Almond Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies – 4 Points +

Almond & Chocolate Chip Cookies


These delicious cookies are gluten and dairy free, but don’t think they’re going to end up tough, grainy and just downright strange. They are fluffy and tender. Almond butter adds a nutty flavor, but without being too overpowering. These cookies are perfect with the chocolate chips, but if you’re not a fan of chocolate, use chopped pecans or walnuts (the points are the same). You can use any gluten free flour blend for the 1 cup of flour. If you can’t have the xanthan gum, use 3 tablespoons of psyllium husk instead. If you don’t need to make gluten free cookies, just use 3 1/4 cups regular wheat flour (the points don’t change for this substitution). A word of warning – the cookies are best fresh out of the oven and can be a little bit addictive.

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Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe – 2 Points +

Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Since I cannot stop fantasizing about cookies lately, I decided to try out this recipe for Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, and I am SO glad I did! The original version uses regular, chunky peanut butter, but I decided to use my favorite peanut butter substitute – Better’n Peanut Butter, so that I could eat more cookies for less Points. It worked out really well, and the end result was a deliciously sweet and satisfying treat that will for sure be on my tray of Chrismukkah Cookies this year! I use the term Chrismukkah because I celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, which means more presents and yummy food!! Each cookie is just 2 Points +, which isn’t bad considering how rich and flavorful they are. I’m satisfied with eating just two or three of them, and I don’t go overboard. So if you are looking for another great Christmas cookie that won’t blow all your Weight Watchers Points, then this Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe is a must try. I mean, really, does it get any better than peanut butter and chocolate together in a moist and chewy cookie? No, it doesn’t. So get yourself to the kitchen pronto and whip up some of these low calorie Christmas cookies ASAP!

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Low Calorie, Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies!! – 2 Point Total

Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest Trader Joe’s, and pick up some of these AWESOME Weight Watcher Chocolate Chip Cookies! Produced by Trader Joe’s, you’ll get 5 of this yummy, low calorie cookies for a 2 Point Value. And the best part is that these healthy chocolate cookies are LOADED with vitamins, fiber and antioxidants! That’s right, I said HEALTHY. And they really, really are! Chocolate Chip Cookies with a healthy dose of good-for-you ingredients….not bad. And they actually taste quite good! A bit on the small size, but hey, you get five of them, so it’s definitely an awesome Weight Watcher snack in my eyes. So, you wanna know the name of these fabulous chocolate chip cookies? Read on, my friends!!

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Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – 1 Point Value

Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

When following ANY diet plan, it’s important to be able to have a good, reliable Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe on hand. Let’s face it, there are times when you absolutely must have some cookies, so why not have a good selection of Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes to choose from? Well, this low calorie cookie recipe is one of my old standbys. These fabulous little chocolate chip cookies are so divinely decadent, you’ll feel like you are being really bad (which feels really good)! The cookies are small, but they pack quite a chocolate punch. And with just 1 Weight Watchers Point per 2 cookies, you can go ahead and grab a handful of these mini chocolate chip cookies without an ounce of guilt. Just because you are dieting and eating healthy, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the treats you love, but having a healthier version of them sure helps keep you on track.

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