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If you are looking for diet friendly, low calorie, Barbeque Recipes, you came to the right place! LaaLoosh has some of the best Weight Watchers BBQ recipes around, so make sure you check em out! So the next time you need a tasty BBQ dish to take to a holiday party, picnic, or potluck, check out my collection of delicious BBQ recipes that will keep you sticking to your Weight Watchers Points!

BBQ Beef

BBQ Beef – 9 Smart Points

Since last weekend was a 3 day weekend with Memorial day, my in-laws came down for the weekend. We had a couple of projects to work on while they were here (the guys had a couple of projects, I was just hoping to get out of as much work as possible), so it worked perfectly. I like to have everything planned out and everything I possibly can prepped before a weekend like that. It makes life so much easier and less stressful. I also love food and cooking, so it was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of 2 extra…

Green Bean Potato Salad

Green Bean & Potato Salad – 4 Points

When I saw this recipe, I just had to try it. Life in the Midwest includes a lot of potatoes, and right now the green beans are fresh from the garden. It’s a perfect time to try this salad, and this salad is wonderful. The tart vinegar combined with the potatoes and green beans is perfect. The potatoes and green beans are tender, but still crisp enough to provide some texture. This salad is sure to be a hit at your next family dinner, barbecue or potluck.

sweet bacon wrapped chicken breasts

Sweet Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts – 5 Points

A while back, I remember that Paula Deen once made this Sweet Bacon Wrapped Chicken recipe, and I tucked it away in the back of my mind as something I needed to experiment with. I made a few healthier changes, and the recipe turned out fantastic. It was so quick and easy to prepare, and it requires just a handful of ingredients – all of which you probably have on hand at any given time.

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