Swiss chard recipes always frightened me…something about cooking leaves just made me feel like I would mess it up.

Granted, I’ve cooked spinach, but Swiss chard just sounded so much more complicated. I knew it was incredibly good for you – in fact, it’s considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables available and valuable addition to a healthy diet, so it was something I did want to try at some point. And since some arrived in my Farm Fresh to You box this week, I decided now was a good time to take a stab at preparing a simple sauteed Swiss chard recipe.

I love salads, but I often tire of the same old salad recipes with the same old salad dressings.

This delicious Spicy Green Salad Recipe I learned from my father-in-law, who makes the most amazing salads I’ve ever had, with just the simplest of ingredients. Full of fresh herbs, crisp romaine lettuce, and spicy jalapenos, this low calorie salad definitely does not lack flavor! And rather than using a pre-made bottled salad dressing, I made my own with just a few ingredients, and I truly believe that it tastes much better than any other salad dressing.

Each serving of my Spicy Green Salad makes a great low calorie accompaniment to many different recipes.

The perfect quick and easy weeknight dinner recipe idea, these Fish Tacos are a breeze to make and taste amazing. They are so fresh and light.

Pair them with a Soup Recipe or some roasted vegetables for a complete and healthy meal. I used Alaskan cod in my fish tacos recipe, but really, a wide variety of fish can be used, and as long as you aren’t using a very fatty fish (like salmon), it shouldn’t affect the calorie count much, if at all.

These were so easy to make and were a hit with my husband, so I’ll definitely be making these fish tacos again soon!

I once had an AMAZING Crab Eggs Benedict at a restaurant in Malibu, and ever since then, I salivate at the mere thought of crab, hollandaise sauce, and egg on a toasted slice of English muffin. Because it’s a breakfast recipe that I know isn’t very diet friendly, I have avoided it, only indulging once in a great while.

I love to experiment with Quinoa in a variety of recipes. It’s so good for you, and I really enjoy the flavor and texture.

When I used it instead of couscous in a traditional Tabbouleh recipe, I was thrilled with the end result. The calorie and fat content were less and the protein and fiber were higher.


For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Quinoa, it’s a South American grain, originating in the Andes. It is loaded with protein, rich in phosphorous, magnesium, and iron, and has a mild, nutty flavor. Quinoa is a great idea for a lighter and healthier alternative to rice, couscous, and bulgur – and it’s gluten-free.

If you love the flavors of Middle Eastern salad recipes, like the traditional Tabbouleh recipe, give this version with quinoa a try instead!

A few years ago, I came across Jimmie’s Chipotle Pepper Jam at a Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. Since I adore anything spicy, I decided to give it a try, and I am SO glad I did!!

This amazingly flavorful spicy pepper jam has so many uses…as a sauce in stir fry recipes, a glaze for chicken or lamb, a topping for crackers, a spicy companion for cheese, or my personal favorite – on top of some cream cheese on a baguette. It has a sweet, tangy smoky flavor with a lot of heat and it is DELICIOUS.

I don’t know who Jimmie is, but if he is the man behind this Jimmie’s Chipotle Jam, I would consider leaving my husband for him.

The spicy Orange-Chipotle Glazed Chicken Recipe is such a great idea because it’s quick and easy, requires just a few simple ingredients, and is incredibly delicious. The flavor is tangy, sweet, and spicy, and has a similar taste to Orange Flavored Chicken (the yummiest Chinese fast food EVER!) but with more heat.

The key ingredient is Jimmie’s Chipotle Pepper Jam, which I discovered a few years ago at a Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. You can only buy it online for now, but oh my God, it’s so good!

This Orange-Chipotle Glazed Chicken recipe dish goes great paired with some steamed vegetables. I’ve also added some veggies into the pan with the chicken and made a delicious spicy stir-fry too!

I’ve always been a believer that less is more, and this Roasted Tomatoes and Zucchini Recipe supports that theory.

With just a few simple ingredients, this roasted vegetable side dish is incredibly flavorful, yet very low in calories. The cherry tomatoes are vibrant and full of a tart, juicy flavor. While the tender, sweet zucchini contrasts it. The slightly smoky taste from the roasting enhances the natural flavor of the vegetables, and it truly just tastes amazing. It’s such an easy vegetable side dish recipe to make and it goes so well with a variety of meals.

Serve it over rice with some soy sauce, on top of some spaghetti squash, or just eat it by itself!

This easy Turkey Lasagna Recipe is really simple to make and it tastes great!

Without sacrificing the fabulous ricotta cheese (I used a delicious fat free ricotta from Trader Joe’s) and mozzarella cheese (a reduced fat shredded mozzarella), and also by making a few healthier substitutions, you get a very nicely sized piece of lasagna that tastes fantastic, but is a lot better for you.

By using the prepared marinara sauce in a jar I was able to shave some time and effort off the preparation, which I always appreciate.

The perfect quick and healthy lunch idea, this Basic Tuna Salad Recipe is so easy to make and is so tasty!

Made with nonfat Greek yogurt instead of mayo, this version is a LOT lighter than a traditional tuna salad recipe. The fresh lemon, dill, and tang of the yogurt help to give it a very similar flavor to the mayo version, and the celery and onion add crunch and flavor.

Serve it over a bed of lettuce for a fresh lunch salad, use it as a dip for some low fat crackers or pita chips, or just serve it up the traditional way on two slices of low calorie bread.

You really can’t go wrong with this Tuna Salad Recipe.

If you haven’t tried a Baked Kale Chips Recipe yet, you are really missing out! When you are craving something crunchy and salty, this is a MUCH healthier alternative to potato chips, Pop Chips or popcorn.

I admit that I was a bit reluctant to believe that roasted kale would actually taste good, but I was pleasantly surprised and I’ve been a fan of baked kale chips ever since. I also love that these are kid-friendly veggies.

My 3 year old son gobbles these down, which says a LOT! If a picky toddler eats them, then they’ve got to taste good, right?

They are easy and cheap to make, and each 1 cup serving is just 1 Point. This means you don’t have to feel guilty about mindlessly eating them while watching TV at night :).

So the next time you are thinking about grabbing a bag of potato chips, just make this Baked Kale Chips Recipe instead and save yourself a ton of Weight Watchers Points, while still feeling satisfied.

Christmas will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start thinking about that fabulous holiday dinner!

Instead of the stuffing I make for Thanksgiving, I like to shake things up and serve this Sage and Sausage Cornbread stuffing recipe instead. Inspired by Ina Garten’s Cornbread Stuffing, the unique flavor combination is amazing and it’s made with delicious ingredients that are quite satisfying.