Saffron Chicken with Figs and Honey – 6 Points +

Saffron Chicken with Figs and Honey

This year for Rosh Hashanah, I decided to experiment with a new Weight Watchers Chicken Recipe utilizing some delicious, fresh fall figs, honey, and saffron. It was really quite simple to prepare and the chicken turned out so moist and juicy. The figs and honey (very traditional Rosh Hashanah ingredients) gave it a lovely sweet contrast, while sill keeping the the Points Plus value pretty low and not over powering the chicken. I served this over whole wheat Israeli cous cous (for extra Points), along with roasted broccoli and cucumber salad for a complete meal. Each chicken fillet ended up being just 6 Points +, which included the sauce and some of the figs. I was making this dish for my whole family, so I also added some chicken thighs and drumsticks, which were a huge hit. This could definitely become my new Weight Watchers Rosh Hashanah Recipe tradition!

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Mini Bacon, Fig, and Goat Cheese Pizzas – 5 Points +

Mini Fig, Bacon and Goat Cheese Pizzas

These delicious Mini Bacon, Fig and Goat Cheese Pizzas are the perfect twist on traditional pizza recipes. And at 5 Points + per pizza, they are a great idea for a unique Weight Watchers lunch recipe. In fact, these “pizzas” are nothing like the typical pizzas we all know and love, but oh my are they good! The sweet figs and honey balsamic glaze go perfectly with the tangy goat cheese, salty bacon and peppery arugula. Each bite is like a little mouthful of heaven. They also make wonderful Weight Watchers appetizers or party foods and they are insanely easy to make. The high fiber crust helps to make them very filling. I ate two of these and a light salad for dinner one night, and was very satisfied. I’ll definitely be making these Mini Bacon, Fig, and Goat Cheese Pizzas often. Enjoy!

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Goat Cheese and Fig Muffins Recipe – 5 Points +

Goat Cheese and Fig Muffins

Need a healthy idea for something to serve on Christmas morning? Well these amazingly delicious Goat Cheese and Fig Muffins are not only tasty and festive, they are just 5 Points + each. Each healthy fig muffin is stuffed with a rich, creamy honey and goat cheese filling. They are moist and fluffy, and oh-so yummy! The combination of the sweet figs and honey combined with the tangy goat cheese make for a wonderfully decadent treat. These yummy muffins also make a great gift to bake for your friend, neighbor, or child’s teacher!

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Gorgonzola and Fig-Stuffed Endives Appetizer Recipe – 1 Point Value

Fig and Gorgonzola Stuffed Endives

This easy to make Weight Watchers appetizer recipe is a must do for your Christmas or Hanukkah party this year. They are elegant and sophisticated in appearance and taste AMAZING! The fig and Gorgonzola combination goes so well together, and gives this appetizer such a seasonal, holiday flavor. And it tastes so incredibly rich and decadent. It’s the perfect little finger food recipe! And with just 1 Weight Watchers Point for 3 of these beautiful little gourmet goodies, you can enjoy quite a few of them without any guilt. What I like a lot about this dish, is that it’s very unique appetizer recipe, and it will give your guests a chance to try out something deliciously new. Plus, they take very little effort to prepare, so you can whip up an impressive batch in a pinch. If you are looking for an exciting new Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipe to serve up at your holiday dinner or party this year, give this one a try!

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