Baked Plantains

Baked Plantains Recipe – 5 Points +

Ok, I know you guys might think 5 Points + is a bit much for a baked, less-sweet banana. But let me just tell you that they were SO, SO, SO good! The perfect combination of sweet and salty. They are way healthier and much more delicious than potato chips….so if you’d spend 5 Points on a cup of potato chips, then you owe it to yourself to try these Baked Plantain Chips instead. If you aren’t familiar with plantains, they are a member of the banana family.

Orange and Pineapple Sorbet Recipe – 2 Points +

Though I usually almost always use fresh fruit in my recipes, I found that using canned fruit for this Orange and Pineapple Sorbet not only makes this frozen dessert recipe insanely easy, it tastes so good, you’d never guess the fruit isn’t fresh. Perfectly sweet and tangy, each serving has just 2 Points +, and is the perfect fresh and fruity end to any low calorie summer meal.

Cuban Pork Crock Pot Stew Recipe – 6 Point Total

This delicious Cuban-Style Yam and Pork Stew Recipe for your slow cooker is a real treat! With the flavor and zest of traditional Cuban recipes, this reduced calorie version is a wonderful meal idea for any weight watcher. Each HUGE serving has just a 6 Point Total, so it’s a wonderfully satisfying meal

Mojito Recipe – 2 Point Total

Did you know that the average mojito recipe can typically have 6-10 Weight Watchers Points?! And if you drink as many I do, you’d have all your daily points gone in just a few drinks. Yikes! So when I found this 2 point value mojito recipe, I was super psyched to give it a try.

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