Ground Turkey


Ground turkey recipes are great to use for just about any diet plan because the meat is SO much leaner than beef. Browse through this wonderful list of ground turkey recipe options and I’m sure you’ll find one that will tickle your taste buds, but also keep you from going overboard on your Daily Weight Watchers Points Range.

Frittata – 6 Points +

When we left from my in-laws after Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law gave us some farm fresh eggs. Since we’ve had some company this week, I’ve been up making delicious egg-filled breakfasts every day. The first morning was omelets filled with veggies and ham, and next up was a delicious frittata. I love quiche, but there are three things that always get to me – the pie crust, the baking time and the high fat. I’m not terribly good at making gluten free pie crusts, and pie crusts are so high in fat that I really don’t like to use them. Not to mention that it takes forever to bake the quiche! The last one I made took more than an hour. The answer is the frittata. It’s just baked scrambled eggs filled with any vegetables and meat you’d like to add. It’s quick to cook and even quicker to put together.…

One Pan Quinoa Taco Skillet

One Pan Quinoa Taco Skillet – 7 Points +

As much as I love cooking, there’s nothing more I hate than doing the dishes and cleanup afterwards. Most of my cooking tools and pots and pans need to be hand washed, so depending on the complexity of my recipe, that can lead to a LOT of post-cooking work. Which is why I have become a huge fan of one-pan/pot meals – they are super easy to cook, and require a lot less cleanup.

Asian Burgers with Spicy Coleslaw – 9 Points +

Right now I’m loving ground turkey. It’s a much leaner option than ground pork or even ground beef. Not to mention it’s much more affordable right now compared to ground beef. These Asian burgers are just the way to use ground turkey. The burgers are simple and easy to mix up. Grilling them means a minimum of mess in the kitchen to clean up, as well as making them even more delicious (and making the neighbors jealous). Topping the burgers with the spicy Sriracha coleslaw creates a fabulous dimension to the burgers – it adds flavor, texture and color. If you’re not one to have spicy foods, try substituting the Sriracha for sweet chili sauce. It’ll be a very similar flavor, but much more mild. These burgers are great for dinner, but they’re also a wonderful recipe to make into sliders. Simply make 12 burgers instead of 4 and use…

Swedish Meatball Saute

Swedish Meatball Saute – 8 Points +

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I go to IKEA, I get excited beyond a normal amount, to hit up their cafe and indulge in those amazing Swedish meatballs! There’s just something about them that tastes soon good and soon comforting. Of course, I know that they are not the healthiest fare, which is why I decided to create a more nutritional version at home.

Penne with Roasted Red Pepper Ragu – 9 Points +

I love to have quick and easy meals that I know I can make anytime because I have everything on hand. Penne with Roasted Red Pepper Ragu is one of those meals for me. I know that I keep everything on hand, so it’s easy to make during the week when I don’t know what else to cook. I’ve found that the key to this delicious sauce is a little bit of red wine. The red peppers and tomatoes work so well together, and the spices in the Italian sausage and oregano enhance the sauce flavor. But the wine adds a depth of flavor that is richer and deeper. The sauce isn’t as tomato tasting, but instead has a more well rounded flavor. I personally am not a huge fan of wine and don’t drink it, so I make sure to simmer my sauce for long enough that the alcohol…

Cranberry Meatballs – 6 Points +

These meatballs are definitely a family favorite. It might seem a little strange with the combination of cranberry and sauerkraut, but trust me, it’s a perfect combination once you get it cooked together. If you don’t care for sauerkraut, you can make this with just plain cabbage instead. I like to mix turkey and ground beef so my meatballs still have enough fat to stay together but they’re a little less greasy that way. I also have made the meatballs and sauce separately. I like to bake my meatballs on a rack so they’re able to drip the fat down into the pan and don’t sit in it. I then just add the sauce and reheat the meatballs before serving. The sweet cranberries with the savory meat is a wonderful combination. I added a wild rice pilaf with vegetables and a simple tossed salad with mine. Delicious!

Ground Turkey Patties with Tahini Yogurt Sauce

Ground Turkey Patties with Tahini Yogurt Sauce – 4 Points +

When cooking family meals, I always have to take into consideration my kids likes and dislikes. This can be tedious, but it forces me to come up with new and creative foods that not only please my kids, but that my husband and I find delicious. A recent hit was this this Ground Turkey Patties with Tahini Yogurt Sauce Recipe.

