Roasted Pork Recipe with Sage Berry Dressing – 7 Point Value

Weight Watchers Pork Roast Recipe

There are so many delicious meal choices around the holidays, and I get so excited looking forward to all the tasty options available at holiday parties and dinners. And I thought this Weight Watchers Pork Recipe would be the perfect addition to any Christmas dinner! The pork is so tender and juicy and the sage berry dressing is so delish and festive! Each serving has just 7 Weight Watchers Points, so it’s and ideal main course to serve up with some zero Point salad or vegetables. Also, this roasted pork recipe is very aesthetically pleasing, so it looks absolutely lovely on the Christmas table next to all those other yummy holiday dishes! If you want to try out an amazing new holiday dinner recipe, give this elegant, roasted pork dish a try. Your friends and family will marvel at the presentation of this gourmet Weight Watchers Holiday Recipe!

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