Points of your alcohol when mixing them! They come in 4 amazing flavors: Margarita Mix, Mojito Mix, Sour Mix and Strawberry Margarita Mix. Keep reading to find out more!

Sinless Low Calorie Cocktail Mixes

Husband and wife, Zach and Cat Hawkins decided to start Sinless Cocktails when Cat, and her friends, got sick of drinking all of their calories ( boy, can I relate to that!). They realized that there weren’t a lot of good low calorie drink mixes that were also all natural. So they went to work creating Sinless mixes and have achieved tremendous success. The pride themselves on making cocktail mixes that are not only delicious and low calorie, but also healthier, and made with quality, natural ingredients. If you like to get your cocktails on, these Sinless Mixers are a must try!

Serving size is 3oz
Each serving = 0 Points

PER SERVING: 5 calories; 0g fat; 1-2g carbohydrates; 0g protein; 0g fiber


  1. Amy Doss

    I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners either but would have loved to see the recipes. I’m always looking for low point recipes and would love yours To view and share.

  2. not available in my area :( not a fan of crystal light products because of the artificial sweetener so I am always looking for something new to try…