Mmmmmm…chocolate chip peanut butter pie…just typing those words is getting me all excited! I’m fantasizing about diving into a nice, creamy, decadent slice of chocolate peanut butter heaven.

But when the average slice of your typical chocolate peanut butter pie clocks in at an average of 15-24 Weight Watchers Points, it’s definitely a dieting no-no. So when I found this mouth-watering Weight Watchers recipe, I was beyond thrilled!

Granted, it is a small serving, but the pie is so indulgent and creamy that one small serving is enough to satisfy the craving for chocolate peanut buttery goodness!

In the spirit of my excitement over all the low calorie pasta recipes I’ve been making, here is a delicious gourmet pasta sauce recipe that is fresh, healthy and oh so yummy!

This homemade pasta sauce sure beats the stuff from a jar and will “wow” your dinner guests. It was so tasty, I couldn’t stop eating it when I was cooking!!

The sauce yields lots of heart healthy fiber, antioxidants and lycopene (which is one of the most potent antioxidants and is being investigated as a potential agent for theprevention of cancers, including prostate cancer)

Yes, the Gods have finally answered my prayers, a ZERO calorie pasta has been created!

When I first heard about Miracle Noodle and their no-calorie Shirataki noodles, I was hesitant to believe it was possible to have pasta that has no calories, yet my interest was piqued. I knew I had to try it.

After reading through Miracle Noodle’s website, I learned a lot about these special Shirataki noodles.

Unlike typical pasta noodles which are made from grain-based flours, and thus loaded with lots of calories and carbohydrates, Shirataki noodles are made from yam flour.

So you wind up with gluten-free, calorie-free, low-carb pasta! Granted, the texture of these noodles is a bit different than regular pasta, but the taste is good, they are quite filling, and you can use these in such a wide variety of recipes.

And when you think of the calories you’re saving, it’s a fantastically fair trade.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE pasta salad. And if you love it as much as I do, you’ll really enjoy this delicious (and healthy) recipe!

This is a great recipe to make for parties or large family dinners, as it serves 10. It’s also a very colorful dish (so your dinner guests will love it), and it’s loaded with vitamins and healthy fats.

Also, if you don’t have fresh salmon, you can used canned (it’s easier anyway). I made this salmon pasta salad once for a backyard BBQ and it was a huge hit! My friends all loved it and treated me like I was a gourmet chef. Ha!

This is one of the easiest chicken recipes I’ve ever used. Man, I just love these crock pot recipes!!

In less than 5 minutes, I’ve got everything in the slow cooker and there is nothing more I need to do! Plus, this low calorie basil chicken recipe tastes amazing and is a great meal for those following the Weight Watchers program.

This is a great meal to cook for the whole family, or to divvy up into individual portions to be eaten at a later time (this is a GREAT way to have low point, ready made meals on hand).

This sausage and chicken recipes is one of my fiancé’s all-time favorites. And I like cooking it because it’s an easy recipe to prepare.

Not to mention it’s delicious and a big serving is only 6 Weight Watchers POINTS! Gumbo, which is a local version of French bouillabaisse, has graced every proud Louisianan table at one time or another.

And this lightened up version is just as tasty as the traditional delicacy of the bayou.

TIP: This homemade gumbo recipe can be prepared with fresh vegetables for a slightly more crunchy texture.

The first time my fiancé made this dish for me, I was blown away by how incredibly healthy and low calorie it is. Shakshuka is a hot and spicy traditional dish that originates from Israel which consists mostly of tomatoes and eggs.

But my fiancé has enhanced the traditional Shakshuka recipe with some tasty (and healthy) additions. His version of Shakshuka is astoundingly low calorie, and the nutritional statistics make it one of the healthiest home-cooked meals I’ve ever had.

This slow cooker recipe for Asian Spiced Beans with Rice, complete with Weight Watcher Points, is one of the best I’ve ever had.

It’s thick and hearty and loaded with fiber and protein, so you feel full with just one serving. If you really want to amp up your nutrients, you can substitute brown rice for the cooked white rice.

I also preferred to use black beans instead of the red beans because I like the taste better.

Arroz con pollo is a traditional dish from Spain and Latin America. It translates as “Rice with Chicken” in Spanish.

There are many different ways to prepare this tasty meal, but below is my special Weight Watchers chicken recipe version, with lower calories, yet still with all the yumminess!

Some people may use saffron in arroz con pollo, but I did not in this recipe. Though, feel free to add it to your version, if you’d like, as it will not affect the Weight Watchers Points Value.

This is such an easy meal to make and is a great family Crockpot recipe!