Another great addition to a Mother’s Day Brunch would be this easy and delicious Diet Peach Cooler Recipe! It’s so crisp, light, and refreshing!

By reducing the amount of wine used and by using Welch’s Diet Peach Twist Juice instead of peach nectar, I was able to get the calorie count a lot lower, thus lowering the points value.

And though I’ll be including it as a part of my Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes, it also makes a great low calorie drink recipe for summer BBQs and picnics too.

If you prefer it sans booze, just sub out the wine with 1/2 cup more of the juice and 1/2 cup more of the seltzer,

And with a lot of my close friends doing Weight Watchers, I think this low calorie cocktail recipe is going to be a popular poolside drink around here this summer!

die peach wine cooler


Calories145 kcal
Carbohydrates15.5 g
Fat0.1 g
Protein0.4 g
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Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes


Servings: 4 servings
  • 2 cups Diet Welch’s Peach Twist Juice
  • 1 cup Moscato wine
  • 2 cups seltzer water - (unsweetened)
  • Fresh peach slices


  • Combine seltzer, wine and diet peach juice in a pitcher.
  • Divide among 4 ice-filled glasses. Garnish with fresh peach slices.


Serving: 1 glassCalories: 145 kcal (7%)Carbohydrates: 15.5 g (5%)Protein: 0.4 g (1%)Fat: 0.1 gSaturated Fat: 0 gCholesterol: 0 mgSodium: 80 mg (3%)Potassium: 71 mg (2%)Fiber: 0.6 g (3%)Sugar: 11.5 g (13%)Calcium: 0 mgIron: 0.2 mg (1%)
CuisineAmerican Recipes
Main IngredientFruit Recipes
CategoryCocktail Recipes
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  1. Is that your photo of the peach wine cooler? Are those your dishes? I have a huge set of those blue and white dishes from the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary, to be exact.

  2. Can you tell me where you found the Peach Twist juice? I've looked at Wal-Mart, Kroger, Ingles, & Food CIty and haven't been able to find it anywhere! I've been stalking the juice aisle EVERYWHERE!

    • I found it at my local Albertson's grocery store. But you can fill out this contact form on Welch's website and ask them which retailers in your area carry their products.

  3. I agree with Whitney. While it would be amazing for this recipe to be 0PP, it is not possible because of the alcohol. Any amount of alchohol equals PP-this is stressed in all the meetings I have attended. This recipe sounds delicious and I will be using it tomorrow for Mother's Day. However, I will be adding the few PP for it.

    • That is correct, there is not a white wine listed or scanned that is 0 ww points, it would be at least 5 points. I scanned everything and I actually come up with 6 pts. 1 for the juice and 5 for the wine. I wish I would have looked it up and did more research before I bought and made everything.

  4. Weight Watchers has clarified in the meetings that alcohol CAN NOT be calculated using the PP Calculator. I don't think this would actually be 0PP because of this. Alcohol and juice is never free… diet or not. :/ I will personally go with what Recipe Builder comes up with. I'm only hurting myself if I don't! Thanks for the great recipe!

  5. Hi, I'm new at WW, but if I pop this into my recipe builder it gives me 2 points plus (for the wine). Can you please explain how you got to 0 pp+ for this recipe?

    It looks delicious, just want to make sure I'm counting appropriately. :)

    • Yeah, that Weight watchers Recipe Builder is completely inaccurate, in my opinion. I ALWAYS find it best to calculate the Points Plus for each recipe based on the nutritional info for each ingredient used. Here's how I got the 0 Points Plus value: Since the wine is the only ingredient that really has any calories, figure that the wine is about 160 calories for 8 oz (1 cup), and about 6 g carbs. Protein, fat and fiber would be 0. Keep in mind, that you are taking that info and dividing it by 4, since there are 4 servings in the recipe. Therefore, the wine contributes about 40 calories per serving. Factor in the other ingredients, and you end up with a total of 52 calories, 0 g fat, 4 g carbs, 0 g protein and 0 g fiber, per serving. And according to my official Weight Watchers PointsPlus Calculator, that comes out to 0 PointsPlus. Hope that helps…great question!

      • LaaLoosh! I just started WeightWatchers this week and found out about the 2nd day that the Recipe Builder is TOTALLY inaccurate! LOVED this recipe and will make it again! Thanks so much, now I donot have to feel left out when my hubster is having a glass of wine!

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