A very close friend of mine makes the most delicious fish recipe every Friday night, for Shabbat dinner. Her family has prepared this Moroccan Fish for many years, and she too has picked up the skill of preparing such deliciousness.

Both my husband and I have always enjoyed this dish when she has invited us for dinner, but after seeing my almost 4 year old, who is a very picky eater, gobble up his serving of fish and then ask for more, I was determined to give this Moroccan Fish Recipe a try myself.

baked general tsos chicken

General Tso’s Chicken has always been one of my favorite Chinese foods. But the traditional deep fried version is loaded with tons of fat, calories and carbohydrates. By using skinless chicken breasts instead of dark meat, by using less breading on the chicken, and by baking instead of frying, I was able to really bring this popular Chinese food recipe down in Points.

cauliflower steaks

Looking for a fun and tasty new cauliflower recipe? Try these Cauliflower Steaks with Creamy Siracha Aoili…they are AMAZING. I could not stop eating them! The mild flavor of the cauliflower is kicked up a notch with a creamy siracha aioli that takes just minutes to make. And each serving is just 1 Point making this an excellent Weight Watchers side dish recipe

Oh how I love Weight Watchers crock pot recipes. My days have been SO hectic lately, and the crock pot saves my sanity.

I get the food in the crock pot in the morning, after I’ve had coffee and am full of energy, then come dinner time, when I’m often worn out and exhausted I have a healthy dinner, ready to go.

cheesy cauliflower mashed potatoes

Traditional mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. But they can be laden with a lot of extra calories and carbohydrates. In this Cheesy Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes Recipe, I used cauliflower instead of potatoes. Surprisingly, it tasted pretty similar to actual potatoes, but lacked that pasty feel.

ginger soy salmon

I’ve always known that the health benefits of salmon are substantial, but sometimes salmon just tastes too fishy and so I tend to find myself shying away from it. This Ginger Soy Salmon recipe, however, is one of the best tasting and easiest salmon recipes I’ve ever tried.

The incredible flavors of fall/winter are featured in this savory Braised Sage and Rosemary Chicken Recipe. Simmered in white wine and tomato based broth, this low calorie chicken recipe is light and flavorful and boasts just 4 Points per serving.

It makes a wonderfully easy weeknight dinner idea but is also lovely enough for me to suggest it as a Weight Watchers Christmas dinner recipe. I like to serve it over polenta, but it would also work really well on pasta or roasted vegetables.

Each serving is just 4 Points, making it a fantastic Weight Watchers recipe that delivers a lot of flavor and protein, with very minimal carbs and fat. Enjoy!

light spanish rice

One of my favorite things about entrees from a Mexican restaurant are the sides of rice and beans that come along with it. Since I’m a huge fan of Mexican food, I’ve pretty much become addicted to these popular side dishes. However, the restaurant version of Spanish rice isn’t so Weight Watchers friendly.

This amazing Light Beef Chili Recipe has become one of my staples in the winter and fall seasons.

By using extra lean ground beef (96% lean and 4% fat), and bulking the dish up with hearty vegetables, this chili comes in at just 4 Points per serving. It’s so incredibly flavorful and is loaded with fiber, protein, and Vitamin C. It’s the perfect Weight Watchers Chili Recipe to help warm you up (and fill you up!) on a chilly day.

Garnish it with some green onions or low fat cheddar cheese for even more deliciousness! I also love that this is such an easy chili recipe to make and it makes enough for lots of leftovers. Oftentimes, I will make this chili, then measure out a few individual servings and place them each in a Ziploc bag and then freeze them. That way, when I need something hot and hearty, I just have to pull one out of the freezer and heat it up. This is a LIFESAVER on days when I’m tired/cranky/busy/lazy or all of the above.

Truly, this is an awesome low calorie chili recipe that you must try.

roasted romanesco

If you have ever seen this odd looking, alien-like vegetable in your produce aisle, you may have wondered what it is and how on earth do you eat it. Well it’s called romanesco, often referred to as Roman Broccoli or Roman Cauliflower, and it’s a variant form of cauliflower. I just recently I received two heads of it in my CSA package, and I was extremely eager to try it out!

hot and sweet mini meatballs

Oh Em Gee….these were amazing! Just a few simple ingredients, and they made the best mini meatball appetizer ever. I prepared these for a holiday party recently, and they were a huge hit. After I cooked them on the stove, I transferred them to a crock pot and set that out on the food table with toothpicks.