I hope you all are sitting down for this one….a Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate Recipe that’s diet friendly?!?!?

That’s right. And oh my word is it good.

I got the idea for this while in line at Starbucks, drooling over their delicious fall drink menu. As soon as I got home, I put my daughter in her highchair and went to work whipping up this absolutely wonderful, low calorie hot chocolate recipe.

pork stuffed acorn squash

This Spicy Ground Pork Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe was something that I’ve been meaning to execute for a while now. Autumn after autumn, I’d see those lovely acorn squash at the store, and I decided that now was the time to create a new and unique Acorn Squash Recipe that was delicious and still Weight Watchers friendly.

light bacon and egg breakfast sandwich

When I want a breakfast that’s quick and easy to make, this is one of my go to breakfast sandwich recipes. It’s basic, but oh so flavorful and filling. I feel like I’m getting all the tastes I crave but for a lot less Weight Watchers Points. I’ve also made these savory little sandwiches for lunch and dinner too, as they are just super fast and easy, and everyone loves them.

This delicious, yet simple Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe is the perfect low calorie side for many fall dinner recipes. Sweet and savory, each half cup serving is just 2 Points and packed with fiber and vitamins.

The trick is to bulk it up with a bit of butternut squash. You can’t taste the difference, the texture is about the same, but it helps to cut out some carbs and calories, thus keeping the Weight Watchers Points low.

A bit of nutmeg helps give these mashed sweet potatoes a bit of seasonal flair, and the sour cream and half and half help keep them moist and creamy without the extra fat of lots of milk and butter that are used in traditional mashed potatoes recipes.

This is an excellent healthy fall recipe to serve this season! Enjoy.

baked egg bread boat

If you are in the mood for a bit of a Points splurge for a an absolutely delicious and decadent breakfast recipe, then this Baked Egg Bread Boat Recipe is just the ticket. I came across this recipe at Spoon Fork Bacon, and decided to play around with it a bit to make it more Weight Watchers friendly. Just a few small changes, and my Baked Egg Bread Boat turned out SO good!

Looking for a new Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipe idea? These Italian Eggs (Whites) over Polenta are delicious!

It’s kind of like a unique version of Chicken Parmigiana, with eggs instead of chicken, and polenta instead breading. It is SO good! And just 6 Points per serving, so you get a very savory and filling meal without using up a lot of those precious Points.

This is a really versatile dish that can also be prepared for lunch or dinner too. In fact, the first time I made this, it was for dinner. The traditional Italian Eggs recipe uses whole eggs, which you could certainly do instead if you don’t mind spending a few more Points.

I make it for my husband like this, and I cook the egg for about a minute less so that it’s runny. He LOVES it like this. I prefer it with my egg-white version. Either way, this is one tasty and unique egg recipe that will add some excitement to breakfast!


spaghetti squash with herbs and parmesan

The big, hard shape of the spaghetti squash can be a little bit intimidating at first. But son;t let that hard shell freak you out. Inside, the spaghetti squash lurks lovely and delicious strings of squash that look very similar to spaghetti noodles when cooked. I have found that the easiest way to cooking with spaghetti squash is just to steam it in the microwave – it comes out perfect every time.

dijon chicken slow cooker

Another busy day, leads to another easy, delicious and low calorie crock pot recipe. This Dijon Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe is simple, yet very filling, and and delicious. The mild chicken and potatoes complement the tangy Dijon mustard oh so perfectly. Each nicely sized serving is just 7 Points each, and it goes great paired with a fresh green salad.

Mini Apple Pies that are just 2 Points each!??!!? YES!! I was so excited to share this recipe today because I was thrilled with how the end result of these low calorie apple pies turned out.

By using filo dough instead of pie crust, I was able to cut out a lot of the extra fat and calories. I also used a healthier butter spread (Brummel & Brown) to still deliver the buttery flavor but with fewer Weight Watchers Points.

This Mini Apple Pie Recipe is perfect for when you want to enjoy a great dessert, but not go overboard on your Points. They’d make a perfect Weight Watchers Thanksgiving Dessert Recipe, but would also be great for a potluck, for your Super Bowl party, or just any old day of the week. You can even eat 2 of them for just 4 Points!

These Mini Apple Pies are a MUST make…they are easy, delicious, and such a fabulous bargain. Enjoy!

corn salad with red pepper and dill

Creamy, crunchy, flavorful and low calorie, this Corn Salad Recipe with Red Pepper and Dill has just about everything you’d want in a salad. You get the sweetness of the corn, the crunch of the bell peppers, and then a bit of crunchy tang from the pickles. It’s such a delicious and unique corn recipe that makes a very Weight Watchers side dish to go with a huge variety of meals.

pumpkin lentil stew

Well, fall is officially here (since Saturday!) and it’s time for some of the best fall recipes to start making their way to my blog. To kick things off, I decided to do this Crock Pot Pumpkin Lentil Stew. It’s a very healthy dish that’s incredibly filling and is an excellent vegan recipe for those who eat vegan (just leave off the yogurt).