What a delicious way to get in some fiber and protein with only using 5 Weight Watchers Points! This Three Cheese Spaghetti Squash Casserole Recipe is amazingly good.

By using fresh spaghetti squash instead of a flour based pasta, this dish saved a ton of fat, calories, and carbs. This also allowed me to spend the calories on the best part –the cheese!! It’s loaded with cheesy goodness and is very filling…each 1 1/2 cup serving is just 5 Points, and you can barely even tell there is no pasta in this recipe.

The spaghetti squash noodles add a nice tender crunch and a lighter, less heavy feel than the pasta. But overall, the casserole takes on the taste of the sauce and the cheese…so good!

Pair it with a low calorie salad, and a breadstick, and you’ve got one delicious and healthy Italian dinner for a small portion of Points.

Substantial as a main dish recipe or an appetizer or snack, these tasty Pepperoni and Cheese Roll-Ups are nothing short of amazing. Pepperoni pizza is one of my favorite foods, but a slice from the local pizzeria is definitely not Weight Watchers friendly.

By creating my own, unique twist on this popular American food, I was able to create a much healthier, low calorie version of pepperoni pizza, but for a lot fewer Points. 2 rolls are just 5 Points, so I can satisfy my pizza craving without breaking the bank.

These are also easy to handle and eat, so they’d make perfect appetizers or snacks for game day and/or a Super Bowl party.

They are cute, kid-friendly, and easy to make. Definitely a hit at our household! I will be making these on a very regular basis.

Tired of all the delicious, seasonal pumpkin recipes yet? I didn’t think so. Here’s another one for a Baked Pumpkin French Toast that is so good, it tastes more like dessert than breakfast.

After seeing so many baked french toast recipes floating around lately, I decided to give one a shot, even though I’m not a huge fan of french toast. I decided to make my egg mix a little more healthy and a little more seasonal by adding pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice, and using Egg Beaters instead of real eggs. I also used some leftover challah bread that we had for dinner on a Friday night.

The prep was very easy. It took me all of 10 minutes. Then I just set it in my fridge overnight and popped it in the oven in the morning. My house smelled AMAZING while it was baking! And it was delicious. Seriously, DELICIOUS.

Each serving was 8 Points, which isn’t too bad considering this was a large and filling serving topped with real maple syrup. You could probably shave off a point or two by using low calorie syrup, but in my opinion, a dish this divine deserves the good stuff. I was quite full at just 1 serving.

This would make a perfect Christmas morning breakfast recipe (just let it bake while you are opening presents!) or even for the morning after Thanksgiving (if you don’t plan on eating dinner leftovers for breakfast like I’ll be doing). Regardless of when or how you eat it, this is one Baked French Toast Recipe you must try.


One of my favorite, easy and low calorie side dish recipes are these fantastic Roasted French Onion Potatoes. Just a few simple ingredients, a few minutes of prep, and you’ve got one delicious dish that has just 3 Points per serving.

These roasted potatoes are LOADED with french onion flavor, and are always a hit with the family. I prefer them with the buttery, Yukon Gold potatoes, but a baby red works just as well. I often make these french onion potatoes when I’m too lazy to make a french onion soup.

Yes, I know it’s Thanksgiving and here I am already making a suggestion for Christmas dinner. But my turkey is in the oven, my house smells divine and I’m just full of food and holiday happiness right now.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, I was toying with some ideas for a light Christmas dinner and ended up with this incredible Roasted Sage and Pomegranate Chicken Recipe that was so flavorful and so good, I may end up making it again before Christmas. It was a very easy chicken recipe that required little prep and effort but was incredibly flavorful.

The average Points per serving for this roasted chicken is 8 Points. But, the Points may be a bit more or less depending on what part of the chicken you are eating. Also, please note that this is calculated with the skin off. I never eat the skin as it’s full of fat, so I only counted the meat (don’t worry…the sage butter is stuffed under the skin, so you won’t miss out on any of that deliciousness).

I couldn’t believe how much flavor the meat picked up from the sage and pomegranate…it was truly delicious.

