Fig Recipes


Figs are amazingly high in fiber and have a truly delicious and unique taste. They add a sophisticated elegance to any dish and are wonderful to incorporate in a variety of recipes. Just try out a couple of these fig recipes, and learn some wonderfully delicious ways to use figs in your meals.

saffron chicken with figs and honey

Saffron Chicken with Figs and Honey – 6 Points

This year for Rosh Hashanah, I decided to experiment with a new Weight Watchers Chicken Recipe utilizing some delicious, fresh fall figs, honey, and saffron. It was really quite simple to prepare and the chicken turned out so moist and juicy. The figs and honey (very traditional Rosh Hashanah ingredients) gave it a lovely sweet contrast, while sill keeping the the Points value pretty low and not over powering the chicken.

goat cheese and fig muffins

Goat Cheese and Fig Muffins Recipe – 5 Points

Need a healthy idea for something to serve on Christmas morning? Well these amazingly delicious Goat Cheese and Fig Muffins are not only tasty and festive, they are just 5 Points each. Each healthy fig muffin is stuffed with a rich, creamy honey and goat cheese filling. They are moist and fluffy, and oh-so yummy! The combination of the sweet figs and honey combined with the tangy goat cheese make for a wonderfully decadent treat. These yummy muffins also make a great gift to bake for your friend, neighbor, or child’s teacher!

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