Penne with Sausage & Vegetables – 7 Points +

We all have rushed evenings when you need something tasty in a hurry. This Penne with Sausage & Vegetables fits the bill perfectly. It’s full of flavor, nutrients and color. For me, it’s a quick meal because I’m able to multi-task. The first thing is to get the pasta on, then the sausage while the pasta is cooking. While the pasta and sausage are cooking, chop the vegetables. I also like to have vegetables (especially peppers) already chopped to save time during the week. The leftovers of this are perfect for another quick meal or for lunch.

Turkey Taco Soup

Turkey Taco Soup Recipe – 7 Points +

A taco in liquid form, this delicious Turkey Taco Soup is so hearty and satisfying! Each huge serving is 7 Points +, making it a perfect Weight Watchers recipe that’s great for just about anytime. It reheats and freezes well, so I like to double the batch and keep a good supply in my freezer.

Butternut Squash Turkey Bolognese

Butternut Squash Turkey Bolognese Recipe – 6 Points +

Even though it’s still crazy hot here in Southern California, I can’t help but fantasizing about fall and all the delicious Weight Watchers Fall Recipes I’ll be whipping up this season! In light of my fall food fantasies, today I’m sharing this delicious and super easy Butternut Squash Turkey Bolognese Recipe.

Mexican Meatballs

Mexican Meatballs Recipe – 5 Points +

If you adore the flavors of Mexican food, then you are going to want to give this Mexican Meatballs Recipe a try, asap. Made with lean ground turkey and a bit of ground pork, these moist and juicy meatballs are served in a spicy roasted tomatillo and chipotle pepper sauce that is sure to give your taste buds a serious kick.

Moroccan Ground Turkey Bourekas

Moroccan Ground Turkey Bourekas Log – 4 Points +

Often when I have Friday night dinner with my group of friends and their family, my friend Hailey usually makes her “Beef Bourekas Log”, which is a Mediterranean savory, beef filled pastry that is seasoned with spices such as cinnamon and allspice. It is SO unbelievably good. I decided to take a crack at making a lower calorie version that was still just as tasty.

White Turkey Chili

White Turkey Chili Recipe – 5 Points +

Chili has always been one of my go to foods when I want to eat a lot without using a lot of Points. It’s heartier than a soup, very filling, and I can eat more than 1 serving without feeling guilty. Plus, it’s insanely healthy, and full of fiber and protein. My White Turkey Chili Recipe is the perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Southwest Turkey Bacon Burger

Southwest Turkey Bacon Burger Recipe – 9 Points +

If you are in the mood to splurge a bit, this Southwest Turkey Bacon Burger Recipe is the one to try. Each quarter pound burger is topped with cheese and bacon, and is made with Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce. The flavors of this turkey burger recipe are so incredible….you really forget that you are eating turkey.

Turkey Kebabs

Turkey Kebabs Recipe — 4 Points +

Traditionally made with ground beef or lamb, Persian Kofta Kebabs are a delicious way to prepare ground meat. The flavors are fantastic, and they are incredibly easy to make. A much more naive version of me had these kebabs on my first trip to Israel, and I was confused as to why the “kebab” I ordered was ground meat, instead of the lovely little cubes I was used to. And that became my first lesson in the Kofta (or Kofte) Kebab.

Vegetable and Turkey Meatloaf

Vegetable and Turkey Meatloaf Recipe – 5 Points +

An American classic, the meatloaf has been around for a looooooong time. But this healthy meatloaf recipe made with ground turkey and lots of veggies makes it a much better meal for you and your family. Each 1 slice serving has just 5 Points +, and packs in a lot of protein, fiber and veggies.

Lemon and Rosemary Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs Recipe with Lemon and Rosemary Gravy – 6 Points +

At this fancy French restaurant one time, I had these AMAZING Lemon and Rosemary Meatballs covered in a velvety sauce that were seriously to die for. After harassing the waiter into telling me a little bit about some of the ingredients in the recipe, I knew that there was no way I could continue to order this on a regular basis and still stay on track with my Weight Watchers Daily PointsPlus Allowance.

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