If you are looking for an amazing Weight Watchers Christmas dinner recipe idea, this Roasted Sage and Pomegranate Chicken would be one heck of a contender.

The week before Thanksgiving, I like to cook very non-traditional holiday foods or ethnic foods, so that I can “surprise” my taste buds on Thursday with the most delicious Thanksgiving foods. So today, I’ll share with you this incredibly easy slow cooker version of Tikka Masala, which is a very popular and traditional Indian food.

If you’ve ever thought about trying some homemade Indian food recipes but are a bit intimidated, then this easy dinner recipe is a great way to go. It’s a delicious and very healthy dish that clocks in at just 7 Points per serving, including the rice.

Weight Watchers Crock Pot Recipes are huge lifesavers, especially when you have little time to prepare dinner because you are too busy making preparations for one very big dinner coming up on Thursday night. So, keep your week easy, but still healthy, and try this Crock Pot Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe. Enjoy!

Want a quick and easy side dish recipe that’s also super healthy and has just 1 Point per serving? These Lemon and Butter Green Beans are just the ticket. Quick and simple, yet delicious and healthy.

The sweet butter and tangy lemon help to take the edge off the slightly bitter green bean. The flavor combination is perfect, and these green beans work so well with a variety of main courses.

If you aren’t a fan of the traditional Green Bean Casserole that is served at most Thanksgivings, opt for this lighter dish instead. Aesthetically pleasing as it is flavorful, this Lemon Butter and Green Beans Recipe is wonderful Weight Watchers Recipe to keep on hand.

I first came across this amazing Cranberry Salsa Recipe at Crafty’s Cafe.

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at first. But since I adore salsa, I was eager to give it a try. Plus, I thought it would make a really unique Thanksgiving appetizer recipe or Christmas appetizer recipe that would still be Weight Watchers friendly.

Chocolate and peanut butter – the best couple ever. And they definitely work well together in this Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookie Roll Ups Recipe I created one day when I was craving Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

This actually started out to be a simple, low calorie Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe that I came across on Pinterest and wanted to try. But because they are flourless peanut butter cookies, the batter spread while baking, and made these HUGE cookies. With some spare chocolate chips on hand, I decided to make a quick chocolate melt, spread it on the cookie, and then roll it up.

They were so good!

If you don’t care for the chocolate, you can just make the flourless peanut butter cookies. They are very moist and chewy, and don’t quite have that cookie texture, so I think they work better in this roll up recipe. But either way, they are large and in charge, and are very filling and satisfying. I drizzled mine with a bit of the melted chocolate as well.

These would be great as a dessert and/or topped with low calorie ice cream or fat free cool whip. Enjoy!

These Sage and Ricotta Baked Meatballs are so easy and so delicious, it’s hard to believe that each meatball is just 1 Point (a serving of 3 is just 3 Points).

The sage gives these meatballs a nice, seasonal flavor, and the ricotta helps to keep them tender and moist, which is key when using very low fat meat. I want to try this recipe with ground turkey too, but I need to make a few enhancements to keep them from being dry. But for now, the extra lean beef is a fantastic option.

You can serve these as a main course or as a Weight Watchers holiday appetizer recipe too! Perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Any way you choose to eat them, these Sage and Ricotta Meatballs are a delicious meal option in a season filled with turkey.


If you are a fan of cheesy potatoes, then this Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes Recipe is a must-try. It’s so delicious and so filling, yet just 6 Points per serving.

It’s such a great side dish recipe to serve that always ends up being a hit. By adding some nonfat Greek yogurt to the cheese sauce, I was able to give it a lot more volume and some extra protein, while cutting out fat and calories. Seriously, my potato slices were swimming in cheese sauce, and that’s exactly how I like it!

Because these au gratin potatoes are rich and filling, I’d suggest serving them as a side to a light main dish, like grilled chicken or a salad. But these are definitely a carb and cheese lover’s dream.


Because I adore Chinese fast food, I am always on the lookout for healthier versions of my favorite food. Well, one day, I came across a vegetarian stir fry recipe that used tofu. I was a bit skeptical, as tofu has never been a favorite of mine.


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