To end our last Fabulous Food Finds of 2013 with a bang, I’m sharing a recent find that literally had me squealing with delight – Corazonas Mini Oatmeal Squares.

At just 2 Points each, they are a very satisfying, very tasty, and incredibly nutritious little snack. They are made with quality ingredients and do not taste AT ALL like they are low calorie. As much as I love the Weight Watchers Program, I really don’t like most of their packaged products, as they tend to taste very artificial. So when I discovered Corazonas Mini Oatmeal Squares, I was thrilled to find something that tasted amazing and was also quite healthy.

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Corazonas Mini Oatmeal Squares

Made with heart healthy ingredients and plant sterols, these tasty little oatmeal squares make a great snack to stash away in your bag for when you really need a quick and nutritious way to satisfy those hunger cravings. They have been my savior when I’m out shopping or running errands, as it’s so easy to be tempted into grabbing some fast food when my hunger kicks in.

But when I have Corazonas Minis on hand, it’s just enough to hold me over until I get home and can prepare myself a healthy, Weight Watchers friendly meal.

They come in five fantastic flavors: Chocolate Chip Mini, Chocolate Brownie and Almond Mini, Cranberry Flax Mini, Blueberry Mini and Peanut Butter. I’ve tried each and every one, and they are all excellent choices, but the Cranberry Flax is my fave.

Even my kids love these things! I got some at Costco. I highly recommend picking some up, ASAP.

Serving size is one Mini Square
Each serving = 2 Points

PER SERVING: 90 – 100 calories; 2.5 – 3.5g fat; 14 – 15g carbohydrates; 3g protein; 2 – 3g fiber

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  1. Kimberly Goh

    Thanks for the write up! FYI Corazonas Minis are almost sold out in most Costcos right now (larger bars are still in stock). If people are looking for Minis, their best bet is order them directly through the company website and have them shipped directly to their door.