If you’ve ever been a fan of Fruit Roll-Ups or other fruit leathers, you are going to be super excited about today’s Fabulous Food Find! Veggie-Go’s Chewy Fruit and Vegetable Snacks are the much healthier and lighter version of store bought fruit leathers, like Fruit Roll-Ups. Now you can enjoy snacking on a tasty treat that is completely void of artificial ingredients, artificial colors, preservatives, and the other garbage that today’s foods are sadly filled with. Veggie-Go’s are organic, Non-GMO, have no added sugar, are Vegan and are 0 Points each! Oh, and they are delicious. Perfect for kids’ lunch boxes or after school snacks too. I love stashing a few of these in my purse for when I need a quick, healthy treat. Keep reading to learn more…

Veggie-Go’s Chewy Fruit and Vegetable Snack

Made with all natural, organic ingredients, Veggie-Go’s come in 4 fabulously unique flavor options: Mountain Berry Spinach, Sweet Potato Pie, Cinnamon Spiced Beet and Carrot Ginger. All delicious. All 0 Points. Great for on the go munching, these Veggie-Go’s have been a huge help in making my and my family’s healthy eating options much easier. You can get these at many natural food stores, online and through Amazon.

Serving size is 1 bar
Each serving = 0 Points

PER SERVING: 15-20 calories; 0g fat; 5g carbohydrates; 0g protein; 1g fiber

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  1. I love these snacks. I think I will opt for home made versions. Put your fruit/veggies in a bullet blender then pour in your dehydrator. Instant fruit roll ups.
    When my kids were growing up I blended fruit added a bit of sugar, now I would add unprocessed cane sugar, and pour the mixture in my dehydrator for healthy kid friendly snacks. I also dehydrated fruit.

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