Emerald 100 Calorie Packs of Almonds

These 100 Calorie Packs of Almonds from Emerald Nuts aren’t new, but I have just started trying some of their other flavors, and I am hooked! These prepackaged little bags of almonds are perfectly portioned controlled, each having just 100 calories and 3 Points. The health benefits of nuts are pretty astounding, so I try to snack on them when I can. But I often end eating more than I should, and that can get me into some serious trouble with my Points allowance. So buy purchasing these prepackaged snack bags, I no longer need to worry about measuring them out myself or overeating them. One of their newer flavors, Vanilla Roast, is delicious! The perfect way to hold me over when I’m craving something sweet. These are great to pack in lunches or store in your purse or car for when you are bordering on the edge of “hangry” (the state of anger caused by hunger) and need a snack…ASAP! And if it’s chocolate you’re after, try their Cocoa Roast version…they are dry roasted with a hint of dark chocolate flavor. Yum!

Emerald 100 Calorie Packs of Almonds

Emerald has really saved the day with these prepackaged, 100 calorie packs of healthy in almonds in 5 different varieties: Natural Almond, Cocoa Roast, Cinnamon Roast, Natural Walnuts and Almonds, and Vanilla Roast (their newest). They make great salad toppers, or toppings for your favorite ice cream/yogurt. Personally, I just love them straight up, right out of the bag. These have been a lifesaver for me when my major snack cravings hit.

Serving size is 1 pack
Each serving = 3 Points

PER SERVING: 100 calories; 8-9g fat; 4g carbohydrates; 3-4g protein; 2g fiber

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