Calculating Weight Watchers Points Plus Daily Allowance

Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator

Many of you have emailed or submitted comments asking how to calculate your daily Points Plus allowance, so I thought it might be helpful to post all the details you need to help you out. First of all, if you are a Weight Watchers member, you really should just purchase their Points Plus calculator. It’s very inexpensive, and it allows you to not only track and calculate Points Plus values for foods, and the amount of Points Plus you’ve used in a day, it also will calculate your Points Plus allowance.

Another option, is to check out the page on my blog that provides you with some links on how to calculate your daily Weight Watchers Points Plus Allowance. On this page, I’ve provided direct links to free online Weight Watchers Calculators that were created by a fellow Weight Watchers member. She has put together some amazing WW cheat cheats that I highly recommend you check out, as they will help you:
– Determine your Weight Watchers Points Plus Daily Allowance
– Calculate Activity Points Plus
– Calculate Food Points Plus

Additionally, the site offers a great zero Points Plus Food List, a Filling Foods List, Good Health Guidelines, and TONS of other great tips and tools. I find it a lot easier to use than the Weight Watchers Online E-Tools!

I know that it is frustrating to many of us who’ve been struggling to find free Weight Watchers information…it’s really a shame that Weight Watchers has made that so difficult (P.S. Don’t be surprised if they make me take down this post!). But hopefully, as a community of Weight Watchers, we can continue to help and support each other and make our biggest struggle to shed the pounds vs. tracking down the tools that we need to follow the program.

And in the meantime, I’ll get back to working on some more free Weight Watchers Recipes!!

Thank you all for your support and for reading my blog. :)



  1. We have to ask a doctor first.

  2. i use to be a ww customer n could not afford it anymore. How can i find my points allowed and then track without joining ww.>

  3. Rebecca Spears says:

    Thank you from me too!! Those of us that can’t afford it appreciate the info.

  4. Yes, as long as you provide credit and a link back to LaaLoosh, that would be fine :)

  5. Why is it a shame? Weight Watchers is a business, not a free community service. 

    • People want weight watchers information for nothing…Weight watchers is a business……a lot of this information your finding online is inaccurate. If you can’t join weight watchers at the facility try joining it online instead of trying to get their information for free. That to me is stealing….but that’s just me.

  6. you can go to she has tons of w.w. points

  7. Sally Lazorchak says:

    What site do I go to to ask about foods not listed on the program and find their points?

    • Sally, I don’t know of any specific sites for that. You’d just have to find the nutritional info for these foods and calculate the Points Plus value with your Weight Watchers calculator.

      • Rebecca Spears says:

        Can you please explain breifly what the difference is in the points plus than the regular? I’m very interested and can’t afford to join at the time but have been a dedicated member in the past.


  8. Found a great site to calculate your daily points allowance and they have a ton of restaurants listed with the points plus values.

  9. it all adds to 29

  10. I tried to calculate my points using the formula on this page and it doesn’t seem it is at all accurate. My wife went to the local weight watchers facility and they calculated her points for her and this formula doesn’t match their calculations, either. How do they really calculate how many points you should have?

    • Please note that the questionairre you see on this page is for the OLD Weight Watchers Points program. The new Points Plus Daliy Allowances are calculated electronically, and can be done by a WW leader or by using your WW Points Plus Calculator. You can also use the free online Points Plus calculator to determine your daily allowance too:

  11. Thanks so much, I have been a WW member in the past and I really wanted to check out the new program but I just can't afford to join again. I'm so glad people have posted all this great info!! :-)

  12. Thanks for bloggin this it really helps. I have bought all of the books and tools needed but can't afford to keep going to the meetings this helped alot. I will buy the calculator at some point but right now this will work. thanks again

  13. this was a great idea! no to mention very helpful!! thanks so muchh…hope to see your recipies posted soon

  14. Lindsey schaefer says:

    This is so helpful! Thank you!

  15. Hey! As someone who has lived with WW for years I was thrilled to find an app for my iphone that acts as a food journal . It's call "Track to Lose It". It offers calculations for points, points plus and also calories if that is how you choose to record your daily intake. It really is amazing. The food bank is a little odd and made up of foods that I don't generally eat, however you can add your own foods and create a bank of your own. That app in combination with my "Lose it!" app has proven AMAZING for assisting me. THe "Lose it!" app has a great food bank and also a great exercise bank to help you figure out your points. Financially my family can't budget in WW so this is really helpful. It also keeps track of your weight loss and your water intake for the day….

  16. LorraineB says:

    I can't get into the PP program either. So, I'm doing Flex and it works just fine. I get less points but who cares? The points values are higher in the new program so it probably all comes out the same in the end. I'm lifetime and I'm continuing to maintain my goal weight. Whatever works is fine with me. I made a few adjustments. For example, I'm not counting fruits in my daily totals. It's still working. Not that I recommend this for anyone else but it's working for me. I have the calculator and it's excellent. A really great WW tool. And, WW shut my leader's blog down. So, he just added it to his own blog and so far, so good. With all the money they make, why do they have to be so paranoid?! They certainly won't be going out of business and who is it hurting, really? I guess it's not all about helping people. Sounds like it's more about the money.

  17. Thank you for blogging about this. I lost over 100lbs on the old Momentum Plan and this new plan, I just never could get into it and have been calorie counting instead.

  18. Thank You so much for blogging this information! I trying to do ww on my own….can't afford to pay to go to meetings. I did buy a pp calculator online last night.

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