Forte Gelato

Get a powerful dose of protein with Forte’s High Protein Gelato! I just discovered these at my local Sprouts store and I’m so glad I decided to pick some up. The creamy, delicious and low Points gelato, offers a fantastic 15g of protein per serving. Not only does this fantastic, sweet dessert satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, the high level of protein really helps to make you feel full. Does this mean I can eat gelato for breakfast instead of an egg!?? Just sayin’. Keep reading to learn more about Forte High Protein Gelato…

Forte High Protein Gelato

Forte Gelato, is the first ever high protein, low fat, all-natural, gelato that tastes as creamy and rich as you’d expect it to. With 15 grams of protein, only 2.5 grams of fat, an insanely indulgent taste and texture, and quality ingredients like rBST-free skim milk and cream, rBST-free milk proteins, organic agave nectar and cage-free egg yolks, Forte Gelato is as wholesome as it is decadent. Available in 4 different flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Ginger, and Espresso, each serving is just 4 Weight Watchers Points. Find out where to buy some, or check out their website and order some online!

Serving size is 4oz
Each serving = 6 Smart Points/4 Points

PER SERVING: 160calories; 3g fat; 2g saturated fat; 19g carbohydrate; 18g sugar; 15g protein; 1g fiber

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