Sandwich Recipes


Let LaaLoosh be your guide to making healthy sandwiches that won’t ruin your diet! Any of these delicious sandwich recipes are sure to please your whole family, but still keep you on track to reaching your weight loss goals.

philly cheesesteak sloppy joe

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes – 8 Points

As a kid, I grew up eating Sloppy Joe’s as a regular staple. It was an easy meal to cook, and pretty inexpensive to make, so we ate it a LOT. I do occasionally make Sloppy Joe’s for my kids, which they love, but I will still enjoy one myself every now and then. Not too long ago, I decided to try out a new concept I’d seen around a few times, by combining the ingredients of a Philly Cheesesteak in the form of a Sloppy Joe.

chick fil a chicken sandwich

Knock Off Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich Recipe – 7 Points

I’m just going to get right to the point here, Chick-fil-A is flippin’ delicious. There’s just something about how perfectly moist, juicy and seasoned their fried chicken sandwich is, that I just cannot control myself when I’m in there. That’s why I never go. :(. So I decided to scour the Internet and see if I could find a copycat version that was more Weight Watchers friendly.

evol breakfast sandwiches

Evol. Lean & Fit Breakfast Sandwiches – 4-5 Points

These amazingly delicious new Lean & Fit Breakfast Sandwiches from Evol. have been a lifesaver for me on busy mornings. I’m so busy making everyone’s breakfast, packing lunches, feeding the pets, and getting the kids ready for school, that I rarely have time to cook myself a healthy breakfast. So having something convenient and ready-made is really key in helping me start my day on the right track.

chicken gyros

Greek Chicken Gyros Recipe – 7 Points

Gyros. I ADORE them. And when I used to live in Los Angeles, my husband and I used to go to this amazing little restaurant that sold the most delicious gyros. It was right around the corner from our apartment, and we used to walk there VERY REGULARLY for dinner. I remember how I used to stand there and literally salivate as I watched them slice that beautifully tender meat off the rotisserie.

light bacon and egg breakfast sandwich

Light Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich Recipe – 4 Points

When I want a breakfast that’s quick and easy to make, this is one of my go to breakfast sandwich recipes. It’s basic, but oh so flavorful and filling. I feel like I’m getting all the tastes I crave but for a lot less Weight Watchers Points. I’ve also made these savory little sandwiches for lunch and dinner too, as they are just super fast and easy, and everyone loves them.

brie and apple

Brie and Apple Panini Recipe – 6 Points

When it comes to cheese, Brie is my absolute favorite. I am seriously obsessed with it and cannot be trusted with it in the house. So I rarely ever buy it, because I can, and will, sit there and eat the entire package. But when I came across a light brie cheese at Trader Joe’s I decided to give it a try. This Brie and Apple Panini Recipe is the perfect Weight Watchers Panini if you are a Brie lover.

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