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Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey White Chili

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey White Chili Recipe – 10 Smart Points

Got some leftover turkey in your fridge? I sure do. And this Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey White Chili Recipe is exactly what I’m going to be using it in tomorrow. I’ve always felt that the leftover turkey just doesn’t taste as good as the other Thanksgiving side dishes do the next. It always ends up being the last leftover left. And given that turkey can tend to be a bit dry, putting it in a creamy chili is the perfect resolution. The calorie count for this recipe is based on a blend of both white and dark turkey meat. If you use just the white meat, then you can take off about 2 extra Smart Points. It’s such a filling and satisfying dish though, I think it’s worth it to keep the dark meat in there. If I make this for lunch tomorrow, it’ll easily keep me full until dinnertime, so…

Blueberry Breakfast Parfait – 10 Smart Points

One of my favorite breakfasts is a parfait. I don’t always layer it nicely in a pretty glass bowl, but I love to combine fresh fruit, yogurt and granola. It’s quick and easy, always delicious and packed with nutrients. I like to have low fat yogurt on hand and a whole grain, low sugar granola as well so I can toss it together. It helps provide me with a great breakfast with minimal effort, so I get a great breakfast even when I’m too lazy to do much for breakfast. With this one, I sprinkled in my favorite granola, as well as some chia seeds and ground flaxseed. This gives me lots of fiber to start the day out with too. The protein and fiber help me to last longer and I don’t get the munchies as bad (my munchies are typically cravings for chips, candy, and other things like…

Rack of Lamb – 10 Smart Points

Every once in a while, you really just need something elegant and decadent. For me, this rack of lamb was just the thing. Some personal friends of ours raise sheep and sell the lamb. They’ve been doing it for a few years now and it’s become really exceptional lamb. It’s also meant that we’ve gotten to try lamb a few times and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a different flavor that other red meats. It can be a little stronger than beef (depending on the lamb). If you’re not sure, start with mixing ground beef and ground lamb (for something like gyros) or go with a lamb roast. But, if you’re feeling more adventurous, try this rack of lamb. It’s so simple, but it’s so delicious that it doesn’t need much to season it. The rosemary, thyme and garlic round out the rich flavor of the lamb. The olive, oil,…

Savory Crêpes – 10 Points +

Crepes are wonderful. You can fill them with just about anything and they’re really delicious. Quite often we fill our crepes with yogurt and fresh fruit or a fruit sauce. We’ve also made Eggs Benedict in crepes. Really, the filling options are endless. These savory crepes are simple and delicious as well as being vegetarian. The spinach and mushroom filling sautéed in butter with onions adds wonderful flavor. They are savory and rich without being overwhelming. Crepes can be a little difficult to get the hang of at first, but don’t worry. This recipe makes about 15 crepes, but you’ll only need 12 of them for the filling. That gives you a couple of extra crepes to get the heat right, as well as figuring out how to swirl the batter in the pan. The batter will be very thin, so it’ll spread out on the bottom of the pan…

Pecan Crusted Pork Chops – 10 Points +

Sometimes it’s nice to have a simple meal that looks elegant in addition to tasting wonderful. These pecan crusted pork chops are just perfect. They’re simple and quick to make, but they end up being elegant, tender and juicy. Served with a side of roasted vegetables or a bright and colorful tossed salad, it’s a perfect meal. There are two delicious variations on this meal. An orange reduction sauce can be made to serve over the pork chops. Chicken breast can also be substituted for the pork chop, with the same delicious results.

Sweet & Sour Chicken – 10 Points +

There is very little that isn’t better when it’s homemade, and sweet and sour chicken is one of those things that’s much better when you make it yourself. The pineapple gives a sweet flavor, while the onion and bell pepper add a delicious crunch. The best part is that it’s simple and delicious, and you can avoid the scary orange sauce. I used white rice, because that’s what I had on hand, but brown rice is a much better option since it has considerably more fiber (1 gram per serving).

Beef Tips in Mushroom Sauce Crock Pot Recipe

Beef Tips in Mushroom Sauce Crock Pot Recipe – 10 Points +

Back when Weight Watchers was still using their old Points plan, I posted a Beef Tips in Mushroom Sauce Recipe. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback and questions about it, so I decided to re-make this dish, change it up a bit, and calculate the new Points + value. Even though it ends up being 10 Points + per serving, these beef tips were sooooooo good! If you are a meat lover, then this is absolutely worth the splurge in Points. It packs in tons of protein too, so it’s really a satisfying dish. Try serving it over some Miracle Noodle orzo for 0 Points +, or over your favorite rive or noodles for additional Points +. This is one easy Weight Watchers Crock Pot Recipe that is a must make this fall/winter

Creamy Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Creamy Garlic Shrimp Pasta Recipe, with Vegetables – 10 Points +

If you want a delicious, yet healthy pasta recipe that is oh-so satisfying, give this Creamy Garlic Shrimp Pasta with Vegetables Recipe a try, asap! I know, I know…10 Points + can seem kinda scary, but it’s really equivalent to the old Weight Watchers Pasta Recipes that were around 7 Points. So try not to freak about the Points + Value of this dish, since everyone’s daily Points Plus allowance is a lot higher now.

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