Most acorn squash recipes I’ve tried are sweet and simple, with a basic flavor palette. But I was determined to come up with something a bit more unique, with bold flavors.

So with some acorn squash that I just received in my most recent Farm Fresh to You package, I got to work coming up with a tangy and spicy topping for my roasted acorn squash wedges. And I hit the jackpot with a Chile Lime Vinaigrette that I was actually planning on using for my salad. Instead, I drizzled it over the roasted squash, and it was absolutely delicious.

The contrast of the sweet, delicate squash with the tangy citrus and spicy chile peppers was perfect. Both my husband and I devoured it. I used cayenne peppers in my vinaigrette because I like things very spicy, but just about any chile would work. If you prefer something more mild, I’d suggest seeded jalapenos, Anaheim peppers, or even red bell peppers.

This would make a perfectly healthy and unique Christmas side dish recipe!

creamy tarragon chicken

With winter in full swing, I am making my favorite Weight Watchers crock pot recipes on a very frequent basis. They are easy, hearty, and oh so comforting on a chilly day. Today, I’m sharing a Creamy Tarragon Chicken Recipe that was inspired by a Rachel Ray recipe, but made over to be lighter and more Weight Watchers friendly.

french onion soup casserole

French Onion Soup has always been one of my favorite dishes…who doesn’t love the idea of toasted bread and gooey cheese, melted all over a hot and flavorful onion soup? But the traditional French Onion Soup recipe is not low calorie or Weight Watchers friendly. I’ve tried a few pre-made, low calorie versions that I’ve found in grocery stores but the taste is either blah or the portion is super small.

What a delicious way to get in some fiber and protein with only using 5 Weight Watchers Points! This Three Cheese Spaghetti Squash Casserole Recipe is amazingly good.

By using fresh spaghetti squash instead of a flour based pasta, this dish saved a ton of fat, calories, and carbs. This also allowed me to spend the calories on the best part –the cheese!! It’s loaded with cheesy goodness and is very filling…each 1 1/2 cup serving is just 5 Points, and you can barely even tell there is no pasta in this recipe.

The spaghetti squash noodles add a nice tender crunch and a lighter, less heavy feel than the pasta. But overall, the casserole takes on the taste of the sauce and the cheese…so good!

Pair it with a low calorie salad, and a breadstick, and you’ve got one delicious and healthy Italian dinner for a small portion of Points.

pumpkin french toast bake 1

Tired of all the delicious, seasonal pumpkin recipes yet? I didn’t think so. Here’s another one for a Baked Pumpkin French Toast that is so good, it tastes more like dessert than breakfast. After seeing so many baked french toasts recipes floating around lately, I decided to give one a shot, even though I’m not a huge fan of french toast.

One of my favorite, easy and low calorie side dish recipes are these fantastic Roasted French Onion Potatoes. Just a few simple ingredients, a few minutes of prep, and you’ve got one delicious dish that has just 3 Points per serving.

These roasted potatoes are LOADED with french onion flavor, and are always a hit with the family. I prefer them with the buttery, Yukon Gold potatoes, but a baby red works just as well. I often make these french onion potatoes when I’m too lazy to make a french onion soup.

sage and pomegranate roasted chicken

Yes, I know it’s Thanksgiving and here I am already making a suggestion for Christmas dinner. But my turkey is in the oven, my house smells divine and I’m just full of food holiday happiness right now. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I was toying with some ideas for a light Christmas dinner, and ended up with this incredible Roasted Sage and Pomegranate Chicken Recipe that was so flavorful and so good, I may end up making it again before Christmas.

crock pot chicken tikka masala

The week before Thanksgiving, I like to cook very non-traditional holiday foods or ethnic foods, so that I can “surprise” my taste buds on Thursday with the most delicious Thanksgiving foods. So today, I’ll share with you this incredibly easy crock pot version of Tikka Masala, which is a very popular and traditional Indian food.

Want a quick and easy side dish recipe that’s also super healthy and has just 1 Point per serving? These Lemon and Butter Green Beans are just the ticket. Quick and simple, yet delicious and healthy.

The sweet butter and tangy lemon help to take the edge off the slightly bitter green bean. The flavor combination is perfect, and these green beans work so well with a variety of main courses.

If you aren’t a fan of the traditional Green Bean Casserole that is served at most Thanksgivings, opt for this lighter dish instead. Aesthetically pleasing as it is flavorful, this Lemon Butter and Green Beans Recipe is wonderful Weight Watchers Recipe to keep on hand.

cranberry salsa

I first came across this amazing Cranberry Salsa Recipe at Crafty’s Cafe. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at first. But since I adore salsa, I was eager to give it a try. Plus, I thought it would make a really unique Thanksgiving appetizer recipe or Christmas appetizer recipe that would still be Weight Watchers friendly.

chocolate and peanut butter cookie roll ups

Chocolate and peanut butter – the best couple ever. And they definitely work well together in this Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookie Roll Ups Recipe I created one day when I was craving Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This actually started out to be a simple, low calorie Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe that I came across on Pinterest and wanted to try.