It’s not easy planning a quick side dish that will take up practically very little time and goes well with beef or chicken. This simple egg noodles with mushrooms side dish is very satisfying with a touch of garlic and shredded Parmesan cheese. A vegetarian friend of mine makes this as a main meal with a side salad for lunch or dinner.

Egg Noodles with Mushrooms

An easy side dish of egg noodles with mushrooms is the perfect compliment to any meal of beef or chicken. Vegetarians can prepare this as a main meal as well.


  • Light’n Fluffy – Egg Noodles Wide (about half of a bag)
  • 1 cup – mushrooms – (fresh) pieces or slices
  • 2 tbsp – Olive Oil, Extra Light – (Bertolli is used)
  • 3 tbsp(s) – garlic – minced
  • 2 tbsp – Parmesan Cheese – shredded,


  1. Prepare egg noodles as directed on package.
  2. Clean and wash mushrooms thoroughly.
  3. In a medium saucepan; add olive oil, heat on medium and add mushrooms.
  4. Saute’ mushrooms about 1-2 minutes; then add garlic.
  5. Stir mushrooms slowly (a wooden spoon works best) for about 6-8 more minutes.
  6. Moisture should be evaporated and mushrooms will turn to a dark reddish-brown with golden spots.
  7. Garlic will be toasted to a light brown.
  8. When egg noodles are done, drain all but 1/2 cup of the water.
  9. In a large bowl; mix noodles, garlic and mushroom mixture.
  10. Add left over water slowly to coat the mixture and toss.
  11. Salt and pepper to taste.
  12. Garnish each serving with 1 tablespoon of shredded Parmesan cheese.

Preparation time: 25 minute(s)

Cooking time:

Diet type: Vegetarian

Diet tags: Low calorie, Reduced carbohydrate

Number of servings (yield): 2

Culinary tradition: USA (General)

Entire recipe makes 2 serving
Serving size is about 1 1/2 cups
Each serving = 7 Points

PER SERVING: 273 calories; 17g fat; 24g carbohydrates; 8g protein; 4.2g fiber


  1. Sounds like the easy side I’ve been looking for! Quick question – is it really 3 tablespoons of minced garlic? That seems like more than “a touch.”

    • Cathy Rockwell Reply

      A touch of garlic to me would be about 3 tablespoons. I am Italian and garlic is used in many of my recipes. But you certainly can reduce the garlic. It depends on your taste preferences. It is super easy to make. I hope you enjoy it!

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