Yes, you read that right — this Weight Watchers French Fries recipe has just ONE Point per serving!! French fries are a favorite snack of just about everyone in the world (I mean, have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like them?). But even the baked versions are pretty caloric and void of any really good nutritional stats. So, most of the time, these tasty little treats of greasy potato yumminess are just occasional indulgences — but still daily fantasies (at least for me!). When I came across the Weight Watchers recipe for a butternut squash french fries version that was not only low in Points, but super high in fiber and vitamins, I was incredibly skeptical, but determined to give it a try. I figured that any recipe that promised just 1 Weight Watchers Point for something that might taste anything like french fries was worth a shot! So with dreams of massive mounds of low calorie french fries dancing in my head, I put this recipe to the test. And boy was I glad I did! These fresh and slightly sweet butternut squash french fries were mouth-wateringly delicious and easy to make. Healthy french fries — a dream come true!

Weight Watchers Butternut Squash French Fries Recipe

– 1 whole butternut squash
– 1 tbsp Kosher salt
– Non-stick cooking spray


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Cut butternut squash in half first, and then peel it and remove all seeds. Then, slice it up into french fry like shapes. Just make sure the slices aren’t too thick, as this will prevent them from getting crispy. Spray a backing sheet with non-stick cooking spray. Then, take a large bowl, throw in the french fries and toss with some non-stick cooking spray, until all fries are evenly coated. Then, so the same thing with the kosher salt. Make sure all your fries are well coated with the salt. Now, spread out your fries evenly on the baking sheet. Make sure no fries are on top of each other as this would prevent even cooking. Place in oven and bake for about 40 -45 minutes, flipping the fries over once, halfway through. Fries are done when the edges start to turn golden brown and the fries are looking good and crispy. Enjoy!
PS…served with ketchup, these babies are SOOOOOOO good!!!

*TIP: Because all butternut squashes are not created equal, I suggest weighing your french fries first, before you cook them, in order to determine how many servings will be in your entire recipe.

Serving size = 5 oz of squash (uncooked)
Each serving = 1 Weight Watchers Point


  1. I have the idea of dredging them to flour and fry instead, to make them crispier

  2. Is this picture the butternut squash fries? They sure do look like regular fries and I know that you have another picture that is not the recipe also.

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities Reply

    FREAKING LOVE BUTTERNUT squash fries!!! I seriously eat the entire squash when I make it… LOL

  4. Amanda Feeley Reply

    I’m new to weight watchers and I’m trying to figure out where the one point comes from. I made these last night (knowing that they wouldn’t be perfect) and was happy with them. I used a recipe from a different website and I didn’t think they would have any points. What am I missing?

  5. I have tried these twice now, the second time was a bit more successful but i still find they are more soggy than crispy :(  Will try again, thinner chips, hotter oven….!

    • Yes, it is tough to get the right level of crispness. I found that using a mandoline slicer will help getting the thinnest, evenly cut fries. Also, make sure to turn them in the oven so that all sides can evenly bake.

  6. I tried this and the result wasn’t perfect (I burned them because my oven didn’t take as long to cook them) but they taste very good, despite the butternut tang. Thanks!

  7. George Marsh Reply

    I peel the squash pat them dry then sprinkle them lighty with chilli powder it gives them a better taste ( they won;t be hot to the taste )

  8. Well, I will try doing it now but as i read your comments it looks its not gonna be really nice.But I will still try to make them because it really looks like it is going to be a delicious recepie.

  9. These fries sounded soooo good, so I chopped up half a butternut squash, sprayed them with pan, but I did leave out the salt. I placed them in the oven and cooked for 15 min., stirred them around, then went back 10 minutes later and some of them were burnt, and the other's weren't very crispy. I would have to say that after tossing the burnt ones, the others were very good, but next time I will have to play with my oven temp, and try the suggestion of drying them off with a paper towel. I might even let them set in a warm oven when they are done, it might make them crisper?

  10. I thought that the taste of these "fries" were wonderful, only despite the fact that they were cut into uniform sticks, they just didn't crisp up at all. Is there a trick to this that I somehow missed?

    • This is a tricky thing, Rebecca…The fries are never quite as crisp as regular french fries, but what you can do to help alleviate some of the sogginess is pat dry them with paper towels first. It won't eliminate the problem completely, but it will help a lot. Also, try cutting them into as thin sticks as you can.

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