Arugula and Mushroom Pasta Recipe – 9 Points +

Arugula and Mushroom Pasta

When I want to indulge in a hearty, satisfying pasta dish that doesn’t skimp on portion size, this Arugula and Mushroom Pasta Recipe is one of my favorites. The simple wine sauce is light and delicate, allowing for the wonderful earthy flavors of the mushrooms and peppery arugula to come through. This Weight Watchers pasta recipe also offers a very satisfying serving size, which I love. I often like to top it with a bit of grated parmesan, but if you prefer to keep it vegan, you can skip it. The colorful vegetables will help bring out some fantastic flavors, so you won’t miss the meat. But if you insist on adding some additional protein, this dish works great with shrimp, chicken or scallops.

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RE Vitality Drinks – 1 Points + and a Low Point Sangria Recipe!

RE Vitalize RE Vive

When the folks at RE contacted me about trying their all natural vitality drinks, I immediately assumed it was a typical, high caffeine and/or sugar drink that would give me a boost of energy and then cause me to crash an hour or two later. But once I received the products and started reading through the information, I realized I was completely wrong and couldn’t have been happier about it! RE drinks are made entirely from real fruit juices and purees, so all the natural nutrients and antioxidants in the drinks provide an increase in energy, in addition to providing wonderful health benefits. There are no synthetic chemicals or stimulants. I had an opportunity to try both of the RE products, the RE Vitalize and the RE Vive. I decided to try the RE Vive first, and put it straight to the hardest test imaginable – 3:00pm. That’s when my energy is at it’s lowest, and when both of my kids are most demanding. I was sure there was no way just natural fruit juices would get me through the late afternoon the way I usually rely on coffee to do so. But RE Vive triumphed!! I was seriously amazed at how good I felt and how much energy I had, without having to deal with the caffeine jitters. I felt energized, not hyper. And it was wonderful. Not to mention, the juice tasted fantastic! The next day, I tried a 2oz shot of the RE Vitalize, and experienced the same success. Both were equally delicious, and just 1 Weight Watchers Point per serving. Since then, I’ve been hooked, and drinking RE on a daily basis. I feel great and LOVE mixing it into smoothies and iced tea. I’ve even mixed into cocktails and made some 2 Point Strawberry Sangria with it! Keep reading to get the recipe…

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Diet Peach Wine Cooler Recipe – 0 Points +

Diet Peach Wine Cooler

photo credit: food network

Another great addition to a Mother’s Day Brunch would be this easy and delicious Diet Peach Cooler Recipe! Crisp, light and refreshing, each serving has 0 Points +! By reducing the amount of wine used and by using Welch’s Diet Peach Twist Juice instead of peach nectar, I was able to get the calorie count a lot lower, thus lowering the Points + value. And though I’ll be including it as a part of my Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes, it also makes a great low calorie drink recipe for summer BBQ’s and picnics too. If you prefer it sans booze, just sub out the wine with 1/2 cup more of the juice, and 1/2 cup more of the seltzer, and you And with a lot of my close friends doing Weight Watchers, I think this low calorie cocktail recipe is going to be a popular poolside drink around here this summer!

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