Browse my large collection of cocktail and mixed drinks recipes. Features bartending tips and mixing techniques, low calorie recipes for your favorite cocktails, cocktail garnishes, and cool new bartending tools. I sure do love to have a good drink, but finding a good low calorie cocktail hasn’t been the easiest feat! So, I played around with some mixers and some alcohol and came up with a lot of great low calorie cocktail recipes, with the Weight Watchers Points Value so that I could stay on track with my diet plan. Make sure to check them out!

Sinless Cocktail Mixers

Sinless Low Calorie Cocktail Mixes – 0 Points +

As temperatures heat up, it’s time to cool down with some delicious and light summer cocktails! When I first found about these low calorie non-alcoholic mixes, I was pretty excited to give them a try, but a bit skeptical that they would taste good. So I picked up a bottle of each flavor of the Sinless Cocktail Mixers at my local grocery store and decided to give them a try.

Diet Peach Wine Cooler Recipe – 0 Points +

Another great addition to a Mother’s Day Brunch would be this easy and delicious Diet Peach Wine Cooler Recipe! Crisp, light and refreshing, each serving has 0 Points +! By reducing the amount of wine used and by using Welch’s Diet Peach Twist Juice instead of peach nectar, I was able to get the calorie count a lot lower, thus lowering the Points + value.

Mojito Recipe – 2 Point Total

Did you know that the average mojito recipe can typically have 6-10 Weight Watchers Points?! And if you drink as many I do, you’d have all your daily points gone in just a few drinks. Yikes! So when I found this 2 point value mojito recipe, I was super psyched to give it a try.

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