Ok, I seriously am not the kinda gal who can handle a measly 2 tbsp of salad dressing on my salads. I like to REALLY cover my greens and eat as much salad dressing as I can! But, being a Weight Watcher, I need to be aware of the Point value of what I’m eating and not go past my daily Weight Watchers Points range. So when one of my readers shared her super low calorie ranch salad dressing recipe with me, I was psyched and couldn’t wait to try it! Tamela, who is the loyal reader who submitted this recipe, also loves a lot of salad dressing on her salads, especially ranch dressing! So she spent some time experimenting and came up with this Weight Watcher Salad Dressing Recipe! I whipped up some this weekend and it was quite YUMMY!!! It’s a great way to indulge in a lot of salad dressing without consuming a lot of calories and Weight Watchers Points. If you are a member of the Weight Watchers program, this ranch dressing recipe is a must try. Thanks for the awesome low calorie recipe, Tamela!

Low Calorie Ranch Dressing Recipe

– 2 Tbsp Hellmann’s Low Fat Mayo (must be Low fat not Light)
– 2 Tbsp Plain, Non-Fat Yogurt
– 1 tsp Hidden Vally Ranch Dressing (the powder mix kind)
– 2-3 Tbsp water (depending on how thin or thick you like it)

Whisk everything together and put in fridge for about an hour, the longer it sets the more the ranch flavor

This recipe makes an amazing 6-7 tbsp serving!!! Yeah, baby. Pour on that dressing and enjoy!

Total Points per serving: 2 Point


  1. Mamawifeylove Reply

    This recipe looks so good – can’t wait to try it – MSG and all!

  2. Candace_denison Reply

    This has MSG in it. Please google MSG- so you will know how HORRIBLE it is for you!

  3. I was wondering what the calorie value is on the 6-7 Tbsp? I want to make this tonight but want to make sure I don’t go over in calories. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Hi, how long can you store homemade dressing in the fridge for? If I mix up a large batch of it, how long could I keep it in the fridge for, max, without it spoiling?

  5. I have shared this recipe with so amny people and they all rave over it…Thanks so much

  6. Wanda Hayes Reply

    Hey just made this for lunch and it is fantastic. Also checked the points+ value and it is still 1 point for the entire serving.

  7. This dressing is awesome, I subbed Greek yogurt for the plain and its so good !! It no way tastes low point.

  8. I found this recipe today while looking for something good to put on salad, I was wondering if subbing the non fat yogurt with greek yogurt will make a difference in point value. Also is the point value based on the old Momentium or the new PP plan?? I think greek yogurt has more of a sour cream taste which might make the dressing taste richer…

    • Currently, the Points value that you see is the old Weight Watchers Points. I haven't yet calculated it for the new PointsPlus plan. And yes, you can absolutely use the nonfat Greek yogurt instead of the nonfat plain yogurt…I believe that the nutritional stats are similar enough that it won't affect the Points value.

  9. Heather Smith Reply

    If you don't want to consume any MSG, use your own seasonings to make the ranch dressing taste:

    dill weed





  10. I don't understand, light mayo has 2.5 points in 2 tablespoons alone, So how does the whole recipe only have 2 points???

    • Great question! Note that the recipe calls for a specific brand of mayo…Hellman’s Low Fat Mayonnaise. The nutritional stats list this particular mayo as having on 15 calories and 1 g of fat per serving. That makes a 2 tbsp serving just 1 Weight Watchers Point. Yum!!!!

  11. SOOO Good! Made this last night & had with some carrots today. Hate carrots, but this actually makes them tolerable. I have tried with FF sour cream & skim milk…ICK! But this tastes a lot like regular ranch! THANK YOU for making it easier to eat my veggies!!!

  12. Here is a similar recipe that I found and it ends up being a littel richer in taste.

    1/2 cup Helmans light mayo "Just 2 Good"

    2 cup buttermilk, low fat

    1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch dry dressing mix (can sub. out fiesta dressing mix for zippier dressing)

    yields 2 1/2 cups dressing, 10 servings at 4 tablespoons per serving.

    4 tbsp = 1pt.

    39.6 calories, 2.0 g fat per serving

  13. I have been unable to find the Hellman's low-fat Mayo. Any suggestions, I love ranch dressing. Have been wanting to try this since you listed it. Thanks for any ideas.

  14. I am eating this right now and I love it. I sent it to work with my husband, too. Hopefully he will give it the thumbs up as well. It was very easy to make and tastes even better than regular Ranch! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I'm very excited to try this!! could you please tell me the calorie content of this dressing? please :]

  16. DivaDivine Reply

    Wow, that's a huge serving size! I know what will be on my table for Memorial Day. I may eve throw some garlic in this and use it in place of the usual dressing for potato salad.


  17. Would the point value change if I use Fat Free Buttermilk instead of the water? I LOVE Ranch Dressing, but all the fat free versions taste nothing like the real thing. I thought that by adding buttermilk, it might taste more like regular Ranch Dressing.

    • Yes, it will add about 1 -2 additional point values per serving, depending on how much of the fat free buttermilk you use. Good idea though! I'm sure the taste will be a bit better, as long as you don't mind the additional point values!

  18. WOW!!! Thank-You SO much for this recipe! I made it today, and had it on my salad for supper, it is Wonderful! WHoooo Hooo I can eat ranch again!!!

  19. Debora Curtis Reply

    This sounds great…thank you. But I am new to your website and I have a question regarding the serving size of this recipe. It said "This recipe makes an amazing 6-7 tbsp serving!!! Then the total point value per serving is 2 points, so does that mean that this 6-7 tbsp is one serving and is 2 points? Thanks

    • Yes!! That means the whole serving (6-7 tbsp) is only a 2 Point Value total!! Woo Hoo!!!

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