Free Weight Watchers PointsPlus Calculator!!

For a limited time, Weight Watchers is allowing anyone, not just their paying members to use their online PointsPlus Calculator for FREE!!! This is because they’ve had a shortage of those little blue Points Plus Calculators that you can buy at the Weight Watchers meetings. So, until they can sufficiently replenish their stock, take advantage of this and use it to help keep you on track!

Here’s the link: Free Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator!!

Free Weight Watchers PointsPlus Calculator

Apparently, the The new PointsPlus program is such a hit, that Weight Watchers is experiencing a shortage of PointsPlus calculators.

In the meantime, they are letting everyone use their online PointsPlus calculator to calculate PointsPlus values of foods. Here’s the link: Free Weight Watchers Points Plus Online Calculator!!

Be sure to bookmark this page in your browser so that you can come back easily. Yay!!



  1. Reflibrarian says:

    Bummer. The link doesn’t work anymore!

  2. Red1316me says:

    how can you calculate the points plus for one of your own recipes

  3. I need to lose 20lbs so here I come weight watchers

  4. Nicole says:

    I ran across this when trying to figure out how to do weight watchers for free, here's another site that offers information on how to do the program without paying for it! How To Calculate Weight Watcher Points for Free

  5. Oops forgot to mention g of fiber is also inputted.

  6. It's easy you just type in the g of fat, carbohydrates, protein from any label &. You get the points per serving.

  7. Hi! I have really been enjoying your blog, so I added you to my list of "foodie blog shoutouts" on my own blog! I have a great group of dedicated readers that really enjoy the recipes I post, but I can't possibly link all of the ones you have that make my mouth water. If you have a page of other blogs you enjoy, I'd love to be on it (if you enjoy my blog as well). Thanks again for the wonderful recipes!

  8. So what do you do with the calculator? Add/subtract/multiply/divide?

    I have been using the old system, but I like the idea that fruits and veggies may now be zero points. Is this true?

    And how do you use the new points plus calculator?


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